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  • 06/25/14--17:51: Re: No more support"streaks"
  • Be_sharp_Sabre wrote:


    48% of the times some player will use support for himself

    Where did you get that stat?


    You wouldnt just pull a random, biased number, out of your hat ..... would you?

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    That would be a really good thread in the Support section. This is probably a more constructive idea than name and shame, might actually get Activision's attention in terms of getting stuff done.

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    May I know the name of the clan you are searching and wanting to join? I can try to search the clan you wanted to join if it exist or not. Thanks.

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    Every class I have has DS. I played with DS so long that if I take it off, I get freaked out by my own footsteps.

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  • 06/25/14--17:55: Re: GTA5 next gen
  • I would like to officially state the below is my opinion so take that into consideration.


    GTA is the most overrated game in the history of gaming. The stories are generic, the expansiveness of the open world is pointless and solely exists for bragging rights (much like Skyrim), and the overall feel of the game is not all that great. The only thing GTA should be able to brag about is incorporating so much into the game such as planes, cars, side missions, and various other activities. But even that should be taken lightly because so many games are able to do this now.


    GTA should not even have gotten a 9/10. It's not nearly as great as it's made out to be and it's living off of it's past success. GTA cost 500 million to make and it took 8 years to make. That, to me, further lower my excitement.

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    Hey, If you're still up for it, MSG me on XBox ::GT | Tri Evo::

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  • 06/25/14--17:57: Re: spawn trapping
  • Yup, usually on these forums when people ask to spawn trap it's for the intention of "pubstomping" and getting KEMs. People generally frown on that as it's widely seen as unsportsmanlike play.


    I do find spawns flipping to be annoying; it's part of the game and can always be dealt with using some good communication.

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    slyd0g55 wrote:


    How bout a "Name the glitch/cheat list " here on the forums ? A brief summary ,console,,map, mode, problem ?

    Good idea on paper, terrible idea if you factor in the community you're asking this to go out to. "He killed me too easily therefore Aimbot".

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  • 06/25/14--18:00: Re: spawn trapping
  • My thoughts on anyone who thinks they're awesome because they can cheat (yes spawntrapping is cheating in my book)


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    ghamorra wrote:


    mdub wrote:


    Stealth perks and UAVs ... both need to go bye bye.

    UAVs are fine, the abuse of UAVs needs looked into and somehow managed. That's where I firmly believe the hate for Ghost/Assassin is unwarranted. When you have UAV spam like you did in MW3 and Black Ops II it's really hard to play the game without them.

    There is no skill in chasing red dots. There is no skill, in a stealth perk ... hiding you from red dot chasers. Removing them, increases the skill gap.


    The only things UAVs and Stealth perks create .... hatred within the player base. Get rid of them.

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  • 06/25/14--18:01: Re: No more support"streaks"

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    Yeah I know what you mean, I am in the same situation.

    Nearly none of my friends play Ghosts anymore, the only thing that was keeping us going was Clan Wars but we have decided we can't be bothered anymore.

    When my friends and I bought Ghosts the first 3 weeks seemed awesome - then something happened and there was some massive change in how Ghosts played/was played.

    Dunno if it was the release of PS4 and XBONE, hackers, or others but all of a sudden it seemed like peoples mindset just changed.

    (My guess is KD started to impact peoples playstyles, hit detection is better meaning lower TTK resulting in passive/reactive playstyles and people saw how well campers can do in Ghosts)

    Fun factor definitely is lacking - the game just seems too much like work instead of enjoyment.

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    We Need Active Members to Join xRazZe_. Yes you do have to make a xRazZe_. We play zombies, quick scooping, Any gun you want it the clan. So add xRazZe_ZeUs or xRazZe_ReDii.

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    I disagree with the second part of what you say. I didn't use Ghosts/Assassin to hide, I used it to keep me from getting ganged up on while deep in enemy territory. I also use it when I sniped. Outside of that, you're right. Ghosts and Assassin are no win conversations. They can be abused, just as UAV spam is abusive.

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  • 06/25/14--18:06: Re: No more support"streaks"

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    You must be referring to the Drop Zone game mode being added in the regular playlist. You can check out this link from IW about Drop Zone Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (6/3/14)  

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    Hey mate!

    Of course your progress from your PS3 will transfer to your PS4.

    As long as you use the same account.

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    I don't think it was any evil plot, I think what most likely occurred was someone at Activision urged them to drop the bars, feeling that they gave the wrong impression of connectivity. As for capping the scoreboard. There is no reason for people to be getting over 100 kills in a match. Folks doing that in the past were abusing game modes.


    Me? I didn't put too much stock in them but they did come in handy, especially when weird things were happening in a lobby. You see those bars bouncing around, you know there is going to be lag.

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    Hey mate. When you are done with the prestige 1, you need to buy another soldier for you to work o your prestige 2. Just go on to your create a soldier and then go to the second soldier below your first soldier an purchase it. Hope this helps

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  • 06/26/14--18:04: Re: DO NOT upgrade to PS4
  • PS4 is awesome, with your situation , raw deal, but I got PS-Plus 3 months plan, an barely play the game due to an injury I can kind of relate to feeling "ripped off"

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