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    I sent you an invite to the clan. We're level 25. Our K/D Ratio is 1.6 and our Clan Win% is 65. We have 86 members. We're in Platinum division right now.

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  • 06/07/14--10:22: Re: Hackers are taking over.
  • Momba1 wrote:


    AimBot 'threshold' as you called it, Accuracy as I call it are derived when I've ran across an AimBotter which again is EASY AS HELL to know, and I've looked at their numbers and stats; sadly way too damn many. To date I've never run across an AimBotter with a <20% accuracy and most had upwards of >25% Accuracy. An AimBot doesn't 'miss a lot' as you said and when engaged some players as I've mentioned used a Hotkey to turn-on their AimBots manually vs Auto-Fire.


    We're talking about a "stealth cheater" using an aimbot mostly to point him in the direction of an enemy who is behind a wall. Why are you even talking about accuracy? The "stealth cheater" is rarely using the aimbot to shoot at his opponent. He mainly uses the aimbot cheat to find the direction of the enemy who is hidden behind walls, With the aid of an aimbot targeting enemies behind walls they are no longer hidden targets are they>? This is what makes it so easy for them.

    then after the aimbot points them in the direction of the enemy who is behind walls the cheater now uses the minimap to fairly easily put together where the enemy is located. (it's easy and works very well and is hard to detect when someone is doing this) you don't even think it exists so how are you going to catch those guys?


    Again we're talking about "stealth cheaters" which are good players who now also use an aimbot to find the direction/location of an enemy thru walls. These "stealth cheaters" are not using an aimbot for accuracy! They use it to find enemies because he is already pretty darn good at aiming once he finds the enemy. it's being suprised by campers all round is why they use the aimbot, and again lets not get back into why wouldn't they be using a wallhack and not the aimbot. We already know why (because i explained it to you) Remember---> No one trying to claim they are good by using wallhack can record any of their games to prove they are legitimately good if they need a wallhack to make them good, wllhack=Fail. the guy using the aimbot can upload video and still try to claim he is legit. (BIG DIFFERENCE)

    Many cheaters are getting away with stealth aimbotting. i didn't invent this way of cheating and it's not just a few guys doing this . It's not like you say (easy to detect) because there wouldn't be so many of them like there is.

    They would have been banned years ago if it was easy to detect.



    Your trying to sway people away from the reality that this is going on.

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  • 06/07/14--10:42: Hello
  • I need help
    i updated my cod ghost and when i try to play offline icain´t idk why
    it says to download compactiby pack 1 and 2
    i download it but i wont still wont let me in
    i tryed like 4 times and it doesint work

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    Agree. Lately all the new patches and backgrounds seem to be Micro-Transactions.

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  • 06/07/14--10:44: extra files
  • i just my ps4 today bought season pass and downloded the maps and stuff and all working ok but in my downloads there are extra files waiting to instal does anyone know what they are and do i need them

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    Havoc elite are a mature gaming clan with two sponsors, CinchGaming and NoScope, we are currently looking for xbox one players to help fill the roster, we are max clan level and diamond division, we only recruit top players who will play full clan wars and follow orders.



    1.40+ K/D ratio

    1+ win ratio

    ages 17+

    A working mic

    Able to sign up and join clan chats and websites.


    Anyone interested please comment or message me personally.

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  • 06/07/14--10:46: Tranzit EE PS3
  • Need help to do the Tranzit EE on PS3. I have all DLC maps on Black Ops 1 + 2 so if you help me with this then i can help with other EE's. Only EE's i have completed so far are MOTD and Buried. Send an add saying you came from me, want to do this soon tbh. Add Jamiesti on PSN.

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  • 06/07/14--10:47: Re: extra files
  • When i downloaded my season pass and maps i ended up with the same duplicate files just marked waiting to install, but the maps DLC guns and everything works fine so the extra files were not needed by the game.

    As long as you can access the maps and guns in game i would'nt worry about them

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    Is search and rescue the only game mode you excel in?

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  • 06/07/14--10:48: Re: Hello
  • After you downloaded the files did you restart your system

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  • 06/07/14--10:50: Re: Hello
  • Yes
    i tryed it like 3 times and didn´t work
    i caint upload a foto of the error

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    no, i actually have a higher overall KD in team death match @ 1.54.  It is the only game mode I really enjoy playing.

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    ghamorra ... there's more than one redheaded step child in the forums.

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  • 06/07/14--10:53: Re: Hackers are taking over.
  • I don't get why you are complaining, you said you stayed to gain XP so you were taking advantage of his hacks and then you come to the forums to cry about it. Also, why didn't you just leave when you noticed he was hacking? Typical cod cry baby.

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  • 06/07/14--10:55: Re: Hackers are taking over.
  • bla bla bla bla bla bla still rambling on jeez you are a sad human being!

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    In-Game Reports / Ban Appeals / Moderator Action Disputes

      • All reports, for users who violate the Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy, are to be handled in-game. As a result, all in-game related reports are considered prohibited.
      • Online / In-Game Bans are the product of thorough investigation. As a result, all appeals or attempts to challenge the merit of a ban are considered prohibited.
      • Disputes about moderator actions should be handled via a personal message.  Forum Moderators

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    I played a match last week where I was 8-40+


    I didn't do bad because I was a bad player, I did bad because ever time I turned around there was a guy waiting on me. Each spawn I was being watched from a distance. This game's spawn logic is so wack that you can't help but fail miserably. Just today I went on a 17 and 1 run in TDM but then died 4 times less than 20 seconds because someone just happened to be where I was spawning. Once I got a safe spawn I went on to finish the game on a 9 killstreak.


    That's just how this game plays.

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  • 06/08/14--11:01: Re: clan leader issues
  • GT: HereComesKane       The commander GT is : stevenglansbery but it is now "classified"

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    that's strange i usually do the same before i realize I'm wasting the electricity lol but that sucks, i played through point of contact all day using 10 relics and had gone from prestige 16 lvl 28 to prestige 17 lvl 21 with a large amount of teeth. -__-

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    ignorance to what exactly , that people think the TTK is too fast , or the constant fanboying of certain people in this thread

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