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  • 03/17/14--19:28: Re: 1.6 kd
  • We r Homie GSB...a level 15 clan in gold division for upcoming clan wars...we have a team k/d of 1.03 and a 53 percent win percentage...we have 32 members on 4 consoles...we are very active and communicate very well...we won our last 2 clan wars in bronze and silver divisions and now able to compete in the gold division...if ur interested send me a friend request on xbl...RoC x Phil 21 or send me a clan request...hope to have u on the team...check us out and lmk....thanks

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    IIf you go to the ghost app on the clan wars page in the upper left corner hit the tab and go to the clan wars FAQ ,,, there they say that they will not go around again . 

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    I don't see it being an issue, I use tactical settings.  Never have a problem switching between my sights when I'm using the VMR or Thermal. 

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    your right it ain't coming up , I even went to it and added another comment still nothing , it's in recent activity for the moment. I miss cross map tomahawks and throwing knives!

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    absolutely nothing. BO2 was the worst CoD to date without a doubt i hated it

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  • 03/17/14--19:37: Re: knife loadout squads
  • You simply need to change the equipment in the loadouts to whatever you want. The DLC extra loadouts for example come pre-set for knife only and have to be changed by you.

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    I dont play this map..I hate this map...how do i stop getting put into matches with this map! CaN I delete this map along with siege, tremor, flood, stonehaven and chasm? oh ya and stormfront...

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    I miss the:

    -  connection (still was better than Ghosts for me)

    - Longer ttk

    - Sticks n stones

    - Smaller maps

    - Nuketown

    - The community

    - Colour scheme, not bland and gray like Ghosts

    - Lack of hackers

    - Fast invites and joining

    - Fast paced

    - Large playlists

    - Decent game modes like Demo, Hardpoint etc

    - Scorestreaks

    - Objective focused players for the majority

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    smaller maps, and the fact that playstation players actually got customization packs 30 days after xbox, still waiting for extra slots and they won't even announce when they will make it available for us, been well over 30 days since xbox got it

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    You are using 'no fall damage' right? Not even sure when i got mine. But like others have said.... HC is the best way to do it. Chasm has alot of jump spots.

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    54 PM


    Unrivaled Actions.


    Clan level: 15

    Members: 27

    K.D. Ratio: 1.00

    Platinum Division

    Gold Tags

    Requirements are simple;

    Speak English

    Be competitive

    It is recommended you have a mic


    It's not about your K.D. or play style.

    You will NOT be kicked unless you never play.

    Were looking for:

    Agile Players looking to fight for diamond,

    A great sense of teamwork and communication,

    Active competitive players





    If you're interested in becoming the best, add or message







    "Clan Application" on PSN for a clan invite A.S.A.P.

    You will not be disappointed!

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    PSN is DoolySWED, would like to join. Kdr is 0.96, only because I had a bad day. Usually above 1.00. From Michigan and active, would love to join.

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    If I remember correctly, you had to buy it on ps3 and could transfer it to ps4 for an additional $10, and there was a deadline to do this.  It may just be that your attempt at doing so ended up being past the deadline that they had set, meaning now people have to pay full price to have it on the ps4 even if they have it on ps3.


    I apologize if someone has already wrote this as a response, I didn't feel like reading all of the posts.

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    its funny because they are all claiming to be so good and they dont see hackers but i sat here and watched 5 games and seen the hackers running wild , its friggin crazy out there on tdm and domination

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    Banned for being such a muppet

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with it, my question though is are ps4 season holders going to get it ahead of their next dlc release as well like xbox did, seems only fair, however i'm sure ps4 players will all have to wait until the second dlc, because that's how the money hungry corperations roll.  I'm actually starting to wonder if we are even going to get the customization packs and extra slots that xbox did, it's been well over a month since they got the extra slots and capt price skin... Where is ours?

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    My daily bump. ^.^

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    Hi there! Are you looking for a clan? Then look no further then merxmen. We are currently level 1 becuse we are a brand new clan but with some of our players being competitve players we we rank up fast seeing as we will never lose! If you want to be apart of the next big thing then join merxmen today! Anyone is welcome as long as you have a mic and are on alot!

    msg: Merx Rex on xbox live if your interested or reply to this post.

    You wont regret it!

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