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    Invite sent.

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  • 03/18/14--19:56: Re: Need zombie friends
  • hey im pretty good at zombies, I average survival on town ending about round 27 and about the same for nuketown. On transit i know how to build most stuff. Friend me: ClaytonWS

    Im on on the weekends and some weeks

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  • 03/18/14--20:01: Re: I need a clan (xbox 360)
  • bump

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    New clan on PS4 Recruiting ghosts members.  Looking for mature (+16) members who are not wanting to run their lives according to a clan's schedule but instead looking for a clan that plays together either in normal game types or the occasional clan war for some sweet armor! (Who doesn't want that?)  Message me on PSN if interested and we will talk there. Right now we are accepting most everyone that wants to join so if you are not already in a clan and would like to join in, just message me in game.  We understand that many of you have lives besides call of duty and will work out a schedule the whole clan can follow.


    PSN Message : Membrandt


    Look forward to rage quitting teams on ghosts!

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    My clan, Radical Lions, is at level 16. We use the clan tag [LioN].    

    If you are the leader of a clan and want to merge with mine, you will have a spot as Lt. Commander, and you will not get kicked for any reason ever.

    Depending upon how many men you bring with you I might ask for your opinion on another Lt. Commander from your guys.

    I like my Lt. Commanders to be in charge of lobbying members together during clan wars, communicating during clan wars (via Kik Messenger app), and to watch out for hackers, etc. So I prefer to have one Lt. Commander for every five members. With that and the Kik Messenger android app it makes communicating during clan wars go a lot smoother.


    So look up my clan on the Call of Duty app and see if you think we'd be right for you.

    If you are seriously interested and have any questions send me a message on the PSN, at RevolutionLion

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    My clan and i are looking for new members sense some immature ones left ours and created another. Our clan is Apex Predators Lvl 24 our leader has a 4.5 KD and is from the UK with a few good friends. Majority of our clan has above a 2.0 KD and plays active. 7 Uk 7 US and we all play a lot. Please add me and my leader. QH_9    BigHawk75

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    I'm haxing hiz controler right now! 

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  • 03/19/14--19:54: Re: Cheating a victory?
  • or maybe he was using the Marverick sniper version, and actually pulled the shots off maybe your teammates were just standing there, how would you know you were coming up behind him.

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    My gamertag is xMFx SiLvErSuRf

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    6 out of 10 people back those years ago rated you bad...


    I laugh at mine I don't care what it says really so when anyone does just avoid on me and then says so.. I laugh at them. for I know that one day we will be matched again because of how avoid does and does not work.

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  • 03/19/14--19:54: Re: Looking for 360 clan
  • SUre why not. Message me on xbox

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  • 03/19/14--19:55: Re: Theatre Mode in Ghosts?
  • I hope they eventually make a theatre mode because i have so many collaterals and quads i have to record

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  • 03/19/14--19:55: Re: AAO* Level 25 Diamond
  • make sure you are at least a reasonable prestige

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    that may be true, but it says "ghost mask". Not "Ghost".  That would mean that it's referring to his mask and not playing the character himself. Meaning if it were a mask, females should be able to wear it too....

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    hello I am interested in joining your clan. I have a 1.2KD and play often my gamertag is BigBimbo please get back to me if you are interested in me.  Thank you.

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  • 03/19/14--19:57: Lost everything for nothing
  • I have been trying to get every gold gun since the game came out, and about a week or so after I finished I got temp banned for playing with a modded account, I accidently gave a friend of mine my password and info, just a week before, so I think its unfair that all my work has been taken away from me.

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    when.... i'm losing my f ing mind here!!!

    Those camos WILL make me A better player

    Mus..t troll... forums

    Musss spend...more ...more money ...yes .yes yes It will make me look cool in the kill cam  

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    I'm down. 1.54 k/d 1.6 w/l. I'm a beast on TDM and HC TDM. Very competitive and I'm good with all other game modes as well.

    I'm on PS3

    Name- Mackenzie

    SN- mfmackenzie

    I'm 24.

    Add me if you'd like. Trying to find groups for clan wars.

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    They are so many Hackers in every lobby in call of duty. I am so sick and tired of playing duty and just making a joke out of myself because someone can hack a game. Please Activison put a stop to these ******** who can't for once in there life play by the rules. And what is the point of hacking a video game why so they can Bragg too there friends on how cool they hacked call of duty no friend its just stupid your really a loser in life. Go out and get a job work 40 hours a week and not seating at home on your lazy butt and hacking duty. Activison please make a ranking system where you play with people your rank against not playing with people that prestige ten times when I am only on prestige level one. All I can say is these hackers will ruin online play for call of duty and many other games to come to me its just like committing an online crime. All of the call of duty games from modern warfare 2 until call of duty ghosts up to this point are 80% hacked online and to me that is very sad. Sometimes when I am in a lobby playing a team death match game with in 5 seconds I am killed and wow I can't even defend myself and pull the trigger its just becoming a joke online. Activison should rename there games to call of duty the hack because online is messed up bad. Can not wait for the day when I can play call of duty and play against people my rank and yes that will be the best day in the world. Also please take away all of the sniper rifles except for like one gets to be ridiculous cause if you take them out of the game it would balance the game play very much better. Last thing there needs to be more snow maps in call of duty like what the hell every game gets one that's BS come on please we want some snow storm maps lol.

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