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    if you apply on the app fabiang2302 you will be accepted

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    Our. Clan war starts friday 7pm

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    Hello I'm zach and im the commander of our clan trappnout. I currently have 3 members which are the friends that started if with me and we are very active. Looking for a lot of new members before next clan wars. We are level 12 and still leveling. We are about to win our silver division and going on. 15 and older only. 1+ k/d


    Gamertag: Z4CH1090

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    WiimotesRus02 wrote:


    Is the game meant to be quiet through the headset, so you can just hear chat clearly? I mean using them with tv audio off is almost impossible to play. If its mainly for voice chat then I can understand..

    Does your TV have a headphone jack?  Or do you have a surround sound system with a headphone jack?  If so I have an idea to make this better. 

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    just formed the clan about 20 minutes ago and wanting to get people to join

    no K/D requirements

    my clan will be about having fun but also being competitive and you have to be a good sport


    would prefer 16+ year olds will make only a few exceptions


    my PSN name is Lucid Clown so send me a message online or on this site

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    tax would be my guess.  just buy the hardened edition next time it only cost me 100 plus tax.

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    Hello I'm zach and im the commander of our clan trappnout. I currently have 3 members which are the friends that started if with me and we are very active. Looking for a lot of new members before next clan wars. We are level 12 and still leveling. We are about to win our silver division and going on. 15 and older only. 1+ k/d


    Gamertag: Z4CH1090

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    My initial thought was that the message was related to matchmaking in-game during clanwars rather than matchmaking within the bracket your clan competes in..

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    ctfw529 wrote:


    again, you do not know the particulars. i did not pre-order the season pass, i bought it on my ps4 the day onslaught DLC went live on the PS store. at that time, the original documents were still up at activisions KB.


    I never said you pre-ordered the Season Pass. I said IF (you see the word IF) you preordered the season pass. So before you start copping an attitude accusing me of something learn how to read. Just because someone doesnt agree with what you say doesnt mean they blasted somebody or threw an insult your way stating you are going the wrong way about this. Nor does it mean I am implying something. If I thought you should shut up about this then I would tell you to shut up. But I didnt. I stated that posting in this forum will get you no where. And it hasnt gotten you anywhere, has it ? Has anyone from Activision or Sony posted in this thread any kind of support or acknowledgement ?

    If you and others spent your time contacting them thru Twitter and sending emails and contacting them thru other sources then what are you doing posting here in the forums ? I mean if I hired a lawyer for a McDonalds food poisoning case I wouldnt spend my free time haunting the McDonalds forums making posts there.


    as far as my comment "people like you", is not an insult, it's the simple truth. when you first replied to someone in this thread, you blasted them, basically telling them they were wrong. you even went so far as linking the support page, which we've all seen, and we all know it changed. you even replied to me, that after reading another of my posts, that you saw the issue at hand. yet, here you are assuming things you know nothing about. my "people like you" comment is meant as you being someone who doesn't know the full extent of the issue, and, at first, didn't even know there was an issue, as evidenced by the fact that you linked the *new* support page and told that poster "that's the way it is, you're wrong", not your quote, but it's close. by you assuming the poster is wrong and not even looking at the entire issue before making your assumptions, puts you squarely into the "company line" type of people, IMO. if that's not the case, then i apologize for that, but your posts do not come across that way, in this thread, on this issue, at least.


    QUOTE "As I said . Did you notice how I assumed that "people like you" are at fault ? Just like you did me. So does that mean you insulted me first saying "people like me" ? No it doesnt. (let me repeat NO IT DOESNT) " See how I said that it doesnt mean you insulted me ? You assume I was "that type of people" just based off of one or two posts.

    I admitted I was wrong about that statement didnt I. So do you want me to chop my arm off to make you happy ? How about sacrificing my firstborn ? See thats the problem with "you people" someone like me admits they made a mistake and you jump all over them even worse after they did. Did you happen to see the part in the original post where I said "to my knowledge" . I didnt blast him, I said to my knowledge I didnt see it YET. That means I dont have the full details do I ?

    Look at the post where I AGREED with killer

    "I change my stance. Assuming you are talking about Onslaught .After seeing a post from one of swords that changes things. (the link)" See how I agreed with him and showed WHY I agreed with him. I posted that link to AGREE with him not to tell him he was wrong. I posted that link AFTER I admitted I was wrong.


    so, again, you do not know all of the particulars here, not being affected by it, so why are you even bothering with this thread, and issue? i do research all of my purchases before buying them, it's smart consumerism. but, i can't help that a company changes it's offer after i've already bought it.


    So wait. AFTER you bought it they changed it. And they changed it AFTER the DLC went on sale. So wouldnt that mean you paid for it BEFORE the DLC went on sale ? In Eitse you still bought it too soon. What could YOU have done to prevent this ? Not bought it so soon. What could YOU have done to prevent a guy running a red light and crashing into you ? Checked both ways anyway even if you had the right of way. Yeah I am not being affected by it because again, I covered my ass before I bought it . I waited until other people bought it. THE 360 version didnt come on sale to about January, when did I buy it ? March. I took more than a month to test out the waters.

