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    assault rifles have ALWAYS been the most used gun by far in all cod games. In Ghosts it is no different. Most used gun by the pros and competitive players is the mtar a sub machine gun. I see a nice amount of LSATs and Mlars. I see tons of snipers. You are just complaining to complain.


    Ghosts weapons are EASILY one of the most balanced weapon sets in the entire COD series.

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  • 02/05/14--21:53: Re: ban issue again
  • i should have realized that some little 15 year old would say something

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    Well all was going well you know with bad fps cause optimization sucks but still i cant actually open the game and then this update comes in, and suddenly i cant open the game anymore i get the "CoD:Ghost has stopped working" sign, i played the game without problems like 2 days before...

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    Welcome to the Recruitment forum for PE (heh don't worry our clan tag won't be that)




    Console: PS4 (ONLY)

    Slots left: 13 of 16

    Clan Tag: Pony (Unless we get suggestions)


    The Name: Pagasi Elite came from me wanting a name that was related to My Littl- No don't click that X button nuuu!! D= Well there goes an anti-brony person... As I was saying I wanted a name that was related to My Little Pony. However I didn't want Brony or Pony or something on lines of that I wanted something more diffrent and orignal And we are not a Brony only clan C= I will only be allowing 16 to join If you want to join post below and please do tell me abit about your self!




    Clan K/D: N/A

    Clan Win %: N/A

    (I will add these once we have full team =3 )


    What I'm looking for(These are NOT REQUIRED):

    K/D -6.00 (Why don't I want people with 6.00+ KD? Well clearly you steal all the kills =3)

    Age 15-25

    A Mic is not required (I won't be using one)

    (Note: These are //NOT REQUIRED//)



    Know English

    K/D 1.30+

    Friendly and Active people

    (Note: Any one who joined before this was made will be uneffected)

    (Reason: I made Requirements due to having too much low KD people (It will effect my KD D'=))


    Who am I?:

    I'm LittleBearHugs Yay! I'm a gamer from Scotland and for all you pervs and nerds out there yes I'm a female and no my boddy is not for sale ;3. I mostly get on at 11pm to 5am Yea I stay up late

    My Stats:

    K/D: 1.40

    Win %: 1.48

    Avg Score: 1050



    Note: This clan is still very new you can expect a lot of changes in the future

    Bye now Hugs for all!! =3

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  • 02/05/14--21:58: kicked out of my own clan?
  • i am leader of my own clan but ever since i downloaded the call of duty app i am no longer in my clan, i cant go on clan details it says "classified" yet the other girls in my clan say that when they go on clan details i am still there as commander. i have tried to unlink and delete all cookies and then re link it as i heard that work but nothing happens. i have tried too talk to a "live agent" on the activision website but the chat is never live. can anybody help me please?

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    Reaper Alliance invite sent

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    I Have the same problem.

    I Still have my PS3.

    the character pack off the ghosts mask is not possible to download at your ps4.

    when i enter a new prestige i allways use my ps3 to create a new soldier.

    when i am done with fixing a new soldier + the simon ghost mask.

    i Head back to my ps4.

    when i go multiplayer and i see my soldier he will have the mask on.

    but when i will press find game like TDM.

    the mask will dissapear also the downloaded patch and background.

    i Am prestige 7, 6 times it worket since the new cod update doesnt work it anymore.


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    [xVKx] Virtual Killing is recruiting! Core and Hardcore players alike. This clan mostly plays TDM for both. This clan plays on Xbox One. So far we have won both Platinum Clan Wars and are in Diamond Division.


    Clan Leaders and Sub-leaders info:                                          

         Commander: OhaPieceaCandy

    Core                                                           Hardcore

         Lt. Cdr: OhaPieceaCake                               Lt. Cdr: Sgt Shankx

              Lt. Cdr: JFRESHx19                                     Lt. Cdr: RazorPudge

                   Lt. Cdr: PVGxB3AST                                   Lt. Cdr: ONeSHOT vK

    Game play style:                               

         Core- We work for our kills. We push on the enemy team and get those fast kills, Run, Fire, Aim. Tho for every runner we have someone taking it slow and watching out backs, double checking that back spawn and getting in those ambush kills.

         Hardcore- We play smart. Split the spawns, cover the open areas and watch each other's flank. Some guard our spawn and others push to get those pesky camper in the back of their spawn. We play slower so we can be aware; all it take is for you to miss one enemy to get your whole team killed.

    Hit one of us up if you are interested in checking out [xVKx]. Sgt Shankx has captured a lot of videos if you want to see how we do thing.

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    Hey black_duck2,


    Thanks for providing that information, and letting us know what you've tried. Are you getting any error messages when launching the game? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Have you also made sure verify your game cache?




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    Hi we need members for are clan for Xbox one for clan wars were platinum division trying to work are way to diamond division were clan level 16 we just play for fun don't care about k/d ratio we want people over 18 yrs old so let me know if u want to join thanks.

