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    I have 3 criteria for judging my performance. The first 2 you mentioned in the original post, that is did I have fun and did I win. The third kind of is sort of like did I play well, but more did I feel I played 'fun'. Meaning how did that game feel overall. Did I stand a chance? Was it competitive? Did I make a difference in game? Did I learn new things to do or not do? I don't mind taking a butt kicking if I took something away from it. These are the things I consider when I think 'how did I do in that game'.

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  • 06/24/14--17:47: Re: Clan War Leader Boards?
  • Well now it just shows all the clan war locations on the global map.

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    PS4 Clan looking for active members in North America to play seriously during clan wars and casually in between.  We are a 4 member clan but only currently have 2 on PS4, we would like to add to our PS4 presence, looking to recruit 2-4 members.  We are also up for absorbing another clan.  We do not mind considering anyone for membership as long as your KD is above a 1, you're an active player and you will play ALL game modes.  Hit me up on PS4, username J3FFTR11.  Thanks!

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    Lol your welcome

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    What is Stand Your Ground Gaming?


    SYG is a gaming community that consist of gamers who share similar interests. We are a respectful community who will respect each other and those around us, however we will not let other clans or random gamers talk trash to us. We will STAND OUR GROUND, defend ourselves and our SYG community. We want to game, make friendships, and have fun while doing so.



    Who created SYG?


    SYG was created by a group of leaders and members from other clans who have built very successful clans and friendships over the years. We want to keep our success growing and we came together to form SYG to run a community how we felt should be ran. A community where communication and accountability exist.



    What is the Rank System?


    The Rank System was made from adding our real life experiences and adding what we have learned throughout the years in other clans that we were a part of and combing them together for a few main reasons: success, organization, structure, and accountability. Many clans have military names and structures. We have a Ranking System similar to the military and a business. We realize that not everyone wants to be a leader and we have roles not just for leaders but for the average gamer who wants to have fun yet abide by our Rank System and Bylaws.


    What are the Bylaws?


    The Bylaws are rules that SYG was founded on. It is what we believe in and it is what we are all about. Many of the bylaws were made to prevent issues and confrontation between our members. The Bylaws are very important to us and we want them to be important to you as well.


    What is a Team?


    A team is a group of members who work together to accomplish goals. Teamwork is important to SYG. A team is similar to a “squad” and it contains members of different ranks and levels to accomplish their goals and growth. Each team has a Team Leader who helps run their team. There are multiple teams in a Branch.


    What is a Branch?


    A Branch is similar to a clan and consists of multiple teams. A Branch Leader (BL) oversees all of the operations within his/her Branch. A branch consists of multiple teams


    Why join SYG?


    Everyone has their own reason for joining a clan/community and we will share some of those reasons with you. To have people to game with, to build friendships, to be a part of something new and great, to be able to have fun, to be a part of a team, to take on a leadership role, to help be a part of the future of gaming, and many more.



    A message from the Leaders of SYG: We first off want to express how grateful and thankful we are to have you join us! Once again we cannot express enough how thankful we are to have you be a part of building this community. Our members are important to us and we want to make sure it is crystal clear that you understand that. Building a community is not easy but with our structure, organization, and most importantly… THE MEMBERS we will be successful but there is no way we could do it without your help and we will forever be appreciative.


    Written by SYG's original Assembly of Leaders

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  • 06/24/14--17:49: Re: clans
  • I have the same issue man. My device is not compatible as well and I do hope they will put an option for you to access your clan in the website. Upon checking the COD website though, there's still no option to access your clan there. Some clan managing options are in-game in your clan details.

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    I'm looking for people to join my clan, there are six members right now including myself.


    • High KD not needed - Do not worry about your KD, it could be a .20 and you would be just fine. KD is not something huge that we worry about.
    • Domination/Cranked - Like I said in the title, we play Domination and Cranked.
    • Time Playing - You need to be a very active player, especially on clan wars.
    • Respect - Respect the clan members, profanity is completely allowed.
    • Age - I'm sorry if this eliminates you but the age needs to be 15 or over, this has to do with maturity mostly .
    • Mic - A mic is not required but it would be better off to have a mic for communication but like I said it is not a big deal. If you don't have one its understandable.
    • Clan Wars - Yes we participate in this but is difficult without many members. We are very competitive. Currently with the clan wars of ( June 18th-June 23 ) We are in the Bronze division and are holding 6 nodes. We play various game modes for clan wars to capture.

