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    Add me on PS4 my PSN:          ii_Welshy_zZ

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    Explain to players how it works, get called every name in the book. But if drift or says the same thing we've been saying for years, it's believable... sigh.. I hate the internet.

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    You are SO reaching for explanations that were shown otherwise to prove you point. Getting desperate are we ? You MS fanboyism faltering a bit ?

    FaclonPower98 wrote:


    You can bring up as many company's as you want that provide exceptional customer service yet you cannot prove a fact that Microsoft is somehow the only ones who provide the exact opposite or treat MAJORITY of their customers that way. Looking at a few complaints on the internet and mentioning your case DOES NOT justify otherwise, get that thru your thick head lol.


    I never said they were the ONLY ones . I also mentioned how screwed up things are at FedEx as well. MANY companies treat their customers like crap which is why I dont shop at their store. Nor will they buy their products, hence the reason the PS4 is still outselling the ONE. Go to your local store and you will see how many people are not buying the ONE and how the PS4 is virtually out of stock in numerous places. Look at how Sony sold 7 million units as of last month to CUSTOMERS and yet MS claims the sold only 5 million units to SELLERS. They are altering the perspective of the consumer becuase they are scared for the truth to get out. how can you tell they are scared ? Because they desperately dropped the Kinect after 9 months of promising it would never sell without the Kinect.

    I HAVE shown you facts to how Microsoft operates, hence the problem i have now and the google search you refuse to do. Did you even read how bad some of those people are getting screwed over with NOTHING being done about it 6 months later ? I am not talking about disgruntled customers that assume they are getting ripped off but actual customer that WERE ripped off. For example the 20 thousand people that jumped in on the RROD class action suit that the courts voted AGAINST Microsoft ?


    "BTW I might want to add that was one of the numerous times they screwed their customers over to their faces." Oh and I should just accept your claim as a fact shall I? Rule NUMBER ONE! If you cannot provide evidence or justify your point to prove this true then I will not just take your word for it.


    So you CANT look up something on google ?


    "THREE weeks into the claim and they havent contacted FedEx yet " So now your basically saying that although ten people whom you spoke to at Microsoft TOLD you that they would contact FedEx they were lying. You DO NOT EVEN KNOW THIS. I don't see why you feel the need to bring up assumptions.


    sent to me on the 29th of June. 18 days after I filed my claim . "I am very sorry to hear that you have not received your Advanced Exchange. I do currently show it as delivered. So what I am going to do is get in contact with Fedex and file a Claim on to see if it can be located. But rest assured I have your case now and will make sure to get you a working Xbox ASAP. " They LIED, they dont need to contact FedEx because they already did. It was stupid for them to tell me they did not when the ball was already set in motion. So who was lying ? Either those ten people or the AD Team member who said he needed to contact Fedex. So which lie should I pick ? The last lie that was told to me. By the rep "handling" my case. I can choose which lie to believe and fool myself believing the wrong one but which one is most likely to be true ? The liar that is handling my case because the other 10 people I talked to are assuming. Tomorrow while waiting on a response I might go back to believing the lie that the other ten people told me, but whichever one I believe in wont matter cause I am not in charge of my own case. A person on Microsofts payroll is in charge of my case and he will make the decision that bests benefits the corporation he works for. He will not make a decision that could get him fired.

    I was already told by FedEx that not only was their claim filed but the original charge to the account for shipping was refunded. FedEx called me and told me this because they wrongly assumed I was the shipper, when I was the recipient. The lady called me up about two weeks ago and said "We are just applying your refund on your shipment now." AGAIN more proof.


    "I never stated that this happens to EVERYONE, but it happens WAY beyond the normal amount of customers a company should deal with." And YOU would know that would you? And you claim I work for Microsoft, pfft, no no no, YOU must be the one that indeed is employed under Microsoft's business. I mean after all you know for a fact that this happens way beyond the normal amount of customers a company should deal with.


    again google it. And how would I know about them ? Wouldnt you love to know. Too bad I wont  tell you. I mean on the general public knowledge side lets see... The customers spoke for themselves by labeling them one of the top worst 32 companies in the world. The fact that you cam obviously READ on the web, Twitter, Facebook etc. The proof is all out there. But of course you cant because you dont even know how to google.


