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  • 06/06/14--10:38: Re: NEW MAPS!!!
  • To be honest, I liked the last map pack much better, but that's because the maps fit my playstyle better.


    Mutiny has a really cool look to it.  Pharaoh looks cool.  Departed is a little campy.  Favela is a lot campy.  None of the maps play all that great though.  So many blind spots it makes it very hard to watch your back.  If you don't run with a team you're pretty much screwed.  No lone wolfing it here.

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    ghamorra wrote:


    Playing in a party, especially one that's good, really changes the tempo of the match and there's communication between players. That person camping a bush won't last long enough to get on any sort of killstreak. I mix it up between solo and party. Those players are always there but the level of effectiveness is different. When playing solo it's harder to keep bush campers with thermals from racking up kills.



    Playing solo in Ghost equates to one of the most frustrating experiences you can have playing Multiplayer <  this has changed I will agree, this game is simply far too competitive for the casual, solo player. Far to competitive.

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    i am doing it but it doesnt work....

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    FavoriteApe3680 wrote:


    Lag comp is killing you. Slow it down by streaming video or DL a large file. That made the biggest difference for me. Did all that open port and connection stuff and it didn't help me at all.

    This is not the solution. Everyone getting better internet is the solution.

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    I don't have a problem with the canon balls finding you anywhere on the map, because let's be honest, a piece of wood is not going to stop a cannon ball.  What I have problems with are the invisible walls.

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    They don't give details, you normally just get told it was for a violation on the online CoC.

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    seafaringheart7 wrote:


    I have a 2.82 KD and I mostly care about my KD because I like to have a higher KD but If I go negative, I leave the game. If I am on a KEM streak then, I can't play the objective but less I play the objective and I have a 0.73 win/loss just because sometimes I rage quit against tryhards.

    You're trash.  You have no problem staying in games where you're destroying the enemy team, but when the tables are turned you tuck tail and leave?  That's the definition of garbage.

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    Not shocking. This guy/girl is probably for real. Lots of lesser skilled players play objective like its TDM just to boost their kdr. Those players often cannot hang in a real TDM and have to rely on distracted objective driven players to net easy kills. Usually if I see a player who has a higher overall kdr compared to their TDM kdr, they probably aren't that good.

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    Just like the the Infinite Wisdom percentage tracking thread.


    Correct answer will be given to the first person to complete it when they no-longer need it

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    I'll start with...

























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    You can't. It is likely you violated the code of conduct in some manner. Players are thoroughly investigated and once bans are placed, they are final.

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    There's a difference between camping and the strategic defending of a fixed position.  Campers typically sit in a corner and don't move the entire game, regardless if they are getting kills.  Strategic defending of a fixed position is sticking and moving, stick and move, you move from location to location, holding each position down as you tactically move about the map.  Nothing wrong with the later, but hardcore campers really bother me.

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    A big fat ZERO.

    This going to take forever...

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    Drew, shirley you see the humour, kind of made my day reading that.

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  • 06/07/14--10:28: Re: no me salen estadisticas
  • a mi también me paso lo mismo, prendí la consola y me apareció que soy nivel 1 siendo que yo era prestigio 10. ¿que hago?

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    FalconR6 wrote:


    No. Unnaturally for a weekend night I have not had a single drink.

    How many DOUBLES then?????

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    Mine is in the freezer for later. ,, it's just past noon here

    here is a good set of lyrics that can be fitting for many topics lol

    Suicidal Tendencies      "You can't bring me down".  Yep going old school

    ill keep mine edited so that it won't get deleted but here are some from what I can remember


    Just because you don't understand what's going on

    don't mean it don't make no sense

    and just because you don't like it

    don't mean it aint no good

    and let me tell you something

    before you go take a walk in my world

    youde better take a look at the real world,

    cause this ain't no Mr Rogers Neighborhood .

    can you say "feel like shi#"

    yeah maybe sometimes I do feel like shi#

    I ain't happy about it but IDE rather feel like shi# than be full of shi#

    and if I offended you

    oh I'm sorry but maybe you needed to be offended

    well here's my apology and one more thing

    F#*k you

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