    If your interested contact me at: xX_THE_MACHINEXx

    If you send me a friend request, please make sure there is a message attached to it stating that you want to join, because if it is empty I will automatically delete it.

    Clan Name: All Powered Up

    Clan Tag: APU

    Clan Level Currently: 14

    Members: 5

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    It is easier to send me a request on PSN, so try to do that if you can. Also, if you send me a friend request, make sure I know what you want!

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    im intrested...

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    Hi there! You can also try other troubleshooting steps that I normally use whenever I have issues with any game in Steam like:

    -Deleting .exe file then verifying integrity of game cache after.

    -Making sure that no background application is running while playing a game

    -Delete and redownload game or DLC

    Those worked for me, I hope it does to you. *finger-crossed*

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  • 06/24/14--17:52: Call of Duty Stats
  • Where can I find my Call of Duty stats w/I having to log onto each game?  I swore we could do this on elite but I don't see it on the new app.  Help!

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  • 06/24/14--17:52: Tenho um grande problema
  • Olá, eu fiz uma conta na PSN (exgenio) e por um acaso minha conta foi banida, e nessa conta eu tinha Season Pass eu era mestre do prestigio

    e perdi tudo....Como posso recuperar?

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    I think you misunderstood me, I know that playing in certain areas of a map takes more skill than others even on round 25.

    I did not say that High round strategies require more skill, but round 30 is still an easy round for good players to carry randoms to without using a strategy because the zombies still die easily and 30 does not take much time unless you use train zombies using wall weapons. If the Rank cap was 30 based on highest round then poor players could be carried, have over 100 downs and still get the highest rank even if they spent most of that game spectating. 

    Rank does not ever really show the true skill of a player, which is why I suggested a high cap to reward those who spend the most time getting to super high rounds. If unlockable emblems were a separate feature from ranks this could show how good players are even if they don't have time for high round games. I would agree with 30 being a good round cap but only if it took all other stats of that game into consideration such as, kills,downs, revives, miles travelled, headshot etc.


    I do not consider running on the bridge throwing tomahawks an effective high round co-op strategy because it is too slow. The only time I spend on the bridge is to upgrade the tomahawk and use the pack a punch. The canteen trap strategy is a far more time efficient strategy on co-op, This is the only strategy we would be able to use to reach 100 in co-op in one play through without sitting in a glitch to take a sleep break, something that some the top players think is acceptable but I don't agree with it. The bridge is also good for making full use of the golden spork, but there are much faster round 1-30 strategies that I prefer.

    In co-op Origins the staffs only get you so far, from the mid 80's the staffs are not enough to get through a round. The strategy I use with the tank and robot foot can kill you very quickly so not everyone can just simply get to round 100 + even if they have the time. we have one person at jug with all the zombies then the other player calls the tank from behind the tank station, the player at jug runs down the tank road towards spawn with the tank chasing him killing all the zombies, meanwhile the player at the tank station is getting new zombies together on the tank road and allows the tank to kill his zombies too. on the other side of the map instead of using the tank, the player with the group of zombies kills them with the robot for at stamin up, the other  player is at jug getting newly spawned zombies together to kill them with the foot that end.

    A strong player is someone that:

    - Plays legit (obviously)

    - Plays well on any map.

    - Can react fast and stay calm in difficult situations

    - Can recover well from a down.

    - Knows the map, where guns and perks are located and zombie spawn points etc.

    - Kills zombies in the fastest way possible (not always the safest way)

    - knows how to revive someone safely allowing that player to recover without taking further downs. and always attempts to make revives if possible.

    - Can adjust their play style according to the objective of the game whether that is a challenge or high round strategy.

    - is not afraid to take a down to help the team but will not make silly decisions that can end the game.