    " You act like its an extremely rare occurrence when its not." I never stated this at all, but it's evident that you'd like to assume though. And like I said what do you know?!


    you DID say that "I was the only one". Or did you disregard the quote I showed you that you made. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and increased it from "Its only you" to it being a rare occurrence.


    "I have had lies told to me" Again, what lies exactly to do you know that Microsoft have been supposedly telling you? I act like it's an extremely rare occurence? YOU act like you know everything pal, everything I'm saying to you in this post just questions your knowledge of all these assumptions because you have not proven these claims to be true ahaa.


    I have details one every single transaction from them. I keep very accurate records. Microsoft LOVES keeping a paper trail and so do I. I DID prove it was true , read the reply above from the Advocacy Rep and so on.

    you want more ? Sent to me from the Advocacy Team 4 days into my claim..."I understand that FedEx says your package was delivered to your address, however you have yet to receive your replacement console. I understand you are concerned about the hold be charged to your credit card. Typically I would not be able to remove the hold until the service center received your faulty console. Being that is this a special situation, I will be reaching out to my leadership for further assistance. I will keep you updated with any feedback I receive."

    Guess what ? A week later they took 500 bucks out of my account and never contacted me again about this issue. Waiting on my bank to investigate my fraudulent charge. if they HAD delivered me a console or even reprinted me a label to send mine out I would have GLADLY sent mine in and the fight to get my replacement. But they cant even send me an email with the label on it because it is generated at the Repair location automatically . They seem to not have a copier or a label re-printer. Its so automated that Skynet has taken over and there is nothing they can do. I cant even go to the post office and send mine out, out of my own pocket because the case number is ONLY attached to the label I never got.

    More ?

    "And the waiting or turn around time for the Advocacy Team to get in touch with you was within 3 business days." while theats a minor lie it is still a lie. The AD team contacted me on a Sunday. Sunday is not a business day , the rep did not know what she was talking about.

    "Also, I can see here that they are about to send you an email within 3 business days for the said investigation and for the resolution."

    But then 1 minute later she says THIS..

    "The estimated time that you will hear our Advocacy Team will be on or before July 03 since it was indicated on your case."

    It was the first of July in the morning. That only makes it TWO days. Again she didnt know what she was talking about. She contradicted herself within one sentence of each other.

    One rep I chatted with told me she would makes sure that someone definitely would contact me back regarding my questions within three days. She gave me her word on it. A week later. No contact from them.






    "I am NOT GOING TO BRING SONY INTO THIS" --------------"Now you want to know why I SHOULD have chosen Sony ? Because I still have a perfectly working PS1 and PS2 at my house. Havent had a problem yet. And I bought those on the first day they came out. So you want to know what experience I had with Sony ? So far 100 percent no problems. Genesis, Wii, N64, Super Nintendo, NES, Atari 2600 ? No problems." You totally didn't bring Sony into this...LOL. Congratulations, you still have old working consoles. Let me tell you something, if a console breaks it is unfortunate, all machines have problems but not all machines will necessarily fail you, therefore you are lucky with these systems. It's not like any of Sony, Sega or Nintendo platforms have NEVER broken down because overall you are implying and saying to me things like "Oh my Microsoft consoles always break whereas my others don't so I SHOULD of chosen them" Haha lol because the other company's products you mentioned don't have faults? You must not have read all the PS4 problems and faults I posted about in the other thread.


    Thats what warranties are for, and Microsoft is not sticking to their part of the warranty. Again google. As to your problems with the PS4 again that is HEARSAY because I did not witness it and again the part you were talking about the controllers you said a "freind" experienced it and we never got any quote from him did we ?. I have so far has TWO 360s with the RROD, three power supplies fail and one XBONE with faults and I have also mentioned MANY things before that Microsoft has utterly failed in history.They are a total cascade of failures and hence why the ONE STILL has yet to outsell the PS4 in a given month. The ONE issue started the moment MS gave them the new policy structure but their failure as a company started over a decade ago.

