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    There are a few videos on the internet in which the person implemented a 250ms delay. The game ran better for him as well, I believe it's simply having lag compensation work in your favor.


    If they could create a P2P system that was fair and balanced, most people wouldn't be looking into doing what you've done.


    theraven. wrote:


    The game runs great no insta dead shot around corners



    The game runs great for you, now your opponents are likely being insta killed around corners.

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    banned for not being as sadistic as me....


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    looks like we got a wanna be FaZe.

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    The next Clan War, New York, is starting on May 14, so sign up now to get in on that. We've gotten a few people, but we need more to be sure we take down the competition.

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    My kd is 1.67 - 1.69 .


    psn name: Michal_1997


    if your still looking for some one jus add me more info about me here:

    I'm Looking for a Clan or some good players

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    Add YouTube_xGod420_ To Join

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  • 05/12/14--11:04: Re: Why is mayday so easy?
  • Thanks, but I'm on PS3. But your class Ideas sound good.

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    Mischievouss is a level 19 clan that currently has only 1 member and that is me the founder. I will accept anyone that is willing to play as a team and wants to compete. Apply on the cod app or just message me SstrangeCloudz and I will send you an invite.

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  • 05/12/14--11:07: Re: Change is in the Air
  • Game isn't even out yet and people are already saying "lrn2adapt"...

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    I'm just curious, but if they are the "pros", why don't they ban all guns that are top tier guns and use only the crap weapons. I think this would put emphasis on their supposed "skill." I just don't classify "skill" with taking whatever gun is a laser beam and running around with it. I have watched a decent amount of MLG games and I have to say they never have to deal with guns with recoil or just difficult to use. Honestly, that's part of the reason that the CoD eSport division really doesn't garner much respect as anyone can shoot with the guns they use unless you are just thumbless. Slap a scuff in my hand, spawn chart, and whatever easy mode laser gun they are using and I could be no. 1 in the world overnight (as could anyone else).

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  • 05/12/14--11:11: Re: win your ppl back...
  • I can handle the whiny threads, as that's their opinion. I'm just tired of all the **** posting. I don't see why some people even bother responding.

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    I Applied on app hopefully u accept me

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  • 05/12/14--11:15: Re: PATCH'N'PRIDE
  • Haha awesome...I've seen a couple of game-ending killcams where someone ground jams a camper's minefield of IEDs and other assorted explosives while he's sat next to them


    I got this patch ages ago but I'm not sure how; all I know is that I have it lol. Never had a ground jammer in my setup so it definitely wasn't because of that.


    Other than that I just roll 'Messing With Sasquatch' and 'Don't Cross The Streams' just because they're "classified". The one you get for headshotting two enemies with one bullet is pretty cool too, as collaterals are always great for a sniper (ex-sniper in my case, thanks nerf); I use that one on MW3 but stick to the classified ones on Ghosts.

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    I Can answer your question: A guy that's not welcome to join in the first place.

    Now if you wouldn't mind putting your troll post somewhere else that'd be great.

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    FaclonPower98 wrote:


    COD Ghosts is the best selling next gen game. Not out of FPS games, the WHOLE NEXT GEN LIBRARY OF GAMES.

    Not blacklight retribution lol.

    You won the price for the biggest idiot on this forum. I haven't seen any person on this board that is so dumb and stupid like you. You have really reading and comprehension problems and I mean it seriously. I never mentioned or said the word selling when I mentioned Blacklight Retribution. Show me the proof! You're doing this the whole time. You get cornerd and you come up with something stupid that is not real or wrong.

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  • 05/12/14--11:24: Re: An interesting KD fact.
  • gramthenOOb wrote:


    If I were to ask you what the average KD was across all players of COD, what would your response be?  Take a second and guess.


    Did you say 1.00 by any chance?  You would, in fact, be incorrect.


    In COD, for every kill, there is a corresponding death accompanying it (obviously).  However, the inverse is not true; For every death, there is not a corresponding kill!  Think about it, have you ever accidentally blown yourself up or fallen to your death?  You had a death credited to you, but nobody got a kill credited to them!


    The average core player will kill themselves once in every 100 kills, and the average hardcore player will kill themselves four times in every 100 kills (due to HC mechanics) (data taken across 4 clan wars by about 80 willing friend and random participants).


    Factoring in the fact that the hardcore population is smaller than that of the core population, we see that the average KD for COD players is actually closer to 0.98!


    What does this mean for you?  Well, it means that players who go even are actually playing an above average game.  If you go 18-18 in a TDM game, you played above average!

    So if you ever feel down about your match because you went even, remember, you played an above average game!

    That is some fuzzy math. I would say the average K/D is lower than that. I don't want to get into math.


    For every Positive player there needs to be not 1 but many negative players to feed his K/D.

    So if your K/D is 1.50, you need about 4-5 0.55's. So the higher the K/D, the more players are needed to feed that average.


    So, if you're an even player, that's what you are. You're not playing below or above, you are just even. 

    That means that when you get into a lobby of your peers, you will always perform at your level, when you play less talented players, you will dominate them and vice versa.


    I used to play w a full party, but in Ghosts 99% I play solo and when you play solo you see more of this.


    These are the typical lobbies I get into when I play in long sessions. Either I go against full parties or average lobbies. So what usually happens depending on how good the full party is, I play my numbers, which means I go even, hit my numbers or sometimes even go negative. If I play in an average lobbies I do well.


    DocChoi wrote:


    Interesting post. Only game modes where k/d sort of matters is TDM and FFA. I find k/d is not a valid measurement of skill in objective modes. It's very easy to kill whore in domination and blitz when players ignore capturing flags. Like when a player goes 30-5 in domination with zero captures and ends up losing. Sure, the guy finished with a 6 k/d. You put the same player in a TDM lobby, and watch them get destroyed.


    I see a good number of players in TDM have a lower k/d in that mode than their overall k/d. Usually means when they lose in TDM, they head straight to domination to raise their k/d again.


    The funniest is when they lose, they go on the mic and say "screw this, let's go play DOM to boost the k/d (or get KEMs etc.)"

    K/D matters in all modes. You can't judge individual performances & outcomes as one, especially in Objective modes. Doesn't change the fact he's good, he's just a bad teammate. I rather play w positive players that don't contribute objectively than negative players that do contribute. Why? There are a lot of reasons why. When you play w bad players you or they end up with either a lot of caps or tags, because once they cap or collect, they die. Especially in DOM. They cap, die, flag is lost. Rinse & Repeat.

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  • 05/12/14--11:25: Re: Change is in the Air
  • This post really motivated me! I hope my next car has the steering wheel in the trunk because change is good. It will be fun adapting to the new steering wheel location. I hope the next house I buy has a no entrance doors, just a ladder leading to a port hole in the roof with a chute that takes you down to the main floor because change is good. We all just need to adapt. ALL change is good even if it makes your life 1000% more difficult, it's good.

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