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    why is there no possibility of taking them away?

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    How could you possibly know half their clan was banned??? if they were cheating during the clan war their score would of been set to -666. I have seen this first hand in one of our wars so I know it happens

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  • 04/04/14--23:49: Re: Avoiding Issues
  • FIrst of all, it makes you seem like a pretentious douche when you end the thread on your own accord, and secondly, video games are made for people like him. You are the outlier. You are different.

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    APplied on the app!!

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    LVL 22 og Platinum

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  • 04/04/14--23:58: Re: We need Spawns feedback!
  • Warlord, I'ma be honest. I was being somewhat of a jerk in my previous response because it seemed to me you were questioning whether or not I work for the team or myself. I mostly play TDM and stray into "objective" modes only now and then. Regardless, whatever I'm playing, I'm playing for the win. The language you used clearly challenged that notion.


    That said, I'm frankly dumbstruck by your response to my post. You just went on a tirade about me not "getting involved" as if I have no experience in enough situations to have a legitimate opinion. Yet, you don't know whether or not the revenge spawn theory applies to objective modes?


    Excuse me while I pull my hair out.


    You know, you earlier talked about the layout of cap points in Ghosts domination. As far as spawns go in Domination in Ghosts, the lay out of flags should be considered by folks wanting to question the spawn system. The triangular lay out of spawns is a whole new animal to Call of Duty. In the old linear layout of spawns, safe spawns were far more likely. In a triangular layout, you're almost guaranteed to spawn into someone's line of sight - regardless of any revenge spawn element. And you're far more likely to spawn in front of or behind an opponent. Has that been taken into consideration? I don't see where anyone has genuinely considered that part of the argument. In other words, part of the issues with spawns could be a simple matter of people not being accustomed to a nonlinear layout of flags. In fact, I think if you look back to BO1 Stadium, spawning in front of or behind opponents was not uncommon on that map and it was still more linear than what we have now.


    This is a new game. I did not like a lot of things when it came to how you had to play BO2. Nonetheless, I swallowed my ego and dealt with it the best I could. I especially disliked a lack of stealth options. I survived it, though, and didn't demand a change to that game. I brought to the table discussion of what I hoped would be present in future CODs. If you don't like the spawn system, that's fine. It is what it is regardless. Advocate what you hope for in the future; don't be frustrated about things that are not going to change in this game.

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    but what about cod? you need to get your priority's straight

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    i feel your pain. our app didnt work throughout the clan war, people will say it still worked and counted your wins, but thats not what im talking about!  we had no idea what we needed or what was taken away. It sometimes didnt work or updated 20 to 30 mins later!  makes it totally not fair. there is no way to be competitive if the app does not work right!?

    also the timer in the top right never worked before, during, or after the clan war tonight?? our last game according to my phone and the xbox said we finished it 2 mins before the clan war ended, but it didnt count it! and how would i know, cause our timer didnt work ever?

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  • 04/05/14--00:00: Re: Clans ruining Ghosts
  • I prefer solo TDM and I'm NOT a good player but I enjoy shooting and blowing up stuff.  Most clan members are well over 1 k/d, average I'd say around 1.50 - 1.80+. When 2 - 4 of them in a party get in a match, there's no point for me to stay in the lobby or in a match. After re-spawn all it takes is 3 or 4 steps in any direction and I'm down. Fun for them, for me, not so much. 

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    Oh rly!?

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    i have sent you a friend request, but our clan is mature, no little kids, i love to snipe. This would probably be the clan for you. Please send me messages on my psn.  -drewdogg1313

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    Thank you I appreciate it!

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    That would be me dropping your name all over the place lol. Best extinction info on the tube!

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    Hey guys i'm really getting kinda irritated and need some advice on how to get shotguns here are my stats and comment of what your opinions should be.


    K.D: 206

    Kills: 379550

    Bullets Fired: 1033126

    Downs: 1835

    Revives: 4411

    Grenade Kills: 3100

    Headshots: 32662

    Deaths: 771

    Gibs: 455738

    Perks: 1820

    Doors: 1596

    Hits: 1022380

    Traveled Miles: 1982


    Tranzit Highest Round: 22

    Town : 25

    Farm: 15

    Bus Depot: 17

    Grief Farm: 4 Wins 12 Losses

    Grief Town: 13 Wins 25 Losses

    Nuketown: 29

    Die Rise: 112 (This is what got me up to Knife)

    Mob Of The Dead: 17

    Buried: 43

    Origins: 20

    There all kinda low.


    So there's all my info if you need anymore just post a comment and i am currently a Knife with Blue eyes.

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  • 04/06/14--00:20: Re: "Content was not found"
  • So i just wasted 50 dollars on that?
    Nothing can be done?

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    I would to join your clan if u accept me ?

    My kdr is 1,10

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  • 04/05/14--02:08: Re: Devastation DLC Spawns.
  • Yea the spawns really take the piss. The worst is behemoth because there is zero possibility for map control. Whoever designed Behemoth should be fired. They have no idea how to create a balanced map. This is 100% based on luck of the spawn for both you and the enemy team.

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  • 04/06/14--00:24: Re: "Content was not found"
  • it should be there i bought my season pass march 21st and the ripper was there the day they released it

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    Has anyone noticed that after the Devastation DLC on extinction where you select your class and your pistol there is a blank slot whereas before there wasn't? Does anyone have any info on whether or not the devs may release a new class and pistol for Extinction?

    Just a thought after realizing the blank slots...

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    What bugs me is i get out at 130 at school. I come home, and get ready to play and these guys have 6 nodes. some nodes take 50 wins (TDM FOR e.x.) and some take 10 (Blitz, cranked) like seriously? they shud have this better organized, because that isnt fair for a clan to try and get that node the other clan just got. now theyre up by 100+ and everyone else has 0. takes away the fun from the game.

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