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    they cant even do some good update for this game

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  • 05/17/14--15:50: Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!
  • People cried because they couldn't adapt. Even after it was nerfed, people still cried because they still couldn't adapt, so it was nerfed again. IEDs were fine after the first nerf, but now they are incredibly weak since brainless rushers don't feel like adapting.

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  • 05/17/14--15:50: PS3 KILLA_CALIFRONIA (5150)

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    FaclonPower98 wrote:


    I see you took a page out of EJK Hunter's book, where you say a line of "I am not going to post anymore because his posts are this, his posts are that" And then? Just continues on and and on and on.


    Also it did not take me an hour to find that video of the call of duty ghosts speed test. It was on the first page of what I typed into youtube.

    People are allowed to change their mind you know. I read that in a manual somewhere.


    Besides the project I am working on took a lot longer to finish. I found out I am only halfway thru . I have to multitask someway or I get bored. I can easily do two things at once but get bored easily. I usually do three things at once instead of two. Well at least my typing skills are back.


    Even though I post that I am done arguing the semantics of these repetitive topics you still keep arguing your same points over and over. On the top of this page you actually wanted to end one portion of the discussion even though you argued for twenty pages about how it was a fact when you just admitted it wasnt. I am actually surprised how you go on and on ignoring the points other people bring to you and then want to end it.


    I agree that these points need to end still but you just keep wanting to go on and on about the same thing, especially something that isnt even the original part of the discussion. Yet you keep arguing that your points (PS4 vs ONE) ARE about the original discussion when they obviously arent.


    "i recently scanned Xbox one forums to see if I would detect numerous of complaints pertaining to Lag, host, or network issues. My findings is zero results as I didn't go into depth through search. i will be getting the Xbox one this week. Do you any of you know if the same problems persist as some gamers experience Ghost on the 360. my experience with ghost is terrible as for lag/network issues. I can't seem to fix the issues I suffer as I tried everything. Before I dish out money to Ghost for the Xbox one, I wanted to know if it plays better, has less network issues or experiencing technical difficulties elsewhere.  The only issue I have with cod ghost for the 360 is the network issues I'm experiencing. For example, when I forwarded my ports and set the Xbox and priority on my Linksys router; I suffer worse network issues. •_•. once again, I will reiterate the reason for my post as a question, is attaining cod ghost for Xbox One worth the purchasing from what you heard or experience if you had?  Do you think it will play better as I could not find a forum labeling the issues some of us 360 players experience. Sorry if you cannot understand as the iPhone acts crazy for some reason to this site."


    No where in that post mentions other consoles than the ONE and the 360. We try to get you to shut up about it but you wont. THEN you bring in more posts to "expand our vision" when things like the numbers on Amazon USA disprove your points that dont even matter in this discussion.


    As I said before you want to make a thread anti PS4 or compare the two then make your own thread, dont hijack someone elses thread to gain attention for yourself.

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  • 05/17/14--15:52: Re: Clan Wars starting early
  • I Just checked beachhead twitter and I didn't see anything about it starting early for the est which starts in about 7 minutes from now.

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    Yo, Úneme Porfavor

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  • 05/18/14--15:49: Re: fix online lag issues
  • why do you suffer, because in general no one is entitled to better game just because of what isp or isp package they have or use. so lag comp is set for a general player base setting and not just optimized for those who want to pay more for their internet and never will be. And those that understand this will abuse it and there is nothing the devs can really do to prevent it ever. For they don't control the minimum for what is allowed to play the game online ms does. If they tried to place hasher requirements people could complain and ms would make them remove it or they would remove support of the game from xbl saying it was not fair to the average player for that is the player that ms cares about the most since they buy the most games each year.

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  • 05/18/14--15:51: Hackers are taking over.
  • Wallhackers/Aimbotters are everywhere now. I don't know what's changed, but it's incredibly frequent now.


    Please do something about it already, this is really absurd. It seems like zero resources are being poured into controlling this problem on PC.

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    yea you right ,,, someone from activation support  say it's was corrupted data and like ohh sorry we can't restore your data and stats

    wtf!! i spend all my time on ghosts just to level up then get max prestige and now everything gone coz corrupted data from activation server  that's really F***ing awful

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    Here's whats funny about this topic.


    I own both Battlefield 4 and CoD Ghost. I am a member of both message forums, and I can tell you that while the CoD forums have a little more complaining and whining, the BF forums have a lot of topics that talk about how broken the game is and how people have sold their copy of BF4 and are done with the franchise. Two different games, two different communities, both saying almost the same thing.


    In fact, if you had gone on the BF forums and said the same exact thing you just posted here, you would have a large number of people disagree with you and ask you just what game have you been playing the last few months. Most of its issues just recently got fixed and there is still a lot of issues that need addressing.


    Both good games, but both far from perfect with almost equal complaints and hate in their own communities.

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  • 05/18/14--15:54: Now recruiting ( ps4 )
  • Recruiting average and active players to join and help rebuild my clan. Anyone interest can message via psn @ kwezt

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    I contacted customer support.  It turns out that when the map packs are first released they are not including them into the "standard rotation" and they are played as their own playlists.  In time, they include the maps into the standard rotation.  As of now the Onslaught maps have been added to the standard rotation but they were not when originally released.  They couldn't tell me when the new maps would be added into the rotation and that it was a random kinda thing.  I wish we were made known of this because I wouldn't buy the map packs until the maps are in the rotation!  Ridiculous that they don't let people know this.

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    No Black Ops 2 yet?

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  • 05/18/14--15:59: TFG Clan
  • This clan is has a minimum requirments off!

    K.D.R - 1.0

    Age limit lowest - 12+

    Any country but must speak english.

    Main gamemodes - S&R, S&D, TDM, BLITZ, CRANKED


    The clan level is increasing! Message Rapiidz TF or Rapiidz L2P (Past 20th/5/14 for The messages on Rapiidz L2P - Instant on Rapiidz TF) for an invite

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    I've never understood the knifing grief. I say that because I assume that I'm playing the EXACT SAME GAME as everyone else, and yet I don't have a problem with the knifing in general. Might seem a bit extreme in response, but I honestly think that there's a a lot of players that would enjoy a game mode where only the enemy can actually die.  

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    also not happy that my clan missed out on taking over the Domination by 3 wins... Just so happens the number of matches I missed waiting for this silly 2.3gb update. Which I already had!!!

    If we took domination over we would of won the diamond division ..... thanks a lot!

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    I can do the latest 1 a.m.

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  • 05/18/14--16:06: Re: fix online lag issues
  • the average speed is 13 mb so its only a minoroty. And its more the fact that players who play whilst streaming or downloading thats gets my goat blataint dis regard for other players. I suffer because i usually find a few players every other game that have a good second over me whether its because of bad internet or the other reasons i said. I suspect 80 percent of the players are probably kids playing upstairs away from router whilst mummy or daddy or using the broadband..

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