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    it would be cool if IW "hacked their hacks" so every time a player would attempt to use one of the hacks they know of, they instantly kill themselves. Chalk up a loss for the hackers, and chalk up a win for IW.

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    Clan: Social eXemption

    Members: 37

    Clan Stats: KD 1.43 Win% 66

    Looking for really active and loyal players to join my clan, players who are on quite regularly and participate in ClanWars. We're looking for mature players who don't SCREAM down the mic and make everyone go deaf.

    We're a UK based clan, but have members from all over the world, members aged from 14-30+ and we all get on well. We also like to play competitively aswell as play Public Matches. We also like to have a laugh alot and bit of banter!

    Interested? Here are the Clan Requirments:

    - KD Must be 0.90 or higher

    - W/L Must be 0.90 or higher

    - Must be active during ClanWars

    - Must be 14 years or older

    - A mic? *If you don't have one don't worry about it*

    - Must speak clear English

    If interested message me on PS3 Tyler_OAFC letting me know what your ghost stats are and why you're wanting to join, or even comment on this post.

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    ive played this game before.....it was called crysis or was it halo or maybe ghost recon advanced warfighter possibly metal gear am sure PMCs were mentioned there......and this private mitchell (somehow still a private?) i remember a captain mitchell from another game with body armor and exoskeletons (which one was it mmmmm) the cover on the box? is that the conceptual art for the movie elysium? this game is just one huge ripoff absolutely nothing new its just a bunch of other game ideas stolen......MP is going to be a ridiculous joke....it will be left4dead but instead of zombies running along buildings it will be some nano suite tech oh wait thats crysis or titanfall.....just more of the same....

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  • 05/05/14--00:55: Re: Ideas for Future CoD's
  • As long as everyone had the same amount to spend on their character and weapon abilities I think this is a good idea, perks have been a stale way to distribute abilities for some time now and any balanced idea moving away from them I think would do wonders for the game.

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    exactly what ive wanted since nam67 on the original xbox

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  • 05/05/14--00:57: Re: EXTINCTION
  • on 360 - Major Mcfadden

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    1. I can't see my own shadow, but I can see others.  It'd be nice to know where my shadow fall while going through certain entrances, as shadows give away soo much.

    2. I can't hear bullets that hit the wall next to me!?  Instead of being aware someone is shooting at me, I simply run into a ambush.

    3. I can't pick up unused enemy explosives.  A perk that would allow you to pick up unused explosives would be interesting?


    Not major things, in any way, but things I've noticed effecting me in a small way!?

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  • 05/05/14--01:01: Xbox 360 Players
  • This has prob been started before but looking for player on 360 who wanna actually play the game.


    The amount of lobbies I get into with kids who just run around building / collecting boxes and screaming and shouting and singing.


    GT - Major Mcfadden

    Lvl 15 prestige

    usually 400 / 500 kills a game


    Im nothing special but just like to play the game and have a laugh

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    nice work

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  • 05/05/14--01:03: Re: Extinction class: Tank
  • washkilla9999 wrote:



    All this led me to think that the Tank class is mostly meant for noobs, however I often cross prestiged players who use this class. Am I missing something?, what is a good strategy or reason for using this class, and is it worth upgrading in the armory?


    nowadays with all these double xp weekends being prestiged players doesn't mean anythink.

    i saw a lot of high prestiges ( upper 12) with less than 5 escapes. a lot of people play with 3,4,5 relics just to prestige faster even if they aren't able to escape without any relics.

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  • 05/05/14--01:04: Re: Soldier Camo
  • That's because you can't actually change it.  You can only preview how it will look on certain maps.  For example, on a snow map (freight) it will automatically be white.  The game auto selects it based on what will blend in best.

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    I agree and the more I hear about this game the less it appeals to me just today this was info was released which if translates to MP then I very much doubt I will be playing the game for any extended period of time:

    In the new GameInformer Magazine issue, they talked a little more about what abilities players will have: boost-dodge towards cover, perform super-jumps to elevated positions, climb buildings with magnetic gloves, cloak themselves with optic camouflage, and hover in mid-air.

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    it is good enough for now at least. If you wanna be sure wait until they release the system requirements tho.


    btw make sure your case is big enough for the liquid cooling and gpu..

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    hi I would love to join your clan I am an active player and especially around clan wars.


    KD: 2.0

    WL: 43% but I play alone.


    GT: vMoZzI

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    I Would love to join your clan I have a 2 KD and I am always able to participate in clan wars if you would like me to join message back so we can talk. Thanks. GT vMoZzI please message me back if interested.

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    Look at your kill cam if you are on core. I usualy play hardcore, but have an AR with semi auto and thermal as my DMR, so no you don't get the recoil as you are firing single shots. The trade off is that you can't spray and pray at close quarters (not usually a problem on Stonehaven).

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  • 05/05/14--01:15: Re: Help!
  • You need to provide more info if you wan't help on that one. I presume you are not on dial up, but you could be on ADSL or Fibre, which use different setups and your geographical location will also determine what can be used (and indeed what sort of connection you will get).

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  • 05/05/14--01:15: Re: ps4 to xbox1 swap....
  • I read the subject and thought this was an offer! Got me all excited. In my opinion this xbone is really glitchy. Worst gaming device I've ever owned. I was ready to trade it for a ps4.

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    Criteria for a reply? Dude seriously stfu and go away, angry little boy.

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