    There was a conflicting post in one of sword post that was made in January. He contradicted himself many times in his post. Yet a month later you still bought it. It took me twenty minutes to find that post of his after I spoke. So if it took me twenty minutes after I spoke to find it how could you have done the research before buying. If the post I saw had to do with something I wanted to buy I wouldnt have made the purchase until I got an answer. You said you saw that link I posted and yet you still bought it didnt you ?

    Your QUOTE "i bought it on my ps4 the day onslaught DLC went live on the PS store.". So again why did you rush out and buy it ? Why didnt you at LEAST wait to see what other peoples opinions of the maps were. Why did you need to buy it the first day ? If you had of waited you would have not gotten screwed, you need to be more proactive in your decisions. Hence the reason I said not to go jumping into the pool so soon.


    um, what are you talking about "6 months"? this issue didn't, and couldn't have come to light until, we, on PS consoles, even had the chance to get anything to even see that there was a problem and that wasn't until Feb 28th. it is now a little over a full month since this issue came to light. again, we have all been giving them a chance to sort it out amongst themselves.


    again, that's you not knowing the particulars. you keep assuming things, you really shouldn't do that.


    You are the one that assumed I was "one of them" because of my first post where you state I basically jumped down someones throat stating that they were outright wrong, when I didnt. So how can you tell me not to assume when you are doing it yourself ?


    "Good luck on your crusade Don Quixote" - that's the insult, if you didn't know, which, honestly, you must not truly understand what that story is all about, if you're referring it to me, or this situation. you have no dog in this hunt, yet you agree we shouldn't be getting screwed over by these companies, but, you're "implying" that we should just sit down and shut up. sorry, that's not how i work.

    The reason I called you Don Quixote was because that is what you are doing posting here. Doing nothing. I compared you to Don Quixote, I didnt compare you to an idiot yelling at a wall nor did I call any insult to your intelligence. When they people who went after EA games for the BF1943 issue, what did they do. They DID something. They hired lawyers. What did the people with the Aliens/ Predator issue do ? They DID something. They hired lawyers. What are you doing ? Posting complaints arguing repeatedly on an internet forum. All you are right now is an ant yelling at a lawnmower to keep it quiet. I am not telling you to shut up, but what I am telling you is you need to go about it a different way.


    you made the mistake of rushing out to get it on day one. You made a mistake, Take responsibility for you reaching for your wallet so soon and learn from your mistake. Companies screw over customers every single day. So what can you do to prevent it ? WAIT before pulling out your wallet. Their was no reason why you had to have to DLC on the first day.


    The product (COD Ghosts) was released 6 months ago. And you were one the ones that got screwed and participated in the BF1943 scenario. YET you didnt warn anybody before the release of the DLC, you warned them AFTER you got screwed. You didnt learn anything when you got screwed over with BF1943 did you ? You rushed out and bought the DLC on the PSN the day it came out. If you were so concerned about people in general getting screwed over, again I ask, WHY are you waiting until now ? Because this time YOU got screwed over so you care about "all the other customers that got screwed over" ?


    You got screwed over in the BF1943 scenario and yet you say you are a cautious consumer and "this is not the first time" . Yet after getting screwed over once you rush out and buy the DLC the first day. So now you got screwed over twice. And NOW you decide to watch out when you reach for your wallet ? Fool me once shame on me fool me twice .... Those types of people that repeatedly get screwed over and repeatedly keep spending money are the reason companies do this to the average customer. (Actually the way it actually works is a company STILL cares about profits up til the moment they file for bankruptcy and keep on screwing over customers caring about profits after that too.They care about profits even when they decide to stop a video game dead in its tracks and end it. They dont try to keep it to make customers happy. )



    Lets say IF a moderator steps in (notice the word IF) and IF he decides this thread doesnt deserve to be here, or IF hew finds its just the same repeated stuff over and over and he decides to delete it, then where does that leave you ? Not saying in any way that they will do but this forum is owned by the same company you are fighting against. Its not a good idea to be making waves in their pool.


    "The particulars" of this case is that you got screwed over before and you rushed out to buy this and got screwed over again. Whose to blame for you getting screwed over twice ? The first time, sure the company is defintely 100 percent at fault, but when you keep reaching for your wallet and keep getting money stolen then whose fault is it that you cant stop reaching for your wallet ? Actually make that many times than just this case , like the time that Sonys PSN was down for at least a month , credit card info being stolen and them never informing customers, and all the other things that been happening to the Sony , EA crowd you are totally blind to. And NOW you are going to watch your step ? How many times will you get screwed over before you make a stand ? Sounds like at least twice. This isnt the first time people have got screwed over in the COD series so why are you acting like it IS the first time ? You been on the forum for about two years why didnt you stand up for yourself two years ago when Activision screwed over people buying the Season Pass during the MW3 days ?


    Give you an example. I feel that people got majorly ripped off when Sains Row 3 came out compared to Saints Row 2. I made a post of my opinions of the game on the SR3 forum. The forum moderator deleted the post even though it was objective and handled properly. At that point I never decided to ever give them my money again. Did the customers care about the customers after they filed for bankruptcy ? Nope. They cancelled the DLC release and just imported it into SR4. Regardless of what I or anyone else did it didnt sway the company on bit. They went about business as usual. The only way you are going to get results is to go the way that other people have done WITH getting results.

