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    If they remove HC most HC players wont switch to core they just wont play so it would be pointless !!

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    The ballistic vests are fine the way they are.  Maybe some of you are only on one side of it.  As someone who has gone up against it many times, I can assure you that it takes at least twice the amount of bullets to kill someone in a vest.  It is very difficult to win a gunfight against a decent player with one on.

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    Whats funny is that he doesnt have proof that it DOES or doesnt start up when the drive completely fails. But since he cant imagine how it could happen then of course it doesnt exist.


    When the Kinect fails to turn on at all (which it has been 33 percent of the total failures according to that site BTW) the Xbox ONE cant start up either. The connect doesnt start then the system wont start.


    Its like when the older cars used to have a solenoid fail the car would not start, but when you have computer parts that connect to the starter in the cars like you do now that adds MORE reasons why the car wont start.


    Technically YES everything we link is actually hearsay. As an honest person I must state that. It IS evidence though. Its evidence leading up to a case. A friend telling you something isnt even evidence.


    It would help his cause if he actually posted evidence to back up his claim but all he has brought up was a picture that does not relate to the issue I am discussing.

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  • 05/10/14--11:09: Re: Clan Wars; Node Opinion
  • Always hide them Clan Tags, especially if they are Gold or higher. Very good suggestion.

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    congrats too to our 3 new members lozbarkerdrums WHO GOT A KEM ON HIS SECOND GAME WITH US! KINGOFWAR 98 who got a kd of 17 to 6 using his sniper rifle! and  TheKarmaLama the first applicant to ReSq

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  • 05/11/14--10:53: Re: I need a clan [PS3]
  • I simply ask you to come to submission with my clan.


    Animus Ignite HD

    I thrive to make my clan fun and full of opportunities.

    feel free to ask any queries.

    Thanks for reading


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    yo me uno si quieres

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  • 05/11/14--10:54: Re: Can anyone help me out
  • Thanks for the tag FalconR6!


    Hey Jesd9825,


    We have created a case for you where we can further assist you. Please log into the Activision Support site and reply to your open case when you get the chance.



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    Hey everyone we are looking for members to join chaos hunter, we are a new ps3 clan that is active and growing there are no requirements to join our clan, just look for us on the ghoust app or message myself at Drkninja666 , our leader sir_capachino , or a co-leader fshrmn11, cooldude5643, or ice-ice-breaker through psn to join. No mic needed, no k/d or w/l requirements, no level requirement. Come join us and take the cod world by storm. Like our motto says "Fight to WIN, Not survive" ! see you ask in game.

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    i did not get an application but i sent you an invite!

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    I simply ask you to come to submission with my clan.

    Animus Ignite HD

    I thrive to make my clan fun and full of opportunities.

    feel free to ask any queries.

    Thanks for reading


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    slt j arrive pas a inviter il me dise que tu doit inscrire a call of dutty  sinon fait regoindre mon clan

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  • 05/11/14--11:03: Re: I need a clan [PS3]
  • Why only use your mic sometimes?


    Whats your W/L as well, we mainly play search and domination, level 24 and in platinum! Few members around 10 so always a good friendly group!


    Add if interested, 16+ though

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    Don't Give a Shot is recruiting now!


    We won our Bronze clan war by 400 points and our Silver one by 350 points! We won our first Goldwar by 600 points and in our first Platinum division clan we won by around 200 points. In our most recent clan war we won by just 20 points but managed to accumulate 1038cp which most people will agree is a hell of a lot.

    Currently we have 11 members we want enough for 3 active squads, so our ideal number is 15! We are around one clan wars wins away from getting a red clan tag also so come help us achieve that! Please no clan hoppers.


    Main requirements:

    - Experience - must be willing to play a variety of game modes, especially during clan wars

    - Mic (essential) - you must speak on mic and not be a mute

    - Social - we are quite a loud group at times so someone who can get on our level with conversation would be awesome

    - Active - consistent play time pretty much every day ESSENTIAL during clan wars

    - Mature - youngest member is 17 so still looking for 16+



    Not too fussed about KD as long as its over 1.00, you know the maps well and you meet the requirements above.



    Want to apply? Leave a message here or add me on PSN - iRedemption__x (double underscore)

    Also you can tweet us @DGSCOD

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  • 05/11/14--10:53: need players for zombies
  • my friend and i have been trying to get last three achievements on tranzit, but no luck so far with random players...so we're looking for two players that speak english and have a working headset willing to help us out.Anyone whos willing to help please message me so i can send invite.

    gt Vampy Molotov

    thanks in advance

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    We are an xbox 360 based clan est. January 2014 and recently we re-established this clan for the better overall.

    In return, we want to build a fun and active clan that will work as a team during game play and clan wars to win while respecting each other is a must! Can't win if you don't work as a Team. We also wanted a clan where members don't feel trapped. We want our members to feel comfortable and free in this clan and be chill and kill!

    We Have a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding ANY cheating. Cheating aint all that when your xbox IP is banned when caught now is it, LOL. We will still be playing and respecting True Sportsmanship!

    Stats are not the most important thing in this clan. We just want you to try and do your best, WITHOUT CHEATING!

    Honest players are few and far between, so If you don't cheat and want to help show the world that True Sportsmanship is Not Dead and just that much more competitive.

    True sportsmanship is alive and better, we don't need to cheat to win. Do you have true sportsmanship in you?!

    If " Yes".... Then you came to the right place. Join Today!


    Clan Wars Start 5/14/14........ Call Us Home, Join Today!

    If interested, our few requirements are:

    - Must have a positive K/D 1.0+ and above!

    - Must be age 18 or older and maturity is a Must!

    - MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! Have to play to stay, eliminates freeloaders!

    - Must have a mic. Communication is must during clan wars and game play.

    - Being friendly is a huge plus. Wins are easier to come by when you aren't arguing with your team. Amen

    - Must have Call of Duty app. Don't know what to play if you can't check, right? Not Mandatory


    Clan stats:

    - Level: 20

    - Division:

    - Clan K/D:1.02

    - Clan Win %: 49

    - Members: 8

    To Apply:

    Apply through the COD app: EliteLgndKillers


    Founder GT: @ KcMaverick1


    Lt. Commander GT: @ HRgxLegend

    Lt. Commander GT: @ Nextpro321

    website: elitelegendkillers.iclanwebsites.com

    Thanks for your time in reading...

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    its the ilerminaty who want to take our money its all a lie i hate ilerminaty so much -.-

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    Modzz clan is looking for new active members.
    .Basic Quickscoping skills (Optional) We quickscope in Private match to mess around.
    .Age of at least 13
    .At least a 0.7 KD
    .Be active
    If you have all of that message TheVenomNinja,XxB3ASTM0DESxX or, FiboGumface2

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