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    I have no idea why we aren't allowed to turn the in game music down. It makes it very difficult to hear during the game at some very crucial moments when the ability to hear is vital. For example, It's really hard to hear foot steps when it's 1 vs 5 in Search & Rescue & you can't hear the 5 opponents coming after you because you have dramatic music playing. Can you give us volume control for the music? It would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Guys/Girls Man or Woman,


    We are recruiting new PS4 members, we started on Xbox with 10 members dis some winning on clan wars in ghosts, but when the PS4 came out (way sooner then the Xbox One) in the Netherlands we decided to switch to PS4, unfortunatly we lost a few good gamers because of that and now we're looking for new good players.



    Do you own a PS4 and are you looking for clan, please take a look at us:


    YT: /user/fringegamingnl

    Twitter: @fringe_gaming

    Twitch: fringegamingnl

    mail: fringegaming.cod@gmail.com

    website: www.fringegaming.com


    minum age 16+

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    Ever since I downloaded nightfall it has frozen pretty much every game at some point. I have deleted and restored multiple times and same result. Any ideas?

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    Now that we have had the chance to play with both what do you guys like better? personally me i prefer the ripper

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    A playstyle like yours (since you wanted to make assumptions about me earlier, let me have a shot at it) can give nice numbers like kd and accuracy. You are also one who is whining about the IEDs being nerfed, so one can imagine what your gameplay is like.


    AR in a window, constantly ADS, with an IED watching your back?


    Like I asked your forum buddy bubbakush... what is your problem with subpar SMGs getting a range buff?... Seriously, what is the problem with that, and how will it affect you in such a negative way that you need to complain about it online via CoD forums?


    It honestly seems like this is just something for you to piss and moan over, for no reason. Some of the SMG effective ranges dropped off right past shotgun ranges. Since you have been so vocal about it, tell us why a SMG like the bizon does not deserve a range buff.


    If you want to complain, justify it by saying more than "they were fine before".


    35% accuracy run 'n gunning? sign you up for MLG bro lol. You are a camper that is upset over some small changes that might make it easier for people to rush up on you...

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    Grim Intentions



    Grim Intentions is a successful new clan that is growing very quickly.

    We are looking for friendly & laid back players who will be an asset to our clan.



    • 1.4 & higher K/D Ratio
    • 1.4 & higher W/L Ratio
    • Be Mature
    • Be Active
    • Have a mic and the Call of Duty App
    • Participate in Clan Wars

    Clan Information:

    • Currently in Diamond Division
    • Level 16
    • 28 Members
    • 1.72 K/D
    • 61% Win Ratio  

    If Interested message me in-game or reply here

    Gamertag: Whippin White

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    i just started a clan. if your interested in joining. only me and 1 other dude is in it at the moment

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    I think extinction is awesome and it has an end unlike zombies they keep on coming and become stronger unlike aliens they have the same health and do the same damage through out the entire game. Your problem is that you just don't know how to play extinction my friend

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    That is because they "balance" the skill of both teams.  Allow me to explain.


    1 skill 100

    5 skill 16

    Team skill = 180 with 1 player most of that.

    6 skill 30

    Team skill = 180 even though they are all nearly twice as skill as the entire enemy team except 1 person.


    That would be a perfect match in the eyes of matchmaking systems used by nearly every modern game. They focus on a team balance rather than individual skill. The only way around playing with terrible randoms is to play with friends.


    I know the feeling of carrying the team constantly, but having a sporadic schedule that makes gaming with friends difficult. 3.41 k/d while I run and gun with 20+ kills nearly every game, but my w/l is only 1.25... it suffers from me enjoying objectives gametypes, but lacking good teammates 90% of the time. Still, the fact that I've managed to have a positive w/l in objective gametypes surprises me considering I get teams where my teammates are literally double and triple negative. I can't pick up the slack for 5 people like the game thinks I can..

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  • 04/07/14--00:36: Re: Clans ruining Ghosts
  • Most players in clans cant play alone or have the skill to. Thats why they only play with friends. I will say this again. FFA is not a game i enjoy because its way too campy and yes it it if others want to say it isnt. Im seriously about to quit playing Ghosts because all it is Clans. See i know how to play against them but telling my teammates is another story. They dont listen and think they can take on a whole team. Watching players that keep going the same way and getting killed by the same guys camping in the same spot with his whole team is just annoying. Only clans or parties do this and if people want to say they dont well you might be the very few that do because most if not all do it. Objective games are worse. If being in a clan makes you think your a better player you are so wrong. Try playing alone and we will see how good you think you are not having your whole team backing you up. It is a team game but to a point the maps are big enough for everyone to spread out but when i play clans they stay close together watching a whole area and not moving. I can play a whole clan on a large map and destroy them because they cant camp the whole map. Im glad many of you agree with my post and it would be nice to see Activision step it up and put in Mercenary TDM up to 2 players in party. Or just send the try hard clans to play against other clans like the meaning Clan wars should really be and not play against randoms who most time dont know how to play against a large party or clan.

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  • 03/14/14--03:42: Second screen gone?
  • RATE, SHARE, LIKE so we can get more attention on this matter!!!!!!!


    Was just checking up if second screen was going to be working now with the now download. But found that it has been removed completely from the app. Both iPad and iPhone.


    Should I take this as Beachhead has given up on their promised and much hyped Second screen feature is cancelled?

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    Call of Duty Ghosts 2- 2016.

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  • 04/07/14--00:43: Re: New bug discovered
  • This happened to me on 4-5 games yesterday.

    Flooded, Tremor, Sovereign.Stone haven and Octane.

    I was not showing on the leader board.

    all my team had the enemy color name tags.

    and all the enemy team had no name showing.

    i was unable to shoot any enemy.

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    That would be great if they put a "match making system" in this game. After months of seeing matches put together, I can say there is none here. I've never seen anything as poor as this game for choosing teams.

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    This is what i got right now till i get a new graphics card, as of now i got a
    EVGA GeForce GTX 680 with out knowing and before getting call of duty ghost. Any way every time i start it or get into 1 or 2 matches when i do get lucky it crashes or just wont let me play at all, ive done everything that ive found online that deals with settings and no luck what so ever. Would getting a new graphics card change anything and still play around with the in game settings? Is this game ever gonna be fixed?






    ghost settings 1.PNG

    ghost settings 2.PNG



    I plan on saving up for a EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Also would i need to change anything when i do get this one and sorry for all the pics

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    Yes thats the Wall Hack. player using it can see the whole team on the map outlined with a red square and as they get closer the square gets bigger and most times that player is pre firing around the corner before he even gets to you so you dont have a chance. I see tons of players using this and its very hard to pick up on because on the kill cam it only shows what that player is doing not the hack he is using. If you die more than once in a match from a player playing like this it is most likely he is using the wall hack. Very few players walk around aiming down the sites or pref firing around random corners. You cant see the Wall Hack on the kill cam just have to assume he is using it but a good player can spot it if he knows what to look for. I only play a few hours a day now and i find about a hacker every other lobby or every one. Had to change my gameplay now because of the hackers. Playing more campy and i dont really care if players call me a camper especially since if your hacking at least im not cheating.

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    This is not the right place I know but I don't know how to open a new topic " SORRY ". I have my own clan on level 5 with 7 members, but we have a problem. We don't know how to join clan war games, on COD APP we are 4th platinum division with 1 territory held + we have +30% in game xp DOM. Please tell me how to play on clan war with my clan, so we can unlock red mask, and everything. " WE ALL HAVE THE COD APPLICATION ON OUR MOBILE."

    Thank you in advance. 

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