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  • 06/29/14--19:21: Re: Looking for Clan (360)
  • Your GT is not showing on the phone app

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    We are still looking for good/active players. We plan on doing Game battles soon.

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    I am interested in joining your clan.

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  • 06/29/14--19:23: Re: Help with youtube career
  • yes just keep working if u wanna be big on youtube u have to have good gamplay im a youtuber myself im very small but i have a hd pvr 2 if u wanna go check out my work it is progamer palacios and if u have 360 lets get play with eachother

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    your level, your kd and your win loss please and thank you.

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  • 06/29/14--19:27: Re: gamertags?
  • i will love to play with u my gamertag is xxtodopex817 and my youtube channel is progamer palacios

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    ghamorra wrote:


    I did.


    Best Buy: 59.99 current gen 49.99 last gen

    Gamestop: 59.99 current gen 39.99 last gen


    Yet, you ignore those other major retailers.

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    LVLikeG wrote:


    I think the ttk is just about the same as other CoD games.  It feels like you die quicker because the hit detection is better and the guns are more accurate.  They added a heavy duty mode which had extra health, but not many people played it and it was removed. 

    Not many ppl play the normal mode either, what's your point. The TTK is fast in Ghosts and there is no denying this. It's July and I think we need to move past this TTK thing at this point.


    Interested to see what approach SHG takes when it comes to TTK.

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    Ill join if u will have me. Game tag is Ownu_1kenobe

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    My kd is 0.582 but it hasn't gone up yet w/l ratio is 0.424 and third prestige it's bad I know

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    I'm tired of writing paragraphs on paragraphs for this site and not getting a huge tur out so ima just keep it real. We're gonna be big and we're gonna be better than a lot of other teams. Not skill wise but in general.

    If you want to be a part of it from the start, then hmu on PSN

    PSN: JaxtonUFC

    Website and YT Channel on the way

    Appreciate all the interest




    - "You can go to Hell and Back with someone and still not know **** about them''

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    So if your NOT a QUITTER than Apply: TwoLilJit Via phone app and like us on Facebook.

    A Gold Clan In BO2 & Ghost,1ST Place in most Clan wars or in top 3 in Ghost.

    Looking to Grow  a bit and add to current roster NEED a total of 4 extra players only a couple of WEST COAST and a couple on East Coast side


    Must have a .65 KDR or Above to qualify for this Clan. The clan on the Mature side.

    But Fun at Heart as you can see, and no manditory WEEKLY efforts.

    But When a Clan War is Shceduled or Targets are indicated

    on the App Map,All Members are required to participate. Through

    out the Clan War. Individual effort's help so do what you can,and as a team have some Clan Op weedend

    matches from time to time. This is a Casual Competitive Gamming Clan.

    When a Clan War is in Session for the four day's at a time it is( MANDITORY THAT ALL PARTICIPATE) for at least 2hr at a time

    or be KICKED>


    WE DO NOT REQUIRE Weeklly non clan wars participation. But teaming up outside of clan wars does help clan XP and is encouraged.

    This is the trade off of being in a Casual Competitive Clan.

    Must again be able to compete daily for the four day session and Contribute to Capture Targets.

    You must be able to follow the Chat info provided to you on the

    app as to direction given on what is to be captured and so on.



    Must accept freind request ASAP. For Clan Chat related Ect. Only want decicated players

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  • 06/29/14--19:37: why so many cheaters
  • just wondering why your company lets people get away with cheating all the time every game is a aim bot god mod or a booster..maybe the punishment you dish out is not good enough how about you perment ban boosters and god mod and aim bot's this would make them think twice about cheating.real simple to add a message b4 a game starts to say you don't tolerate cheating of any kind. also remove split screen players from muti player all they do is camp out roasting hot dogs and when the one down stairs dies is a simple target for the guy up stairs. sick of getting cheated on your game I want to have fun not get cheated out of fair game play don't mind a loss if its a fair loss. also in real life you cant duck a bouncing betty sorry but you would be missing your legs and face. emp range needs to be changed its way to big can toss 2 and destroy all eq in a ten mile radius. and I know you wont do any of this so i'm selling my flop opps 2 for a dollar cause that's all the game stop would offer for your junk tittle.

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    HHi I'm interested I mainly play on ps4 but I still have my ps3

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    Domination is not always (hardly ever really) sniper friendly. That's not to say that you can't do it and do it well, I have sniper very successfully many times, but sniping can have it's frustrating moments and it's not because there's a lack of kills. The reason sniping isn't always a practical strategy is when you spawn.


    Spawns in Ghosts are notorious for not being very defensible. Black Ops II was similar. When you spawn with your rifle in hand it can be tough fighting your way to a location where you can actually snipe. I'm pretty crafty with a pistol but the lack of range leaves you incredibly vulnerable in that medium-long range space. Just far enough out to prevent you from winning gun fights with your pistol and just close enough that limits the effectiveness of sniping when going against an AR or SMG. 


    Another point I'd like to bring up is the severe lack of logic in spawn logic. Today alone I started out a match that joined midway through where I died 6 times in minute tops. The reason being the inconsideration for enemies placing themselves in positions that aren't in the spawn but just enough outside that they can safely engage the enemy from tactical points without flipping the spawn. While spawn logic might not be able to understand this tactic a player who's having difficulty dealing with an opponent that has the advantage can choose another spawn that allows them to stop feeding kills.


    This can be further expanded on with spawntrapping. Spawntrapping isn't always the result of lack of skill. I'be been on teams that have dominated the opponent both in score and kills yet still manage to fall into a spawntrap due to the position of the enemy. Sometimes it just happen, especially in Domination and even when you have 2 flags. Logic just doesn't understand angles and positions like a player would and this means the game thinks a spawn is safe when it's really not.


    Another advantage is controlling the tempo. I've played in several gamemodes where there tends to be a difficulty getting to the objective because I'm spawning as far away as you possibly can from the objective. By the time I get to the objective or action the game has changed; the objective has been captured or all the traffic has shifted to another part of the map. Modes like Drop Zone and Blitz can be frustrating when the opponent seems to all the good spawns and my team is spawning way out in BFE.

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    If members want to do competitive we'll make it happen often and we will do clan wars but I'm not going to be demanding during them. If you can be on great if you can't that's fine too

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    So did you so...

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    I will never understand why Party Games or Niche games like Infected count towards overall stats. They are meant to be played for fun.


    It would make sense for them to put in an "unranked playlist" with games like Infected that don't count towards your overall stats so folks can just enjoy playing and not worry about folks trying to boost their K/D.

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