    If your team mates are not as good as you, you don't want to be downing yourself for an ammo if they are going to struggle to keep the game going. I do not usually go down trying to get ammo from behind the bus on any round, there is a lot of room in the fog areas and anyone that can handle the Denizens and are comfortable running around in the fog would be able to get the ammo and survive in that situation, it just depends on where the zombies are spaced out and how long the ammo had until it flashed out.


    A lot of high round players have fancy tricks which are impressive but if they always go down showing off  and causing problems for team mates then they are not a strong player. Not all high round players can play well in challenges or risky situations but I and most of the top players that I have played with are capable of playing well in any situation. I like a good challenge and I know that 30 is beyond what most players will be able to achieve in a challenge, but for me challenges are fun and casual games n which I like to mess around so I don't count them as high round attempts.


    I have made it to round 34 co-op on Natch Der Unoten FYI

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    Try to check your firewall. It may be blocking the game to be installed properly.

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    Thanks, I'll be joining 

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    maccabi wrote:


    AntiGov wrote:

    MLG is nothing more than a parasite, the vast majority of the actual FPS e-sports population doesn't even recognize them as being "competitive". They're attempting to find that middle ground between casual and competitive, that's not good for FPS e-sports.


    I've often said that Call of Duty needs vast customization options so players can play however they want. If they want to play vanilla Call of Duty they can search for matches as they do now. If they want to play on custom made maps with custom made game settings they should also be able to search for games as well. Let people choose how and what they play, rather than forcing everyone to play a certain way.


    Why the console community hasn't asked for better customization options is beyond me. The growing popularity of MLG is a good indication that some console gamers are finally becoming actual "gamers". As in they're actually growing tired of the vanilla settings and such. They're taking the steps to actually have fun how they want to have fun.

    you know I REALLY dont think you understand what MLG is, how you can call it a parasite is confusing the hell out of me, thats like saying FIFA or the NHL is a parasite, its exactly the same .

    I'm pretty sure the "vast" majority of the esport population do consider then competitive, considering how popular mlg events are and ALL major codesports team compete in...MLG tournaments.



    As for the frankly dumb comment about finding a middle ground GOOD the closer esports is to reg play the less of a divide there will be and both sides benifit

    I guess you missed the part about FPS. MLG is simply picking up the crumbs left over from the Counter Strike leagues with Call of Duty. Without having customization options Call of Duty shouldn't even be in the e-sports scene because it's not a competitive game at it's core. I despise MLG because they showed their true colors when Reach came out and how they promoted the game. They simply put their stamp of approval on it and tried to promote it, their choice of how they customized it for competitive play was not taken well by the Halo e-sports community.


    MLG could actually do a great deal to promote console e-sports with Call of Duty, instead they turned it into cash grab with all the exposure from Call of Duty just as they did with Halo in the long run. Them looking for a middle ground makes it clear that they're just looking for cash. Console developers need to find the middle ground between casual and competitive, not MLG.


    I came from the PC e-sports community and remember the early days of MLG. I was very much into other things at the time but it did grab my attention. I was excited to see something starting up in North America at that time. Frankly, after the death of Halo I didn't think console e-sports would ever amount to anything but after seeing what Black Ops 2 was able to accomplish hope was somewhat restored. MLG has the popularity now that they could actually bring Call of Duty to the global e-sports scene but that will require support from both MLG and the developers. I see potential but given the track record of MLG and console e-sports I'm not holding my breath.

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    Yep, I really like the idea of capping/planting as well as calling in a heli and other team not knowing it's coming in (I don't think the game tells you this in Ghosts though).

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    mdub wrote:


    Stealth perks and UAVs ... both need to go bye bye.

    UAVs are fine, the abuse of UAVs needs looked into and somehow managed. That's where I firmly believe the hate for Ghost/Assassin is unwarranted. When you have UAV spam like you did in MW3 and Black Ops II it's really hard to play the game without them.

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  • 06/25/14--17:50: Re: GTA5 next gen
  • I agree with the music, 5 songs per station is a good number. Also fit the genre of the station, I felt like the rock station was rather lacking in well, rock.

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