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    Or instead of going to a website to join a clan come join the Twizted Soldiers.. You only need to have a kdr of 1.0 or higher

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    Downloaded dlc 3 times now, would really like a fix for this issue thx.

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    We are looking for Players to join SUPREME BEING5.


    Info about the clan:

    - Name: SUPREME BEING5

    - Clan Tag: SBO

    - Clan K/D Ratio: 1.35

    - Total Members 34

    - Clan Level 14

    - We are only on ps3..but soon to be on ps4

    - Anyone is welcome



    - No K/D required

    - Be of any skill

    - Invite friends or anyone you know that would like to be in this clan

    - Play with other Clan Members

    - Play whenever you want

    - Stay loyal and please don't leave

    - Respect each other

    - Participate in Clan Wars

    - Play as a team

    - Mic is not required



    How to join:


    Request to join via the app or send me a message on Ps3 or on my email fall3nx3@gmail.com.

    (PSN: FALL3NNx3) (Please send me a message not a friend request and I'll send you a clan invite when i get online)



    Thank you so much to the loyal people who have stayed in our clan so far and future new comers, Thank you


    PSN: Fall3NNx3

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    Looking for active players we are a chill clan, easy to get a long with.


    PS3 Gamertag : Xi-_MaRaTHoN_-Xi msg me if interested with your kd w/l ratio and days played


    we will drop you if not active. harsh but gotta do what we gotta do

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    Thanks for the response, that's awesome.


    Now see, this is how little I really know about guitar.  When you say strumming position, do you mean like more "sideways" or horizontal relative to the controller than a "normal" person would hold it?  Or, like a "claw" grip, as in, you almost hold the analog stick like you are holding a pick with thumb and index finger?  Don't worry if you never respond, anything is informative to me, thanks!

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    I really would like to join. I play mw3 constantly. My skills: great aiming and rushing good. Also, I have MOABs. Would you accept me?

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    Oh for sure, thanks for your response as well.


    That's probably the most noticeable improvement for me actually, the left hand strength thanks to practicing chords.  That directly improved my strength in my thumb muscles, so I no longer get that sore feeling in my palm during sessions of playing COD where I'm using sprint often.

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    what a bunch of bullshit.


    are you expecting me to say thanks.

    well it must be lost in the post, along with the dedicated servers you said we have.


    anti cheat. that's some more bullshit. everyone still using wall hacks


    but save yourself the trouble,     its too late.


    all the tweaks and changes aint going to change the fact we all walked away from you


    was bad enough that the pc went to 7k gamers on this shitty unfinished, undedicated game.

    now you have 2k. for a 3 month old game. that must put ghost at the top of the list of over hyped failed games.



    so whats the point of the clan change, so people can join by them self's.

    great if you cant get a game.........no ones playing it

    you can sit there in most of the game mode lobby's and not find a game.

    so the only actual change to this patch is the title song....


    so give up. your fans have gone.


    so take your toys and go home, because millions of us will not be buying a game from infinity ward again

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    I am learning how to play guitar purely through youtube videos, and I am finding more and more parallels each and every time I pick up one or the other.  I went from being completely worthless/never tried to now being able to do simple things like run through Beatles Dear Prudence, can play Oasis Live Forever, and then can obviously play songs that are easier than Live Forever (which is pretty easy).  If I could alternate barre chords faster, I could probably move up a couple notches and play more difficult stuff already.


    Now, this is a COD discussion really, just giving background, the point is, I keep finding more and more that I recognize there is a "standard of precision" that both ventures require, as in, a millimeter wrong can mess up everything.  What I'm finding is, that in the heat of the moment, I am calmer and can fix or adjust on the fly quicker.  Of course, this is really dealing with actual gameplay, not picking the best classes or anything, but you can just as easily equate better posture to picking the correct class, because you put yourself in a better position to perform well.


    All I'm saying is, finding so many physical minute changes creating and developing into something amazing (playing air guitar-> actually playing a real song by in reality only making "slight" changes to your fingers) is very similar to COD.  Something like rounding the corner and having the reticle in the right spot, or, realizing that you aren't burst firing but start to once you realize you weren't and being able to adjust on the fly and save yourself?  Moving the analog stick at an awkward direction as you follow a person jump strafing onto your screen, sometimes having to contort your fingers in a split second.  Etc...


    So, this is a COD discussion, I'm not asking for musical advice, I'm seeing if anyone agrees, AND, if anyone by chance gets my wavelength here, perhaps can show other correlations I haven't thought of yet.


    And of course, the opposite applies, does anyone here find they are better at something else because of COD? lol


    If this needs to get moved, move it to off-topic, but this is really dealing with physical ability while playing COD so I put it here first.  Ok, carry on. Thanks

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