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    Also just so you aren't surprised if you do eventually buy a xb1, the "headset" you speak of is the same basic thing that the ps4 has. And honestly the sound quality is better on the ps4 headset. Also I've ALWAYS been an Xbox guy . They just really missed some things by a mile when it comes to what I'm looking for in a gaming machine.

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    Did you download from the ingame store or from the dashboard? If from the dashboard try re-installing from the store ingame.

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    Xbox users only gamer tag is fire dwarf emo

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    Hi I what join your clan, you can find me on psn: The_bombz123 KD=0.99

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    im very curious as to what you mean by the sensitivity. But I do have a question or ask for your advice since you have the one. as I mention I am getting it monday but do you think it's wise to keep the 360?  I'm really debating because they will give me $120 credit towards the one. But at the same time I could keep it and play the old games I enjoy like left4dead2 and etc.

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    I like the xb1 controller better, but the difference on next gen is minimal. The ps4 controller is MUCH better than the ps3. But, the xb1 controller is still better.

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    I Didn't know the Xbox 1 came with headsets. Off topic, I do however like how the Xbox1 can act as a cablebox. That's $15 or more in my pocket a month I don't have to dish out to time Warner cable for a box.

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  • 04/13/14--04:06: Re: LAG
  • Where are the dedicated servers they promised? I agree the game has been broken.

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    lol, right on for the whole helpful answer thing...


    if you play on xbox360 and want some pointers, i might suggest letting people know what you gamertag is. im pretty sure that some of the guys on here would be willing to run some games with you...


    its worth a shot...

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    Ever since the DLC maps have been added into the normal rotation I find it impossible to find a game. Right now it is 11:53 am and there is 2000 people online, 1000 playing tdm and 400 playing dom and I can't find a game that doesn't lag like hell. When I search for a game I get put into a lobby with 4 or 5 people then we wait for a few minutes and no one else joins, then I try to back out and get put back into the same one or no games found. It wasn't like this before you added the DLC maps in to normal rotation. I know this game has had it flaws but this is making it impossible to play and I can see the numbers dropping every week... PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION TO DISABLE DLC IN THE NEXT UPDATE!!!!! I feel like I have been punished for buying the season pass and I am close to uninstalling. Right now the only fun I can have is in extinction (nightfall) @and even then I have to wait 10 minutes to find a game. If you care about the PC community then please give us this option in the next update so your loyal fans can still have some fun in the game we spent £70 on.

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    Almost coming upto to 2 months now still nothing , or any update as to why not.



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  • 04/14/14--04:08: PS4 looking for a clan
  • Hello Everyone,


    IGN is BlazeknifeHD and I would like to join a clan if it is possible


    here are some things about me:


    Im 4 full prestiges (on fifth character)

    14 years old (young but mature for my age)

    1.0 KD (on the rise)

    Usually play cranked, ground war, domination, or anything basically

    Active Daily

    I have a mic

    Hopefully some of you would consider to make some room in your clan I would prefer to be in platinum division and up but whatever will suffice.

    Thanks again!


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    yes i have both games

    the crash was like when i opend the campaign after few seconds the game freeze

    multiplayer-i can join a game but after some munites the game just crash



    there is my comuter specs:

    Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard

    Model: HP pavilion G6 notebook PC

    Processor: intel(R) 13-2330m cpu @ 2.20 GHz

    Ram: 6.00GB

    System: windows 7 64 bit


    hope u can help me

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    While playing point of contact, I notice that there is a yellow diamond on the progress bar of the drill. This diamond can be anywhere on the bar and not just the middle. When the bar gets to the diamond, the diamond turns into a slim yellow line. I was wondering if anyone knew what this diamond is for. I haven't noticed it in any other mission yet.

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    Hi there i play basically whenever i can im in the eu and ill love to play with you xXFr3Sh-FTW_Xx

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    We have won 6, 2 from our first clan, 4 from this clan. We forgot to do clan war in Platinum division so we were in 8th place now we are in Silver Division.

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    FaclonPower98 wrote:


    I know in the UK 2 retailer chains are offering the Titanfall bundle for £349 with a year of xbox live.

    how many price drops has the xb1 had since it launched now i've lost count


    I think its slightly less a number though than all the things that didnt work on the xb1 at launch or the number of u turns MS have made since announcing the console or the number of top execs involved with xb1 who either left,quit "changed projects"

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    I Purchased the dlc not so long ago and i havent been able to play the nightfall map yet having the  same issue, i live in the dominican republic but i know ppl that use to be able to play the map and now cant


    all i want to know is how can i get my money back?

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    I Havent been able to find a match on nightfall either keeps saying no game found

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    Tubers can kill at distance but will get caught out close quarters by someone with an smg who will get taken out by someone at distance with a sniper rifle who will get killed close quarters by someone with a pistol who will die if he goes too close to an i.e.d. unless he has  sitrep at the cost of amplify so he will be taken out by someone who is running dead silence at the cost of blastshield who will survive a tuber. . . .


    Nobody has everything, we all make tactical choices based on how we play. There is no right or wrong there is only opinion.

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