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  • 05/12/14--11:26: PS3 clan recruitment?
  • II'm looking to start a new clan. If anyone would be willing to join the first couple people will get to be leaders i have prior experience in clan wars.  Pretty good looking to recruit and become big. message me about joining 

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    ukscorpz wrote:


    Nice one Adeeez, I'll add you later.  Would be nice to get a lobby of non hackers together!


    Just tried adding you scorpz, i'm assuming your gt is different to your forum i.d, add me fella lets get a crowd of legit people together for some cod 4, what's the worst that can happen?, oh i know me raging cause i'm getting my arse handed to me.


    I don't mind losing to a better player on the day fella, and i'll get it in now, my age is going the wrong way, but still not too shabby.

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  • 05/12/14--11:27: Re: PS3 clan recruitment?
  • Yo Join Mine Clan Add YouTube_xGod420_

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  • 05/12/14--11:28: Re: PS3 clan recruitment?
  • CCan i become a leader?

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    Well I didn't want to jump down there as I thought it was special. I did walk around the rooms behind me but, I didn't though at the time if I could explore the previous parts of the map. I think I could have.


    There was cryptids spawning on that area behind me and I'm not sure if I died because the Kraken released the gas or if the hunter killed me. I think it was the gas+hunter. When I went down I decided to drop down to the boss area.


    How this happened was basically I just took my sentry I guess immediately when the text popped saying relocating with your team, the screen faded slightly black but it did not teleport/force me down.

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    MMessage me guys... CaLL Me Keanoo

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    Yea I Got A Clan Were Level 20 We Got 76 Members Have To Have A 1.00 K/D Or Higher If You Want To Join Add YouTube_xGod420_

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    Hello everyone! Just upgraded to ps4 a few days ago and now I'm looking to join a clan. I was in a clan on ps3 so I know how to work with clan wars. I'll be very active as they go on. I'm 23, and live in Indiana, and I'm very easy to get along with. I'm an objective oriented player, so I'll have my good games and bad games. My KD right now is a 1.222. I also prefer to play with a mature clan. Also, there are other games I like to play on here so I'm not looking for anything too hardcore. Just looking to meet some new people and have some fun! PSN is BHill4three5891. Hope to hear from someone soon.

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  • 05/13/14--11:23: New clan recruiting
  • Looking for people to help start up a new clan and leadership to help recruit and our clan community grow. Trying to find players with K/D 's over 1 and also a decent win ratio. If you have any questions message on the discussion


    Gameplay: bbaggerly

    K/D: 1.83

    W/L: 61%

    CLAN Name: We Destroy Egos

    CLAN Tag: WDE


    Also looking for players from xbox 360, and both PS3/4 to help recruit and become leadership.

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  • 05/13/14--11:23: Re: Bouncing Betty's?
  • But I close my eyes and I can still see them . They won't go away oh sweet misery

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    The Spectrum camo is part of the next dlc 5/20

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    Looking for 3 new members to do Clan Wars this weekend.

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    I see the same thing when I spin. That's why I believed it was faster. That and tons of good players told me it worked. Once I actually tested it, I found out otherwise.

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  • 05/13/14--11:26: Re: Nerf the ripper?
  • Nah nerf the HB, it has no recoil.


    Couldn't say that with a straight face lol. Some of the nerf requests on this site are hilarious though. I actually saw one about the Ripper and apparently it "two shot kills across the map to the toe" as though SMGs have lower body multipliers and it does 50+ regular damage lmfao


    I love the Honey Badger. Stats say I should prefer the SA-805 but since "rediscovering" the Badger (I started out doing badly with it and dropped it for a few months), I only use that and sometimes the FAD on smaller maps now. Best three shot kill range of all faster firing suppressed ARs, free suppressor (so free extended mags to suit an aggressive play style, or free AP rounds for vests and juggs), it works with deadeye (thanks to 42 max damage) and it has the best centrespeed in the game so you can just burst or manually fire in semi-auto at range for pretty low recoil. Can't believe I disliked it after the first few weeks of playing the game.


    Best class in the game is (IMO) HB with grip + ext mags, then deadeye, dead silence, amplify and focus in cranked (no need for mobility perks). Two shot kills for days.

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  • 05/13/14--11:26: Re: We need Spawns feedback!
  • DEMO and DOM aren't the great to base spawn logic off of because those modes have inherently static spawns. You can't have spawn flips in DEMO because that would be unfair to the defending team if the attacking team got such an advantageous spawn. DOM is similar in that regard because you're giving them a flag if you flip the spawn. Also, anyone can spawntrap, it's just how FPSers are as you said, but Ghosts is something different. It's the spawn logic that's causing issues, not players trying to trap.


    Whiteout is a popular reference I go to. In TDM, where there's no objective limiting where players can spawn, you'll have both teams spawning by the sawmill or both teams spawning by the village. Even though no one is by the helicopter or cave. They force spawns where they shouldn't and it causes issues because players are constantly moving. Spawning them near death means that by the time that player actually spawns in and start moving near death becomes certain death.

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    I'm pretty new to Ghosts but I would say that I'm a decent player so far.


    PSN: BoltActionAngel

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    Clan wars starts tomorrow.  Message me or apply today to get on the roster before it locks!

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    This is cool, what do you do just get a screen shot and add the text on it?

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    I have done the update that it will not install so now I cannot even go on my master or my subaccount I have paid good money for this game and the add-ons and can't play it. So it cost me over hundred pound for nothing

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    The_Drunken_Clam [CLAM] is looking for active members on xbox 1 with the goal of winning clan wars and unlocking new items within the game. We are very competitive but like to have fun at the same time.


    Clan details:

    Level: 19

    Division: Platinum

    Members: 13

    K/D: 1.31

    W%: 56%

    - 1.2+ K/D (stats do not tell everything because of objective based games)
    - 1.3+ W/L
    - Mic
    - Active (especially for clan wars - our members averaged 13 hours this past clan wars!)
    - Willing to play different game modes during clan wars
    - COD app for communication/clan wars
    - US and European players welcome
    - Competitive and looking to win

    - Mature (no specific age requirement)

    Hit me up on this forum or on xbox via GT: "Turd McFurg"

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