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    >implying that trolling isn't the art of debating
    Please, learn how to internet.

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    Is it at all possible to get a STEAM code for DOOM3? I already have the physical CD set but would rather not have to install and have a disc in the tray where my toddler can get to it. It's really a convenience thing. I can provide any information from the sticker that is necessary (part no, code/partial code) to verify that I do own the game already.


    Thank you,



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  • 07/02/14--20:16: Re: Dashboarding
  • or he was playing 42 games in a row on infected

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    they should bring it back but make it a mosh pit mode

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    This would be awesome. Would you also be able to search boxes and pick up items? Only downside I see is the drill will get stuck in the backpack by some random glitch where you would have to bleed out to get the drill back.

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    Seems you're butthurt because I express my freedom of speech with a word which isn't considered offensive or ridiculous. That's like being offended when someone uses the word cheese.
    You do not belong on the internet. Please leave.
    You know you can't just try to tell me what to do right? For someone who advocates the idea of taking freedom away from people on the internet, you sure are a hypocrite for saying that I can't use my freedom of speech.
    The issue is that this can abused to take away our freedom of speech. I curse people out online all the time. I do it because I enjoy seeing people mad. People get mad when I kill them and that's funny.
    As for ruining my experience, the government is doing that now and you're a hypocrite for not doing anything about it.
    Freedom comes with a price. The price of freedom is not mainly vigilance and responsibility. It mainly involves blood and death.

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  • 06/26/14--11:59: xRazZe Clan (PS3)
  • Welcome to xRazZe Clan.

    1. We are a Clan that does Both any Hardcore or Core Matches.

    2. If your not good with snipers it is okay. You will still have a chance in joining.

    3. If you dont have a microphone you ca still join.

    4. No Hardscoping, No Cursing.

    5. Please try your best not to camp unless its Search and  Destroy (Core/Hardcore).

    If You Have a K/D Ratio that is under 1.10, You would have to verse the following members in a 1v1:







    If your not good with snipers it is okay. You will still have a chance in joining.


    Current members:




























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  • 07/02/14--20:23: Re: xRazZe Clan (PS3)
  • Can I join im amazing with sniper

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    Very well said .

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  • 07/02/14--20:23: Re: xRazZe Clan (PS3)
  • My Psn: xRazZe_Redii.

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  • 07/02/14--20:24: Re: xRazZe Clan (PS3)
  • Yes You can Join first a 1v1. whats the psn?

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    Well send me a fwend request with a message attached and Ill add you

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    I have a question Why is close the shop from gh WoR for Wii?  Anyone happen the same?

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    >implying that people mute me because I'm an idiot
    >implying that you're not butthurt
    >implying that those people who mute me aren't butthurt
    You should try harder bro.

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    Engineer upgrade level 2. When stasis is deployed 4 flash bangs drop and temporarily stuns all cryptids = 1 tooth (must have previous upgrade)


    Tank upgrade level 2. Tank ability now draws all cryptids on map = 1 tooth (must have previous upgrade)


    This could make tank and engineer upgrades worth the cost.

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  • 07/02/14--20:33: Re: Lost my clan war patches
  • The main question to be answered is "why did you get booted" from clan? Was it the commander kicking you or the system removing you due to a change in your profile with the Ghosts/COD account? If you were booted due to a profile change, there may be an opportunity to recover your stuff. Post up, let us know!

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  • 07/02/14--20:37: Re: I need a band!!! (Wii)
  • I can play all in expert and play two instruments at the same time like bass and vocals

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    21st Century Slaves, is a clan that will accept all applications and can use any gamer who is interested in joining. We do not take KD ratios or WL% into consideration (though, a higher KD ratio & WL% always helps)!


    Message me on Xbox (GT: SADDERD4Y) if you want me to send you an invitation to the clan, or apply to 'C21 Slaves' on the Call Of Duty: Ghosts App.

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    I am having the same problem. I even check the link that they give me after a video is rendered (http://www.youtube.com/user/360CODblackops2) and it is not there either. My videos are nowhere to be seen even after multiple uploads. However, other player's videos are there. Now I can see that this is not only happening to me.

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