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  • 06/01/14--16:15: Re: Who is Ego?
  • He is a colossal failure..

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    Harney05 wrote:


    LMAO you're claiming that non-official leak of information illegally stolen from the game files is accurate and verified? I'm done, to be fair the bars on the actual game aren't even close to accurate, believe everything you see on the internet, developers will soon stop listening to the MLG community and instead inexperienced pubs who barely understand how weapons should be balanced.

    It's completely legal to take a look at game files if you own them. Symthic's weapon stats are verified and accurate. If you deny that accuracy, you're getting desperate.


    MLG Players are laughable. They whine until developers nerf what they want *cough*BIZON*cough*. If MLG players are truly frustrated, then they should have something banned from competitive, not nerfed for all players. Hopefully, developers quit listening to MLG, and give the pubs players a chance (not the whiners, though).

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    if on PS3 sign me up Norjaguar

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    Banned for caring about his fingers.

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    Whatever map they choose to do, I wish they'd leave it original for once. Lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. I would rather feel some throwback.

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  • 06/03/14--09:11: Re: Worst Matchmaking Ever
  • I have never seen matchmaking this bad in any game. It seems in the past month it has been even worse. I can guess who is going to win the game 9 out of 10 times before the game starts. #Pathetic

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    Of course. Dating back to N64. The original N64 title "only" sold 2M copies. And it's unlikely anyone (besides me) owned a GameCube without a copy of Melee (something like 8M copies sold?). I continued to ignore the title on Wii. My only interest in it for Wii U is in the hope it will sell consoles and bring 3P devs back to Wii U...

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    1. it lets me know if im the only one lagging

    2. If people in my house may be downloading.

    3. helps me figure out if the game put me in a local game or not.

    4. this also helps to show if someone is a good host or not.


    when i play any online game even on my pc, i make sure my ping is at its normal speed.


    cod ghosts, u suck.

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    Theese perks used together are useful in hardcore (HC) modes where every split second counts. Most of my setups for HC add dead silence, amplify, and steady aim.

    For Core modes, I still use ready up, but dont use quickdraw on SMGs or ARs. This is mainly due to it being just about mandatory to use Focus in core modes.

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    Rav4ge Gaming


    1.69 Clan K/D, 73% W/L

    9 members

    Recruiting for PS4


    Apply today if you:

    Are atleast 18 yrs old+

    Have a good working mic


    Participate in diamond clan wars from 7pm-11pm Eastern

    K/D of 1.2+


    Communicate well enough to do callouts effectively


    I have been a leader in 3 clans, this being my third, so I am very knowledgeable to how clan wars work, and even moreso, what it takes to build a successful clan!

    I am interested in having team players, not someone to push spawns and be a slayer.  There is a recruitment process, that is fairly easy.  I will not accept anyone not team oriented, wants kills over wins, or simply isn't enjoyable to play with.  We are looking for solid players, that are loyal to the clan. 


    Send in an invite to RAV4GE GAMING


    Message DESTROYz_1984 if you have any questions

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    As a season pass holder I can honestly say that I will rethink pre-paying for DLC's that I don't have any information about in the future.  I'm not happy that I keep paying for remade maps.   The reason for pre-paying is to allow them to get an idea of money rolling in, but every time I've done that I've always paid for a map that already existed and its frustrating.  I'd like to see something that is being remade discounted, and I don't get that when I pre-pay.

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  • 06/03/14--09:16: Looking for clan
  • I Am looking a a decent clan add Big_Budda_1

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    I would like to join I have a 1.9 kdr my gt- XFG DEMONiC PiN I play about 8 hours a day and am 19.

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  • 06/03/14--09:15: Re: Ark Achievement?
  • It's a weapon attachment you find lying on the ground, and that is transferable between certain types of guns. The achievement is for using the attachment on all of the weapons it can be put on. Once you have it, you can pick up another gun type and it will transfer over. ****(maybe I should get a confirm on this as I took the Transfer upgrade. Anyone know if it auto transfers if you don't have the upgrade?)***



    Like A Glove:  Kill 5 cryptids with the Ark attached to every compatible weapon in Awakening in Regular\Hardcore.

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    A personalisation pack causes lag.


    Please read that back to yourself out loud and hear how dumb that sounds.


    Probable more of an account issue, I still have the pack on 360 and X1.

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    Yes bro. I'm the same guy that talked to you on you thread. It's PS3 and we're still recruiting.

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  • 06/03/14--09:20: Re: Looking for clan
  • what system are you on? we are looking for active ps3 clan members to join our MHc (M!le High Club) looking for players with above a 1.00 KD and have a mic if interested send me a message at Huggybearbomber3

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    Both of these weapons got added to the game with the recent patch. I just was wondering what players first impressions of them were?

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  • 06/03/14--09:21: Re: Ark Achievement?
  • Is the Ark like an ACOG (Sight) or a special Camo, or Ammo modification?

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