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    Hey guys, I am just looking to make a new clan that is not all about winning but also having fun.

    my gamertag is zmr94


    I mostly play S&R (ranked top 300 in it) but will also play any other game mode.


    I am tired of being in clan with 60+ members and only playing with the same 6 people because they are the only active ones.


    I have no problem with having 60+ members as long as they are all active.  If you are interested message me on xbox live @ zmr94 or just reply to this.



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    thank you LVLikeG

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    trialstardragon wrote:



    Toward the rest, why are you complaining about it if is wasted attachment. You should be happy they are wasting one giving you an advantage. The fact that you had to point out it does not add damage, and only is effective against vehicles as you claimed means you probably used the items it was effective against and don't like the players that used it killing your things easier. Otherwise you would not care if the other players used it or not.


    The fact you ranted about it means it was doing something you don't like, not just how players where using it. For a smart player would not complain about if the entire enemy team was using it, for it meant they wasted a possible perk for that attachment giving the smart player the advantage if that player did not use the items the ap round was designed to counter.




    you must not understand  my post... please quit saying **** like mentioned up above......because I was so complaining about players using it against me(sarcasm).....last time, it was about players using it thinking it does more damage to players directly

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    ok thank

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    Again why should it matter to you, you should be happy they are making that mistake then. If they are foolish enough to make that mistake then let them until they learn otherwise. Not really needed for you or anyone to teach them differently.

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    We are looking for players who are ACTIVE during clan wars. We want players who will play at least 9 hours during clan wars which is 1 1/2 hours per day. We also would like to have members with at least a 1.0 k/d. we will take a little lower than 1.0 if they are really active.

    Our Clan is TaU Tactical Assault Unit and we are in the platinum division and we are a level 20. So if you would like to join our clan msg me my PSN is viking_tau_14

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    If they sold entire map anthologies from a previous game for say five dollars, and you would get every map from said past game, I'd gladly pay. Paying five dollars for every map from CoD4?










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    je joue sur xbox360 à priori on ne peut donc pas encore jouer en ligne dessus c'est bizarre car la dlc3 est dispo àl'achat

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  • 06/01/14--15:59: Re: Random thoughts thread
  • Classic. I forgot all about that.

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    Team CommUNITY is a friendly clan that is looking to build up our roster.

    The clan is currently ran by "Gabe Montel" the Founder.

    We are currently recruiting players, so that we may be able to level our clan as a team,but are just looking to pickup a few for now so that we may get ready for Clan Wars.

    Clan Information:

    Clan Name: Team CommUnity

    Platform: Xbox One (Maybe PS4)



    • Play as a team
    • Participate in clan wars
    • Be respectful to others
    • Have fun

    Requirements to join:

    • Must be at least 15 years of age.
    • No K/D or W/L Requirements, just be willing to improve.
    • Must have a Mic

    Add and Message the gamertag, Gabe Montel on Xbox One if interested in joining the clan

    If this sounds like a clan you want to join apply.


    Looking forward to seeing you online.

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    My friend wants to join also his name will be Supraa_Beast

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  • 06/01/14--16:03: Re: Who is Ego?
  • Leggo my Ego.

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    Not planned, but a reflection of culture. If you consider broad concepts in movies (which are generally transcribed literature into motion picture), you'll see even more interesting trends.


    I'll give an example. If you look at the top 10 movies of 2002, included in the mix are City of God, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Pianist, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. All of these have a common trope: individuals having to deal with foreign masses. Yes, I include City of God, even though it is set within a single neighborhood. But consider what the protagonist is dealing with: a refutation of the status quo of drug violence. What the audience comes to feel is that he is the norm and the drug lords or wanna-be drug lords are the invading foreigners. In all of the above listed movies, the invading mass is dehumanized. So how does the trope of the evil alien mass reflect the American culture of 2002?


    There was a fear of invading Muslims bent on literal destruction of all Americans.


    The trope we are seeing in movies in games of humans capable of leaping high into the air is a metaphor. It is not literal. It is a subconscious concern that human beings are about to be capable of short flight that enables that human to come down and attack specific people or groups. Those groups, of course, will likely be portrayed as the antagonists (even if they are the ones that start with the technology with the idea being that the antagonist had the technology and the protagonist stole it and now uses it against the antagonists).


    The flying exoskeletons are a metaphor for the drones that appear to be on the cusp of saturating American society and culture. That's why Thor could fly in his movie, too.

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    We will make our profiles on Friday 6/6/14

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  • 06/01/14--16:05: Article 10
  • Hello,


    The previous agent you spoke with has provided our extent of support for your issue. We understand it may be frustrating, but the corruption cause your account backups to become irreparable and unrecoverable.




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  • 06/01/14--15:57: Re: your own zombie perk
  • Name: zombie RunnerNog

    Does: allows you to run over zombies whilst sprinting

    Jingle: mow those Mother F***ing zombies down, and grab some zombie runner!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

    Special: doubles the damage of the Zeus Cannon

    Extra: all zombies that explode, now don't, if you run them over.

    Super extra: the flame from a m2 flamethrower now Is blue and MORE powerful. even when pack-a-punched.

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    Looking for new members to join our clan for some fun and exciting action. 


    • 16 +
    • Male or Female
    • Newbies accepted
    • No KD minimum requirements needed 
    • Must work as a team at all times
    • CLAN Tag MINT must be used in all game modes
    • Players can run solo/join matches or do clan ops
    • Mics or no mics accepted


    Our goal is to build up a small to medium clan at first then extend to a huge clan.  So, we can splinter into squads and take on clan wars and become a well rounded, respected and experienced clan.  Also,  we believe in helping others with improving load-outs, tactics and roles.  We have 2 members and are level 7 ATM.  And mostly we believe in friendship too.  Both founders have started on WAW, MW3, Blops and Blops 2.  We will be moving to Cod AW too.


    GT:  (Leader)  DexstarGP  -  Rush/Objective

    GT:  (Co-Leader)  BubberlyGhost  -  Slayer/Flanker


    If interested search Midnight Terrors, our tag is MINT or alternately search our Gamer tags and PM or just hit apply.  One of us will be online as we are very active.


    see you in game.

    Peace out.

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  • 06/01/14--16:13: Re: Random thoughts thread

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    When did you try to opt in? The opt in deadline for this was was 5-24-2014 at the time of the roster lock for the bronze through platinum ,,, if you tried to opt in after that it will be for the next clan war not this one. You are more than likely in the Tokyo war right now if you open it up and see the nodes then you have your answer.

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    Its called a rule & you didnt follow the rule? lol. Your fault.

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