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  • 04/11/14--03:07: Whats your Class names?
  • Hi (: I'm new here LOL But I'm just curious what is your class names I have heard some funny/good ones Heres 3 of mine. So Bulldoge, Taylor Swift, and Try Hard Tar.


    Hope this is the right area to post hope to meet some great people on here!

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    What is your Xbox gamertag?

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    Still recruiting Active and Loyal members !!




    40 members strong !!




    Level 18 clan !!




    Good times with Good people !!




    Competitive and Casual !!




    Swing by our forums and give us a look






    Add me up Xbox One - TenYardFight609

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    just saying, nothing wrong with 360 and way cooler. this post is about recruiting, not about what system you own, may wanna learn to read


    just saying, respectfully I ask you to delete your post, states in my post do not reply to post! is that to hard to read, this is for my clan not yours and respect would be a good thing


    PS: learn to spell or use spell check, recomend is spelled recommend!

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    We are looking for VERY ACTIVE TEAM PLAYERS, not silent partners!!! Why join a clan if you never even play with your team! We have a lot of fun and are not judgemental or critical of other people, just relax and come have fun with us!!! We do really good together and win 97% of the time. 


    We are looking for 18+, talks on mic,  has DLC, willing to play with team,  very active, easy going,  likes to win.


    Prefer if you can access app, have 40 hours or more played, kd 0.80 or higher,  w/l 50%. Average skill or above is what we are looking for.


    We're platinum division,  undefeated,  level 18, and have only been around less than 2 months.  We play nightly and have lots of fun doing it.


    Send me a message on here or xbl if interested.

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    Yeah man you can join, just add me on psn RuthlessHazard and we'll play on saturday

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  • 04/11/14--03:17: Re: Looking for clan (ps3)
  • Hey man RuthlessGamers is still recruiting, if you want to join add RuthlessHazard on psn or check this thread out: RuthlessGamers Recruiting [BO2] [EU] [PS3]

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    on coD ghosts, everytime i click on "online play" it comes up saying that the call of duty servers arnt available at this time and to see the status gto to http://callofduty/ghosts/status for updates and everytime i have went to this website it says that the servers are up, I have tried every fix on the forums on activision and steam and now im just wondering if it is possible to actually fix this problem, (If not will steam give me a refund)

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    Hey everyone,
    looking for ps3 players who play extinction
    and who are very co-operative
    the reason is that i sometimes cant find any games online and some people are not co-operative

    also i need help with the challenges and to beat nightfall
    my PSN ID: shado9573
    i often invite people in a private match as public says no games found

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    Yesterday I played a game of domination and i went pretty good so I went on to check my highscores because I like to do that and I didn't really notice something strange besides that i thought i had played more games than only this one because it looked like it only showed one, but I didn't put anymore thought to it.

    Today when I logged on again I looked at my higscores and EVERYTHING was gone besides the game that I played yesterday.


    So my question is : if there's any possible way to retrieve it, because I would find it a little devastating to know if everything is gone.



    Jonathan (PSN: Dakoya)


    * I'm sorry for any grammatical flaws because my mother language isn't English.

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  • 04/12/14--03:09: Re: Clan Help
  • well, join Another clan.

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  • 04/12/14--03:10: Re: Clan Help
  • A Clan with a inactive leader is futile.

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    cos i thought it would be since ghosts  is out now XD but bam 115 weap skin, so more to come? orrrrr?

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    Hey, Im on 360 (:

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    This is an idea for players who like the ARX-160 assault rifle.


    ARX-160 assault has a tighter than average hip fire spread thanks to the integrated lazar sight, this can then be stacked with the perk steady aim. The under barrel shotgun will also benefit from the double reduced hip fire spread making it more accurate than any other shotgun in the game. Using this will make you more effective in surprise close quarter attacks when attacking at range .Also the fully loaded perk will also increase your shotgun ammo supply to give you more shots and to prolong your kill streak.


    What do you think?

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    Hello Chernof,


    I have looked around a little on the interwebs and I have come to the conclusion that there will NOT come more camo's.

    I Hope to have answered your question.



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    Also remember that the shield only keeps things the shoot you or directly hit you out, stuff like rhino slams and scorpion  gas clouds can still hit you no matter what. The stasis field does not make you invincible! Read the description of the ability again because it certainly doesn't say you are invulnerable only it just makes cryptids more interested in chomping at your teammates rather than you, you can still take damage from cryptids attacking your mates. The idea is to know when and where to use it, if your team is well organised then you should not have to worry about getting surrounded by enemies, heck you wouldn't even need the ability. A suggestion would be to never stay out in the open with the stasis field on as that's when your going to regret it when you see a hundred cryptids waiting for your ability to wear off.

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    CoD 4 was the answer to all the casuals crying about needing more to play for than just good gameplay, I witnessed many tear soaked threads about it. Something else that was popular then was crying about "balance", as in how they felt powerless against people who where better than them. I believe that's what sparked the creation of "perks". The constant nipple feeding of the casuals is why CoD is in the state it's in. Nowadays after launch, even with DLC, titles are dropping online populations rather quickly. Seems like it's as fast as... Oh look a butterfly...


    I despise MLG, yet everyone always refers to them when replying to me. Competitive gameplay =/= competitive gaming, two completely different things.


    Why is it so hard for people to see all the gimmicks? Why do people need a constant pat on the back for just playing the damn game? I find it rather funny that you listed the stuff MLG won't allow, it's a rather comprehensive list of gimmicks. Many of the gimmicks listed were forged by the tears of the thumbless zombies, things added to make them feel "equal". Yet you view removing them as "dumbing" down the game, I find that ironic. How is removing the gimmicks that attempt to make every soccer mom of a gamer equal to players better than them "dumbing" down the game? Removing the elements that restrict competitive gameplay, as in CoD 2 like, makes for a far more team based game. It makes encounters more "balanced" and rewards teamwork. What we have now are perks/gimmicks thrown into the mix to "balance" out good players and bad players, putting them on more equal ground. Hopefully you feel enlightened, I believe I explained that fairly well. I could elaborate further if you wish.


    You also seemed to speak like teamwork required countless hours to accomplish. It might be for the thumbless zombies that need all the gimmicks that negate teamwork but it's second nature to many.




    I didn't think you would touch base on my single player comment, can't really debate that one now can you.

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    Eventhough I do  not see why you would need to know what the difference is between a hacker and a glitcher, I am still going to answer it


    A hacker is someone who rewrites or adds something in the code to let it do things it wasn't supposed to do.

    A glitcher is someone who abuses the flaws is a game.


    Hope to have helped you..



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    i wanna join this sounds great invite me violetgoose8792

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