    And again for those with total lack of understanding. The Xbox 360 were under warranty and Microsoft never charged me a penny. Now they are doing something that is their OWN fault and trying to make a profit from it. And again lets not forget how they force everyone to sign a "no class action lawsuits" agreement so they can walk all over us some more anytime they want. NOW we cant even take them to court like we did when the courts forced them to extend the RROD warranties.

    Future prediction ? This case will be handled in Microsofts favor because all they will do is claim it said "delivered" when they tracked the package. They have already stated to me in an email that they did not need Delivery Confirmation because they have a "contract" with FedEx. They will stick up for the people they have a contract and to KEEP that contract they will toss me under the bus. I will be one of MANY people that was innocent and not proven guilty and STILL get screwed over. I will win the case with my bank and get my 500 dollars back. Microsoft will then claim I breached the agreement I had with them and they (most likely) will ban my console from XBL play.

    If I am wrong and lets hope that I am (which as opposed to you I WILL admit) and they DONT ban my console I will very likely consider all purchases including the 360 games and DLC I have as a write off. And move over to getting the more chosen consoles the PS3 and the PS4 if I want to "waste time" playing video games.

    I honestly do hope that this time the actually swoop in and save the day but considering their track record I am not getting my hopes up. They have started failing miserably since they made their announcement at the last years E3 and they just keep failing worse every day. They have dug themselves a hole so deep they can no longer climb out of it.


    "I didnt mock you. I made a statement discussing a point you repeatedly seem to do." And Mocking me whilst doing so. -.-

    Why is it that you so desperately keep changing what you said.


    One example of many... One minute it was "Microsoft repairs are free" and the "of course they charge you , repairs cost money." you are so desperately trying to find something wrong with what I say when you know for a fact I am right. Microsoft is turning into a complete failure. But for you of course not, cause you and MS are buddy buddy. They could never do wrong in your eyes. Funny about how great they supposedly are when the entire world voted Microsoft as one of the top worst 32 companies in the world. Unless of course I am making that one up too ? Yep, I must have hacked into or I must own consumerists website on that one.


    Definition mocking "making fun of someone or something in a cruel way". I didnt make fun of you , I made an observation of what a bunch of people on the forum see.


    I DID read the problem you posted on the PS4 in that other thread but the problems with Sony (the PS4) right now are WAY less than all the problems that MS have been dealing with on the ONE. Who cares about worn out controllers or a RROD version of the PS4 that no longer shows its ugly head anymore. 8 months later Microsoft STILL is having the same problems. The PS4 ? Most of those problems are still history. Microsofts "360 emulator" havent heard a word on it in three months except when MS said that making an emulator is not easy because of different chip architecture. Really ? Thats funny cause they have emulators that run old console games on your PHONE and yet MS cant make on work on the ONE ? I can play emulators on every other old console I have, my wifes Kindle, My Windows Phone and I dont even need to hack them.

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    TL_Bare_B_V2 wrote:


    Headshots have never been OSK in core.

    That's not what the adjustment did. What it did was eliminate the 2 shot kill UNLESS it was 2 headshots.


    Basically the scenario it eliminated was person A shoots and scores a hit on the chest, the second shot hits the head and with the headshot multiplier it would make it a 2 shot kill. Now for some dumb reason, the headshot multiplier must have been changed on EVERY gun to make all the little crybabies happy.

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    Very true in most aspects, players think they are the best and what they think should be reality.

    The community tends to be extremely selfish and entitled which is leading to many issues as a whole.

    A combination of wanton selfishness and delusions are an "interesting" matchup for a personality.


    In regards to the TTK - I have mixed opinions on that subject.

    With Ghosts nearly dead and done it's probably not the time to increase TTK as alot of people are playing filler games until AW and BFH some out.

