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    OrionGC [PSN/XBOX][GB][Platinum][Sponsored]

    See our clan, we are a community across all platforms, give it a check and if have any questions make them.

    For more info and to register go to oriongc.org/apply

    We have over 250 members and more than 30 on XB1, you will have someone to play with almost all the time!

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    LLeg out

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    Ok. Add me xKilla kong239x . Also what's the avg age of the clan? Want to avoid a clan full of 15 yr olds.

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    Hmm that's a tricky one.

    Perhaps send IW, Sony or Activision an email ?

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    A wired connection can help, but it is not guaranteed.


    Before you spend money needlessly:


    Make a note of every device that connects to your network, ipods, ipads wiis pcs tvs etc. If you can find each of these device's MAC address and write them down as well it will help.


    Log into your router


    Set your devices to have static IPs


    Set up QOS (Quality of Service) and make your ps3 a priority.


    If you want maximum control, build your self a network manager.

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    Nikolai -  helicoptergame.net

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    It might be lag compensation.


    I found a video of someone comparing the lag compensation in the different call of duty's and not surprisingly call of duty 4 had the best lag compensation whereas mw3 and blops 2 had worse lag compensation. (The person didn't compare any other cods.)


    Until the development team sort this out you'll have to be used to being at an unfair disadvantage to a lot of other people.

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    i play any game type

    my k/d is 2.54(i think)

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    There was a time I would have loved this. I remember during MW2, there was some sort of modded lobby that went on and on and on. It must have had private lobby settings. I was in it for at least 45 min. There weren't any screwy weapons or anything, just unlimited timer. I loved it.


    That game was completely unexpected and I went with it. I'm not so sure it would be my gamemode of choice knowing it would be sooo long before hand. I'ld definitely try it though.

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    Recruiting SKILLED, ACTIVE players for D4Rk Embacy !

    Currently have 22 members ( All have a 1.5 KDR or higher )

    We like to pub stomp and we play ANY game mode whether it be hardcore, core or clan v. clan

    We are in Platinum Division and won our first clan war in 1st with 500 capture points ( 200 point lead over the other clans )

    Our members are very active and our Clan KD is 1.94 and win percentage is 58%

    Currently I'm recruiting skilled active people with a 2.0 KDR or higher that get on a good amount and are willing to contribute to the clan

    If your interested in joining D4Rk Embacy you must have the following requirements  


    - A KDR of 2.0 or higher

    - Must have a Mic and must be 15 and older



    ( Also I've made a clan website and we have our own GB team. )


    If you want to join or try out contact me on Xbox 360

    My gamertag is D4Rk Ellusion

    ( My Gt is exactly as spelled )


    - D4Rk Ellusion, D4Rk Embacy leader.

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    looking for an xbox one clan . Kd 1.49 W/L 2.08 . GT Im Jaxiv

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  • 06/23/14--17:35: Re: Lobby Malfunction
  • Hello,



    A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".





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    Dedicated servers dont migrate hosts because there actually is no host.


    having a good connection or a poor connection doesnt change on a dedicated server overall. Like for example some of the people that get 1 bar in the lobbies on Titanfall, those people will very likely always get 1 bar. In other words getting on a dedi does not guarantee a better connection and can make it worse.


    At least this game will choose if you have a poor connection to the nearest dedi and put you in a better connection with listen servers (players as host)


    (PS My brain is screwed up today forgive any typos or miscommunication errors)

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    (PS3) Need 3 slayers for high rounds on Tranzit, Nuketown, MOTD tonight around 11 PM EST


    Hit me up on PSN @ metropole77



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    If you keep on losing connection, you can visit this link for some troubleshooting steps that can help you maintain a good or at least stable connection. http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/networking/connectivity-solutions

    After making sure that your connection is good and stable, you can try clearing cache and title updates.

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    Hello, i sale Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 at 5$! To contact me here is my skype : clemax0219

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    • Hey Drunkendude ,

      Your clan rewards are linked to the Call of Duty account you were using at the time the rewards were earned. However, we may be able to push the rewards to your new COD account. Can you please provide the following information?

      Clan name:
      Missing rewards:
      Screenshot of Clan War Leader boards:


    • Hello ^MC, thank you so very much for getting back with me

      Gamertag: DDrunkendude
      Platform: ps4
      Clan name: iHiD
      Missing rewards: 1.*Body Count Merc 2. *Body Count Reaper 3.*Body Count Uniform
      4.*War Cry Reticle 5.*War Cry Camo 6.*War Cry Assassin.

      I had 28/44 on clan war achievements
      Patches I'm missing, 1 gold grill patch 2 vulture patch 3 warrior mask 4 yeti 5 dead owl 6 money bags 7 injured octopus 8 hotdog 9 crab 10 robot 11 mummy 12 wing emblem 13 ninja emblem 14 demon patch 15 dead gnome 16 cyclops 17 ninja patch 18 brass knuckles emblem 19 purple skull 20 gold chain emblem.
      On cod app I have 0/44.
      Please note. Pics are what clan boards look like now. But on cod app drunkendude18 is in clan but not ddrunkendude and on ps4 ddrunkendude is not in clan. Clean leader said only way to get ddrunkendude back in clan is to kick drunkendude18 and invite ddrunkendude but I wanted to wait and see what you said first.
      Let me know how pics are plea
    • how do I post pics on here?
    • i Posed the pics on comments on support cases/ my support / activision support
    • if I need to post the pics on here let me know and let me know how please
    • aact has been messed up since 6/03/2014. I have posted comments back on comments  Support cases / my support / activision support. I'm sorry for the trouble. I just want my aact fixed please so I can play. i have bought every cod game. I have several activision accts please help.
    • WHen end I call phone support. Every single case number on here says invalid. I know your all very busy. Please help

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    It's not coming up on my Ipad so I'll have to wait until I can get on my computer. However I kinda preemptively registered so.. Sorry about that. Lol

    Edit: Nevermind. I found it. Thanks. Lol

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