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  • 06/08/14--11:02: Re: clan leader issues
  • wasn't sure how to change it. figured it out today and it is now changed.

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  • 06/08/14--11:02: Re: Honey Badger Vs ARX-160
  • I hate to burst your bubble but you can't put a muzzle brake or any other type of barrel on a gun with an integrated silencer. It kinda defeats the purpose if the weapon.

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    Everyone should start playing a similar game.  The difference between MLG settings and Public settings are too vast.  I think that the setting should become much more similar.  Every gamemode should have the same settings, example would be that gamemodes like CTF has unlimited flag captures in MLG settings, while in Publics the rounds have a max of 3.  Another example would be how SND has a 7.5 second plant/defuse time in MLG while in publics it is 5 seconds.

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    Hi, I am 14 ,have a mic and active.

    IGN: VampireTeam

    I would really like to join.

    Can I still join?

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    There have been quite a few threads like yours over the last few days and the CS team always tell them the same thing that there is nothing they can do to restore corrupted saves.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

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    i tooked some pictures. as you can see they arent looking as an hd game. if you zoom you can see pixels. IMG-20140501-WA0008.jpgIMG-20140501-WA0006.jpgIMG-20140501-WA0007.jpg

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    iEvans1883 wrote:


    why is he scary in your eyes , or some sort of forum mafia , lol go to bed


    Man where did I mentioned that he was scary or some sort of forum mafia.


    Wake up and get out of bed.

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  • 06/08/14--11:06: Article 8
  • Hey honda450ftw,


    Unfortunately due to a suspected violation of our terms of service and posted policies we are unable to process your request. We cannot divulge the details at this time and suggest that you review the Call of Duty: Ghosts Security & Enforcement Policy here https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Online-Cod e-of-Conduct/?q=Call+of+Duty%3A+Ghosts+Online+Code+of+Conduct&l=en_US&c=Game_Tit le%3AAll&fs=Search&pn=1



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  • 06/08/14--11:07: my account is delated
  • my account is delated and i dont use hacks!

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  • 06/08/14--11:09: Re: Honey Badger Vs ARX-160
  • It depends on your play style I guess. If you are the kind of player who ADS at every encounter then the Honey Badger all day. If you are more of a hip fire type of guy then the ARX is you buddy. I've put muzzle brake on the ARX and hip fire first then ADS. I helps me get the jump on people because I don't run Quick Draw.


    I don't know if adding Steady Aim improves it's hip fire even more that it already is. Does Driftor have anything on that?

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    its cool man thanks for the help, at least now i know on my next day off from work ill have to play twice as hard. if anyone can help me get through point of contact while using 10 relics that would be greatly appreciated, it's hard to find good players. ill be on 360 live tonight around 10ish EST.

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    I think you're in the wrong forum, trickshotters & Q'scopers hang out in BO2.  There just ain't a whole lotta Q'scopin' goin' on here!  But I'd love to shoot a ballerina or two! 

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    the game is pixelated with me. very bad graphics. any way to fix it?

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    Still need 3 more ps4 players.

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    Clan name is JCL. We are currently level 24. we are in Platinum. we are eligible for Diamond. currently have 19 clan members. Clan K/D is 1.44 We are very active on the weekends. If interested please reply.

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    Come and be apart of the best

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    "It wasn't a problem in mw2, because there were 3"


    hmm, I think you miss-spoke. MW2 had way more than 3 streaks. Or am I missing something....

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    BTW Black Ops 2 had the most balanced streak system we have seen in CoD.

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    Players were most definitely put in disadvantage in the old system which is why so many people never prestige and sat at their commander rank. Squad points are so much better. I hope the level restrictions never come back. It must be some sort of Stockholm syndrome to want that restrictive crap back.

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    ... and one of them is a "smart" grenade.


    I'm mixed on cycling a grenade in MP. It's a cool idea but do you really have time to cycle through to the grenade in the middle of a fight.


    Maybe you can preset the left and right bumpers?


    And the scanning grenade (or whatever it is)... that sucker seems a bit much to me. Maybe it will not last as long in MP.


    Sadly, we most likely won't learn anything about MP until August.

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