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    am on xbox one btw

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    Sent Both GT a friend request, my GT is EviL DiversE. Have a 2.29 K/D and a 1.49 W/L. I'm active almost everyday, Have a working MIC, and tired of playing solo.

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  • 04/12/14--03:22: Re: help ps3 cod bo2
  • I'm sorry but I can not help my self, what does still not work ?



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  • 04/12/14--03:24: Black ops 2 Map pack Share?
  • Ok so i'm on ps3 my name is Brots_FOX if anyone is willing to share the map packs can you add me we can go sametime i will offer gta 5, minecraft, crysis, wwe2k14 and some other games please im really desperate and just need all the maps for black ops 2 thanks

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    Robaboa wrote:


    to be precise maccabi its the "quake 3" engine Un-upgraded

    actually "to be precise"  the game hasn't been MADE on a quake engine in years , really wish people would stop saying this as its completely incorrect (and also with respect shows a complete lack of understanding as to what an engine actually is)


    back in mw2 they changed the name of the "engine" to to iw4 as it didn't contain any proprietary code of the older quake engine it was its own thing actually the only none proprietary code left is they (and not 100% if this is still the case) used gdk radiant for some stuff If you want to be really pedantic.. the subD used in ghosts was actually developed by pixar. The engine has been built on modified ect for different cod games. What most people dont seem to understand is game engines are used to BUILD the games not RUN them.

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    completed both point of contact and nightfall

    i also have a mic

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    The only issues I have with hard core as follows.


    • fall damage. being killed by falling from a hight that you would survive from in core mode. I recommend you use the lightweight perk to remove fall damage
    • dying form being shot in the foot. This is ridicules even for a arcade shooter or any war game. I think for any shooter you should only take damage in the head and body, any hits you take in the arms causes you to flinch more and your movement speed is slowed down when hit in the legs. just an idea

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  • 04/12/14--03:33: Re: Launch Control 3.0!
  • Think we could maybe stop having new badges you can basically complete just by staying on the thread announcing then


    Also there is no way on the forum for the gamification app to know what type of content you are replying to bar the space that the thread is in so putting a requirement to answer specific themes is pointless

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    can you invite me again someone invited me to another clan and i was going to click decline but i accidental pressed accept DiNaMo_BOoM

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    I'm guessing you haven't played both. Your post is about the most biased unfactual post I've seen regarding next gen. However, don't take my word for it, try them yourself. When I say the ps4 is by far the better machine, I mean all around, everything included. There is a reason xb1 is getting destroyed in sales.

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  • 03/28/14--16:59: Ravage Gaming recruiting
  • PS3/PS4 members


    About us:

    Tight knit group of awesome guys

    Starting out after leaving a virtually non active diamond division clan

    We are mature, fun gamers


    Requirements for you:

    Must have mic

    Must be active

    Versatile in different game modes for clan wars

    Team player


    I am interested in eventually having our clan involved in YouTube channel, Facebook channel, possibly even a website, and mlg gamebattles

    Send in an invite to RAV4GE GAMING


    Message DESTROYz_1984


    Possibly interested in merging a smaller clan.  We are looking at quality over quantity!

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  • 04/13/14--03:50: Re: Ravage Gaming recruiting
  • I've received a number of applicants that seem to just want to run past "B Dom" and push spawns and slay, and not be a team player.  This isn't fair to any of the guys on the clan that truly want the win!  K/D is nice and all, and looks good, but if you lose the game, what have you acclomplished?  We are very strategic and win alot!  Check out our W/L Ratios, we don't win that much because we get lucky...we are a very experienced clan, with an even bigger experience level in recruiting.  Thanks for yalls continued interest. 

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  • 04/13/14--03:57: Re: cod 4
  • I spent 30 something days on that game , really was a lot of fun , I too wouldn't mind a game (If I still had it ) last time I played MW ,players were flying around! Are they still wearing a cape?

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    hey can i join violetgoose8792

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  • 04/13/14--04:00: Re: the longest shot
  • from the grassy area below the castle on stone haven to the broken house, some guy sitting up top stuck his head out for a better view, aim, breath held BOOM headshot i got 24 longshots in that 1 game and got one of those congratulation emails off cod, i remember getting a load of kills from behind the blue barrel as well, i normally throw an ied into the gap behind to stop an attack from behind, ive got some nice shots on stormfront, the left hand side of the bridge is a good snipe spot but on the same side a lot of guys go into the office and climb on the desk behind the glass but from the opposite side of the map you can see the silouette, i love siege its sniper paradise, i only play on hc because with a silencer its a one shot kill, plus no kill cam to give away your position, usr silenced with variable zoom and a second primary either a k7 or honeybadger to get you from a-b, ive got my ghillie and concealed cobra unlocked and ive gone full prestige now so if anyone is looking for a spotter to cover there back on 360 while they get there kills let me know

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    Every time I've had issues with the app if signing back in and clearing the data doesn't work I just wait, it eventually sorts itself out.

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    Hey BoDiesel,


    My clan TrulyRelentless are currently recruiting and we would love to have an experienced player like yourself on board.


    We are a European based clan, mainly based in England. We play only for objectives and do not worry about our KD's during clan wars. We have just made it into Diamond Division, winning our last three platinum divisions with over 500 capture points. We are also looking to go pro and have just signed up for the European gaming tournament in Sheffield in May. We are still recruiting now for roles on the team.


    The clan information is as follows:


    Clan members: 12

    Clan KD: 1.78

    Clan win: 61%


    Our requirements are:

    Must be aged 16+

    Must use whatsapp (A nice way for all of us to talk and get to know each other)

    Must have a working headset


    If you are interested in joining you can message me on Xbox my GT is JoshTheYid69 or you can post on this thread [360] [EU-England] [Diamond Div] TrulyRelentless recruiting now!


    Look forward to hearing back from you,


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    Wow I can't get into the PS4, I think the controller for Xbox is easier to play with. As for the PS3 the graphics wasn't up to the 360 and online play was more laggy. But to each own, I keep hearing about that Titan fall game I might have to buy that one or demo it if it's offered. It's probably like perfect darkness, the featured game for the 360 when it came out.

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