    As it is Ghosts has such a low playercount (poor matchmaking = lag), larger maps, greywashed textures etc so a low TTK, while competitive and requiring more strategy,  leaves many players to **** scared to move.

    Casual players want a game where they have chances to react (not kill per se) to the initial bullet hitting them - not inst deaths.

    With a more passive playstyle favored in Ghosts (mainly due to the above reasons) aggressive players would feel like they are at a sever disadvantage.

    Hence the TTK increase demand.

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  • 07/01/14--19:57: Why?
  • Yet another set of poor decision by the community.


    Why did a lot of people go back to Black Ops 2? Black Ops 2 is ******* disgusting, it isn't just the worst cod I've played, it's the worst game I've ever played.


    It's a shame that ghosts is a higher quality game yet the community don't realise that. Then again, the cod community is trash. MW3 and Ghosts are superior cod games.


    It's a shame the player count on ghosts is so low.


    People don't recognise it for the game it is.

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    Oh yup.

    Gotta say I'm not a rusher per se more of a mixed bag of tricks.

    Even when I have to camp or long range it I still use max but there can be some overcorrecting.

    It would be interesting if there was an option to modify sensitivity for each individual class.

    EG: Class 1 - SMG Sensitivity 20

           Class 2 - Sniper Sensitivity 7


    Perhaps individual camos per class too, not per squad member.

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    whos posting this?

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    I could beat a dead horse with conversation all day, it wouldn't bother me the least.


    However, I'd like to move on to another argument about TTK that I don't agree with, competitiveness. Longer TTK does not "make the more accurate person win". That's stupid. Shorter TTK makes the more accurate person win because accuracy>RoF with shorter TTK and RoF>accuracy with longer TTK.


    RoF take low damage weapons and allows them to compete with high powered weapons. The longer it takes to shoot a gun the RoF not only counters a low RoF/high powered weapons but it actually will surpass it. Therefore, longer TTK supports the faster firing gun.


    Higher RoF weapons tend to be less accurate and are used by the reckless player. You'll see a lot more success out of the careless, mindless player using the SMG than the accurate player using an AR or MR.

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  • 07/01/14--20:04: Devils_PRODIGY (PS3)
  • we are a new clan that is trying to go Mlg, but we are new and only have

    two member at the moment,but anyways there are some requirements but nothing big

    we do have a K/D requirement, but nothing anyone should worry  about at the moment.



    -you must be active at least two or three days out of the week

    -Must have a headset

    -cannot rage during a game

    -be nice to fellow member OR YOU WILL BE KICKED

    - must be willing to create y a new account that starts with Devils_

    If you want to join the clan then message Devils_Walnut



    Oh and we will be only recruiting 4 to 5 new members the most but i might think of

    how many members. Also after a week or two of being in the clan you will have to have a K/D

    of at least .1000 (this is a maybe statement it might and might not happen.)









    Hopefully you make it.  :L)

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  • 07/01/14--20:10: Re: Nightfall solo...?
  • the better way to approach the map is to perfect a portable turret strategy.

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  • 07/01/14--20:13: Re: Update
  • partially, it gave me an addition 2,500 odd kills

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    50 Teeth- Start with $2500 or more

    50 Teeth- Venom X can hold 2X as much ammo

    or for that matter

    50 Teeth- Max weapon ammo increased by 20%

    40 Teeth- Start with a Hypno Knife

    100 Teeth- Take 1/2 the amount of damage from enemies

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  • 07/01/14--20:14: Re: LF clan PS3
  • Hey man, check out Veritas Gaming at vghq.org

    We're looking for some more PS3 members to add to our squad. There's players of all skill level and they like to have fun!

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    I for one am having a feeling they will be adding a new starting weapon for the final DLC as well as a new CLASS loadout. Just a hunch

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    Male and female are welcome. KD is not a factor. Only requirement is being active .Message me on psn @ kwezt.

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    I follow the rules of the internet. I don't follow rules which are made up by Nazi's. Quit getting butthurt because someone threatened you.

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