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  • 03/19/14--20:05: Re: Looking for 360 clan
  • Better yet send me a clan invite or ill. Start it. Just give me the details and I can handle it.

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    There will be Trickshotting, Quickscope wars, Clan wars, ect. Wanna join? Add XxW1CK3DK1LL3RxX

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  • 03/19/14--20:05: Re: looking for clan members
  • Add me, my psn is suchimimus

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  • 03/19/14--20:05: Re: Looking for 360 clan
  • i don't have an xbox, but i will be getting an xbox one in a couple of weeks, which is why i need a rep for my clan on xbox, who can help recruit and manage other xbox players.

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  • 03/19/14--20:06: console perm banned!!
  • Been a dedicated cod player since mw1 and never had any issues up till this past weekend.  I see a common trend of bans and im hoping someone who can make a difference sees this and reviews my case.


    I had a couple friends over who both have ghosts accounts and purchased the game so I didn't see any problem to set them up on my system. We played for about 5 hours each using are own accounts and then I go to login the next day and it says my console is perm banned. My account and theres are fine just my console whinch I think if anyone is in the wrong its who ever banned my console for destruction of property.. anyway I hope this gets fixed before long thx for reading.

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    You should be trying to halp and not haxing him!

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    DHN is looking for members, if your at least 16 yrs old and have a miyou can come join us.

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    it 'bumps' your thread to the top of the list so that more people will see it.

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    Last night I completed the eggstra xp trophy on my ps4 and tonight have been trying to do it on the ps3 and when I shoot the hives nothing pops up. can you not do it on both consoles?


    NOTE: I have yet to play a nightfall game on my ps3. Ive only played it on my ps4

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    I didn't try unlinking then redoing it. I'll give it a try. I just know that when I got on it signed me out then I didn't have a clan anymore.

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    You say you signed up for this website? Did you create and new user name and link the two accounts together? if so, that may be the issue- it is being interpreted as leaving your clan causing you to lose your patch achievements.You should be able to keep any body count achievements - once you earn it, you can take it with you. Post up if you "linked" your new account/username (if different) and theer are some moderators that can tell you  how to fix if possible to fix. Good luck!


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    2nd To None is a new clan looking to recruit active players to build a clan that will follow through with its name "Second To None". Meaning "We Refuse To Lose". As of now I do not have any members and is looking for members to help me build. So if you are looking for a clan join 2nd To None.



    Active with the drive to win

    Headset is required but not manditory

    K/D at least a .9 also not manditory

    16+ Age


    NOTE: Also looking for 4 LT Commanders to help run the clan



    PSN ID: Ghosts1stOutlaw send messege



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    Interested also.  Send me a party or game invite on Xbox 360 to CurszdHex

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  • 03/20/14--20:36: Re: Mod controllers?
  • I don't need to act a certain way I really couldn't care what you think or don't think about me.


    The fault is youjumping to conclusions. Instead of asking me 'did you use this in tdm, or kc ect' you straight away treated me like I was a cheat. Of course i'm going to retaliate when someone attacks me, if you dont like how i reacted to your attacks than it stands to reason that you choose your words more wisely before you start trying to flame someone in a public forum.


    Maybe next time you will think twice before trying to point the finger, no matter what way you want to try and spin this, your in the wrong for the way you attacked me.

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  • 03/20/14--20:39: Re: Mod controllers?
  • Thanks for the explanation, i had never heard of this controllers until a friend lent me his controller while we played a private match last night.

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    We are looking for Players to join SUPREME BEING5.


    Info about the clan:

    - Name: SUPREME BEING5

    - Clan Tag: SBO

    - Clan K/D Ratio: 1.07

    - Clan Leader: FALL3NNx3

    - Total Members 70

    - Clan level 16

    - We always participate in clan wars

    - Currently in 3rd place gold division

    - We are only on ps3..but soon to be on ps4

    - Anyone is welcome





    - No K/D required

    - Be of any skill

    - Invite friends or anyone you know that would like to be in this clan

    - Play with other Clan Members

    - Play whenever you want

    - Stay loyal and please don't leave

    - Respect each other

    - Participate in Clan Wars

    - Play as a team

    - Mic is not required



    How to join:


    Request to join via the app or send me a message on Ps3 or on my email fall3nx3@gmail.com.

    (PSN: FALL3NNx3) (Please send only a message not a friend request and i'll send you a clan invite when i get online)


    Thank you so much to the loyal people who have stayed in our clan so far and future new comers, Thank you


    PSN: Fall3NNx3

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    hey add me chainiax_legion I just made a new clan account but im really good

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  • 03/20/14--20:40: Re: Clan XP reward in CW!!
  • There are a couple of threads about this -but, My clan received roughly 150,000 xp for first place finish last Diamond war. We went from level 14 to 19 just like that!

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  • 03/20/14--20:41: Re: Looking for a clan!
  • hit me up FUIMGR8 we are IMMORAL GODS

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  • 03/20/14--20:41: Re: PS4 player need clan
  • hit me up fuimgr8

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