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  • 04/04/14--23:14: I Need a Clan (PS3)
  • Hey i need a clan my K/D is 2.0 I play all game modes but Hardcore


    I left my old clan because of some Drama and i got put under the bus by other members so i left.


    PSN: GayAsFuk-

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  • 04/04/14--23:35: Re: Avoiding Issues
  • How exactly would that be penalizing you? You search for a match, find it and play. If you quit, you search for a match again after yours is over. I know it will never be like that, this is the era of the casual. I bet that by 2020  we won't even have a winner or loser. It's bad enough now that you can't even run out of lives in single player games anymore. Most games even allow you to skip sections you're stuck on. Why? Because of people like "you".





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    clan war is going on right now, you're probably being called out by clans

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  • 04/04/14--23:35: Matchmaking System Broken?
  • There is a clear flaw in matchmaking when I can go in a game and be the only one positive playing the objective on my team, especially when solo players are constantly placed against 6- mans. I for one do not want to have to find a 6 man every time I play this game, but it seems that is the only solution. I think Infinity Ward at least owes the community a decent matchmaking system where you can play with players of similar skill, especially with all the BS they pull in an effort to rake in cash *cough* extra loadouts and personalization packs. Well Infinity Ward, will you at least make the Call of Duty game that you butchered to the point of un recognizability somewhat better?

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    Please turn down the new lobby music.  Or give us adoption to turn it off.  I have to turn down my headset just to hear my friends talk. 

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    I'm surprised at the lack of Extinction suggestions here. Personally, I'd love to see the next episode take place in a dense city environment (Note: at the time I write this, I have not yet played/finished Mayday). Sorry for bringing up Japan again (not a weeaboo), but perhaps the Mayday ship could crash into Tokyo harbor, and the Spectre One team will need to fight their way to it from a rooftop downtown, and then escape (with Dr. Cross or something) back the same way.


    The developers have been saying for the past two episodes that they contain "enormous" Cryptid, "unlike anything we've ever done before" (referring to the Breeder and Kraken). This time, they should make a truly gigantic Cryptid, like Cloverfield or Godzilla huge (now do you see why I prefer Tokyo?). The players wouldn't necessarily need to kill it, but it would serve as a dynamic background element like the robots from Origins (from Zombies).


    The devs should also add another wonder weapon or two (the Venom-X is useful, but is kinda getting dull). One idea I have is for a shotgun-like weapon that shoots three spikes at once, which would then function similarly to shock charges from BlOps 2 once they hit a surface. So, in other words, you can either shoot Cryptids with it directly, or set up little personal electric traps with the spikes by aiming at the ground instead.

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  • 04/04/14--23:39: Re: We need Spawns feedback!
  • Here's some feedback for you guys.. fix the god damned spawns on the Behemoth map.. I kill a dude and watch him spawn in front of me and kill him again.. or I kill someone who gets a payback in 2 seconds. It wasn't even this bad at launch.

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    Looking for new members, must have1.3 K/Dor higher,MUST BE ACTIVE IN CLAN WARS, MUST play at least5-7 Hrsa week. We are serious but we like to have fun and win. Add me @PiruDiamond and send me a message or if you have the app send in an application to Tha UnDead Army

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    Er du dansk og gerne vil være med i en clan med en masse hyggelige mennesker (ca. 30 p.t.) så skal du være velkommen til at joine vores clan. Det er primært en PS3-clan, men vi vil meget gerne have andre platforme med også. Så Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PC i er meget velkomne.



    Fordi jo flere desto bedre mht. clan xp. Jo flere vi er til at hukke stykker af blokken, desto hurtigere går det. Og jo flere vi er i Clan Wars, desto nemmere bliver det at rent faktisk vinde dem.


    Når det så er sagt, vil jeg lige understrege at dette er en social clan. Vi spiller for at vinde helt sikkert, men der er som sådan ingen faste spilledage, og ingen er tvunget til at deltage. Alle spiller det de kan og vil.

    Vi spiller mest HARDCORE, men der er flere af os der sagtens kan overtales til CORE. Så hvis du kun er core-spiller, skal du ikke fortvivle. Der er plads til alle.


    Vi har en skjult facebook-gruppe, hvor man kan se om der nogen der spiller eller om hvad der bliver spillet efter i Clan Wars på et givent tidspunkt.


    Kontakt mig her, eller på PSN " MortenGalatius " eller steam " MoGa " og send mig jeres navn, så sender jeg jer et invite til clanen.

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    You do realise that any clan members who play against each other forfeit the win for that game. Also if there is no score posted during the game ie a capture or a kill the forfeit also doesn't work and doesn't count as a win. im speaking from experience

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  • 04/04/14--23:44: Re: matchmaking for the uk
  • I wish there was a way not to play with them, that country is the ******* of the internet. It's a guaranteed lagfest every time one of them is in the lobby.

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