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    How about posting in the stickied spawns thread on the top of the forum page?

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    you can not be serious.


    its still not properly optimized.

    still hacked to death

    still no dedicated servers.


    this patch has done **** all.


    over million pc copy's and its only got 7k people left.


    the game was never finished for sale. and they do not give a **** about the pc gamer. but only people that buy new consoles

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    That's exactly the way I look at it Ammo. Crap release? Fine, I'll skip that one and continue playing the release I DO like.

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    there are exceptions, such as you being a great objective player msg me if you dont meet requirements but feel you can contribute well to the clan.

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    HelzAngels is recruiting for Xbox one if interested plz contact demonbones19 were platinum division clan rank 16 cause we need more members

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    ^^^ Sch$effer, I feel so stupid now... lol... I knew that. But haven't played the game in a while so I forgot (get off my case). So yes you can. lol... Invite your friend to Squad vs. Squad, and select play game, and boom. Playing against a friend in Squads.


    And to think I wasn't drunk earlier (only an ounce shy of a fifth, lol). Next time, I will do my research. lol. And not go from memory, as it's s**t anyway. Good luck on the Squads with a friend.

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    This game takes forever to get kills, its not fast paced. Whereas Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was strongly greater than this "Call of Duty Ghosts." Is this even a Call of Duty? I feel like this game was rushed throughout the years they had. It takes almost a million years to get 50+ kills, Cranked isn't even as fast. Infinity Ward, this message is to you... Consider making a better game that gamers won't rage on and get mad at. This game gets so boring that i'm already willing to sell it right on the spot without any hesitation.

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    hope you guys enjoy


    [Removed by Moderator]

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    Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Ghosts

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  • 02/07/14--23:32: Modding on MW3,BO2 & Ghosts
  • Hello to everyone out there in the Call of Duty universe, there is something I need to find out ASAP! OK so I'm the Clan Commander for a Clan on Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 & Ghosts. My Clan is pretty active and with Clan Wars on Ghosts I've had to start recruiting more members. Some members have been banned from Ghosts recently for hacking. I understand completely why these bans are in place and I agree that players who have modded or hacked should not be able to play! I've had to kick 3 members from my Clan on Ghosts because of there lust or greed or stupidity which I have no problem doing. Now I have this member in my Ghosts Clan who hasn't modded or hacked Ghosts. Last night I was talking to him and It came up in conversation that he has modded the MW3 campaign, which my response was why the ****. He knows how much I'm against exploiting he has in many party chats where I haven spoken to many of my Clan members  about the whole glitched purple, green, blue etc Clan Tags and how I think its so wrong that all of my Clan puts in so much time and dedication into to the Ghosts Clan busting our asses trying to level up to 25 to unlock the LEGIT red Clan Tag when other Clans are running around with a purple tag. So he asked me if he can be in the MW3 BO2 Elite Clan.. Knowing he has modded the campaign is making me very worried, I don't know what would happen if I let him in. I've looked everywhere for info on this subject but I haven't found the info I need. Can someone please help me. This is torturing me. PLEASE REPLY IF YOU CAN

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  • 02/07/14--21:16: Re: Clan Wars help.
  • Hi there,


    It would be too long to explain everything here so I picked up some of the best links I know that I think can help you a lot you and your clan in Clan Wars:




    Everything you need to know is in there so good luck and I hope it helped!

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    Hey all,


    me and my buddy just started up a new clan for XB1. We have been playing together with a whole group of guys but we are the only ones who purchased the One.


    Recruit Prerequisites:

    1. Must have at least a 1.00 K/D

    2. MUST have mic and MUST be good at communication.

    3. must be 18+


    we don't have any crazy tryouts or anything if you want to tryout just send a xbox message to either myself (GT: crazee4nismo) or my co-leader TheBlueNug. Then all we do is go play a couple of games and just see if you mesh with us and can hold your own. If you show us you can, your in.


    Thank you guys for reading and hope to hear from you guys soon!

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    I only have 6 soldiers unlocked at the moment, so I can't say for the 200, 300, 400, and 500 squad point soldiers, but with all of mine so far, as previously said, it all depends on the loadout you have for each soldier... Meaning which Class set has a star next to it when in create a soldier. The class set that has the star is the default loadout when you play with your squad, or if you're offline and a random person challenges your squad. Hope this helps.


    Make sure to check that the AI Loadout selection is on the class set that you WANT them to start out with. I have seen sometimes a loadout for one of my soldiers is different from the one I selected. I.E., one soldier I had selected an SMG as a default, but when the game started, he had a sniper rifle. So make sure all the classes are set up for how you would play in online multiplayer. It is the luck of the draw if you will win in Squad assault. If you're more cautious on Strikezone, you may win in by a big margin. If you're cautious when playing on Flooded, Stonehaven, or even Freight, you may not win.

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    add me PSN:hyerbthy121 no caps im lvl 15 but have 0.90KD i play on ps3 is that fine

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    do it

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    Clan level: 12

    Members: 7

    Latest Clan Wars: 8 nodes,

    223 Capture Points

    K.D. Ratio: 1.02

    Gold Tags

    Requirements are simple;

    Have a mic

    Speak English

    Be friendly and Competitive

    Have a decent K.D. ratio

    We're looking for more members, improving our play styles, playing clan wars, and leveling up the clan, if you play often and well enough you will be a Lieutenant Commander.

    We have a reliable and friendly team, online everyday.



    If you're interested reply, then add or message Takritos "Clan Application" on PSN for a clan invite A.S.A.P.

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  • 02/07/14--23:43: EliteBrotherh00d
  • Hey, my name is Austin. I recently made a new clan because my first clan, ranked 10 with only five members was hacked, boosted up somehow, then to finish off with the hacker kicking me out of the clan. My new clan has only four members at the moment and is almost rank 2. I just started it within the past few days and am trying to recruit more people into it so a. It can be ranked up faster. And b. The more people, the better my clan could try to do during the clan wars. Anybody that wants to join just let ne know. Have a great day/night!

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  • 02/07/14--23:44: Join clan xbox 360

    Need more clan members hit me up for invite to clan. clan K/D is 1.9. we have over 20 members right now. we play mostly blitz. I am ranked 38th for blitz.  we are also in the platinum division.


    Clan name  YDA or You Dash A lot 




    My Gt: mikethebest03




    K/D 2.7 W/L 2.5


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    Is this really the best place to come and find new clan members? surely playing in game and speaking to the better players you come across would be more beneficial. you can see them for who they are straight away. I could post anything on here and get an invite to your clan, when actually im nothing like what I said

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    GamebroCrazy wrote:


    And that's why I have an open Nat... : P

    My open NAT gets me some french guy raging at me.  At least I think he was.  He sounded pissed and mentioned my name.  Maybe he was saying "good games Nap!", but he didn't sound happy.

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