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    Looking for players on either system no preference , looking to level up quickly and you may add whoever you want to the clan also   Clan name is GothamKillers

    PSN= PuertoRicanSloth  add me first because applications sometimes dont go through on the app!

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    Here is your free tip on life and this will apply to COD too. Activision is a for-profit organization. That means, they try to maximize their earnings so their workers and stockholders can benefit. All these things you complain about is for them to make a profit. Because plenty of people buy the stuff or they wouldn't waste thier money on developing the stuff.


    Lag isn't that big of an issue, unless you are playing someone with some slow internet.  Some games have lag and some don't. It has always been that way in all video games, not just COD.


    Frame Rate will be an issue with Ghost on Next Gen as stated by ghamorra and because the game wasn't originally designed for Next Gen. You will see the difference in the next game because it will be made for Next Gen Systems. Yet, then we will hear the same crying and moaning.


    There are other FPS games out there. There isn't a perfect game, MW2, Black Ops, MW3, COD4, etc. None of these games were perfect. Just one you like more than another for whatever reason.


    At the end of the day, you don't have to buy any DLC, micro DLC or even the game.

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    I'm thinking along the lines of something psionic.  the Kraken already had an emp burst that disabled abilities and destroyed current ones, so it can be done.  also, something like a headache attack, similar in effect when the Kraken hit its tentacles against the walls of the ship. 

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    Here... have an internet cookie.


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    I've seen you around the forums alot, it's quite obvious you prefer Treyarch Call of Duty titles, so do you just naturally hate any COD title that isn't made by treyarch like some people do or do you happen to have specific reasons? I can see you try to justify your points a bit but really your posts are mostly your opinions, so stop hating on Ghosts like the things you say are factual when they are perfectly arguable.

    You don't like Ghosts.

    Your not hopeful that Advanced Warfare will be good as you've just stated and claim to ditch it if not to your liking even though you haven't tried it.

    Let me guess...looking forward to 2015?

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    IDK about that. With the scorestreak system your scorestreak kills would pretty much help you cycle your streaks.

    To me it would have been balanced if the assault streaks would have been limited to 1 per player per match

    For example you have, Spy plane, VSAT , Dogs. You would only be able to use dogs once but still be able to cycle through the support streaks.

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    Just started a new clan on ps4, add me on ps4 - matteo_107 or join the clan called mankestoh

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    Have you tried going into the store via the PSN menu and not the game

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    where are you based and what is the overall clan kd?

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    Wow, totally cool to see some similar relics added to the game as the community feedback. I love it when some of the great things that can add to the gameplay are actually taken into account.


    With that in consideration, there have been numerous changes to Extinction since we started this little thread. How do you feel with the addition of the new relics? Are you looking forward to others? Have any ideas for more or increasingly difficult relics? Thanks for the input everyone and thanks for listening IW.

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    I just have to ask this simple question:



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    Wassup man wondering if I could join the clan. I'm looking for a good clan that help me elevate my gameplay to whole new level, also helping me get more experience in diff game modes. My k/d is 1.86 I'm a good communicator n I play pretty much every day. My psn Stupid_Perks if your interested in having me.

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    Yep. But I noticed that the Onslaught map pack isn't in the PS Store anymore on its own. Just included in Ghosts Gold Edition

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    Excuse the twitteresque  formatting I was going to use twitlonger and cba to rewrite this


    I'm just gonna say what I know a lot of my peers in the CoD community are thinking , CoD is going to go up against a behemoth Halo offering this year. Given the scant mp comments given so far about #CoDAW they are all esports focused. While I am many others want to see #CoDeSports grow, there is a flipside here - if you're going to draw up battle plans based on hyping the eSports aspect of #CodAW . You lose the interest and support of the regular community. Yes the SP level VS looked impressive but ultimately the majority of us buy CoD for the mp. Ultimately and with the utmost of respect here, marketing needs to make sure there isn't blinkers applied in that respect , as everytime I see  retweet from a #CoDeSports player I worry how the wider community will perceive that.

    I mean this with the utmost of respect to all devs at @shgames, but #CoDAW is going to be a hard sell for a lot of us in the community due to it's overtly sci fi element.  I will be honest I am still viewing it with a lot of trepidation as a "CoD" game. I hope you quell my doubts. But so far as much as it pains me to say this currently I am looking at AW as a good looking game made by devs with an outstanding reputation and pedigree who will deliver what i am sure is a killer game... But has just had the CoD name tacked on to it.



    The ethos of Call of Duty was based on players experiencing what it was like in actual wars, somewhere along the lines this changed to story driven single player games that each year expanded the universe and drove it further into the future. Pew pew laser beams and hulking great mechs is a leap many of us feel is too far if its carried fully over into the mp.Leave it in the SP game.  Having seen the new pre order bonuses just announced has me worried.




    Sorry but someone had to say it.

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    psn: mbj901

    I am on daily, i have ios app, mic, and i am leveling up fast

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    IQoNlinE_LuNz wrote:


    C_CHRIS11 wrote:


    IQonliNe_XO wrote:


    Any gamers around the age 30-40? Would be nice to balance it out a little bit.
    However, if you above 21 and feel like you could fit in then go for it!


    I fulfill above age range.

    I am mature, have an excellent set of headphones with mic, I play everyday and can take order with no problem.

    I own PS3 and PS4 but only play on PS4.

    The only thing is I am not too keen on your probation time.

    If you want me to join your clan send me an invite on PSN

    My gamer tag is Chris11Chris11

    You can also check my stats. Not a great player but I can hold my own especially when I play with other players in cooperation.

    I play TTM, Dom and KC all in Core.

    Hi there C_CHRIS11, thanks for your interest in our clan.  Tbh, we are much more interested in someone being a good fit to the clan then their skill as a player. So, no worries about your skill level. As far as the probation goes; we are trying to build something of value with good meaning and so we are pretty particular about the ppl we accept. When we do accept a new members application we do so with the idea that this individual may possibly be a good fit for Av3s. It takes time to get to know ppl and we have found that in most cases playing together on a regular basis for 2 weeks gives both parties a good idea as to whether it will be a good fit or not. This is what we consider to be the "probation" . It also gives us an exact amount of time to see if the person follows thru with the introduction process. Many times we know immediately if the individual is a fit or not and "probation" is nothing more then a formality. I hope that this helps resolve any problem you might have with the idea of it. We would be happy to have you fill out an application; just stop by our website.


    Looking forward to hearing from you




    I will give it a try.

    I have made an application on your website. So if you accept me we will both be on probation for a couple of weeks.

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    after black ops 2, the competitive community has almost doubled

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    We are looking for new players that will play and not just get in for clan wars then leave...There are no special requirements except for you to have a mic and the cod app for chat...we need players that can play all game modes for clan wars...I'm also looking for some cool ppl to help me run the clan be my second in command...If you would like to play with cool ppl and have fun you should apply either by replying on here or messaging me on xbox live, my gamertag is daddysniper121 or go on the app and search TGS_Nation and apply I'm always checking so I'll approve you

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