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  • 02/04/14--21:33: Re: Get It Together!
  • They'll never do anything about it. They never have and never will.


    Just look at the amount of hackers that they have yet to do anything to address it. And I doubt they ever will as that's IW's style to just ignore it and act like nothing is wrong.


    But hey, they stopped caring a long time ago. Hell, look at what MW3 turned into. CoD Devs stopped caring and never will again unless the sales drop to a point where they need to get players back.

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    Clan name: Soul Destroyers

    Previous wins: 2 wins in platinum division.

    Min KD to join: .90

    You must play during clan wars (we understand people have lives, but we are here to win. If you can't play you will be expected to notify the clan Commander or Lt Commanders).


    We have won 2 platinum division wars and have dropped to silver due to inactive players (they have been removed). We are looking to add serious players age 18 and over (younger players are considered as well but we would have to get to know the player so we could see how serious a player they are). We plan to add about 20 members.


    If interested in joining do one of the following.


    Message or add me on 360:

    Gamertag: Dark so killer


    Message or add On PS4:



    Message or add on 360:

    Gamertag: GhostnURconsole

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    Nothing as of right now. I believe they are working on it but I have no source other than hear say through the forums.

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    I am playing on the PS3 we were trying to play split screen. it has happened twice now. it was my brothers account (Black_COD_3) and mine (Kikekaru)

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  • 02/04/14--21:34: Re: Classes?
  • ROFL. I somehow found myself on the blops area on accident.... this was supposed to be for Ghosts -_- haha sorry

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  • 02/05/14--21:32: Re: We need Spawns feedback!
  • More spawn points need to be added to Freight, simple.

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    PSN: MrHappyStoner


    Im always online and the clan i'm in as of now has plenty of members that never play. It always better to play with people. the more the merrier. Not the best player out there, but no too bad either.

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    Actually, something I just thought of. Are they simply punishing snipers in general? With the toughness perk severely brought down, I'm wondering if it is worth while to use.The reason why I wonder if they are punishing snipers is because a lot of the ARs and marksman rifles (though that makes a bit more sense for the latter) are incredibly accurate and can flinch you pretty hard, even with the toughness perk. Stick and move doesn't really seem to work. The most I can say is all of the stealth perks can only hide you for a little bit before someone sees your tracer. It kind of seems as though they wanted Ghosts to be a run and gunner, yet makes maps that are much larger than previous entries.

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  • 02/05/14--21:42: Options
  • Bring back the option to turn off the damn music! When I'm in a clutch situation, I don't want to hear the lame music you think is needed to make things more dramatic. I want to hear the game not the music. Not sure why you thought that was a good idea,

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    Better yet, just put a little swine flu into his food a week before Cap!  It's such a genius plan nothing could ever go wrong...


    Yup, i definitely wanna go opening day!  I'd have a pretty tough time waiting even a couple days if the movie is half as awesome as all the trailers are making it out to be.

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    My phone went down the other day and I could not access my app info. see how my clan was doing on our attack. what node to attack. when or if I needed to defend a node. Is it possible to have this access elsewhere? because I can't afford a second phone/tablet service.

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    Pure Rez is still recruiting for xbox. Please go to www.purerezgaming.com/forums to apply. Hope to see you there.

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    yes am tired too man, this campers are driving me crazy we need a sniper mode only please. it's not fair to get killed by other weapons over&over again. theres a lot people want a sniper mode only. you can adjust that C'man !!!!!

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  • 02/05/14--21:34: ban issue again
  • i asked about 3 hours ago and got locked answer one question then?

    my ps3 account is banned but my ps4 isnt what happened i want to know?

    my ps3 hasnt been turned on since nov 15 2013 the day i got my ps4!

    if this is the way its going to be im done with call of duty!

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  • 02/05/14--21:48: Re: ban issue again
  • i'm glad you are done with call of duty this game could use 1 less hacker like you

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    Epidemic? LMAO It is far from that. Riot shield is easily the least used weapon in the game. I face MAYBE 2 riot sheilders a day. riot shield users barely veer go positive. If you take away their explosives then you might as well take the riot shield completely out because they will never even break even. You seem like a guy who just had a bad game and got raaped by a riot shileder so you made a thread to whine like a baby about it.

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  • 02/05/14--21:51: Re: ban issue again
  • see its people like you that start some **** dumb ass read the post i dont hack i dont have to im that good

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    I am not a fan of obvious restrictions. I would rather just buff the hell out of blast shield and change the C4 detonate shortcut to still pull out the clacker.


    Also, C4 should be nerfed, it is a better grenade then every other grenade. Great killing radius, absolute control, and a generous throwing distance obsoletes semtex, frags, and canister bombs - strong arm and Danger close only exacerbate the problem. It's a placeable explosive that never hits the ground or any other surface because everyone airbursts the damn thing.

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  • 02/05/14--21:53: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • No, no, you have to wait until someone asks an unrelated question then stare at em with the crazy eyes till everyone awkwardly shuffles away from you.  That's the proper celebration!


    Are May and Simmons still the best part of the show?  it sucks that Skye is still annoying, but at least the others have improved.  Wow, you are gonna be busy for about a week.  That's about how long it'll take you beat those games, right?  Haha, you must be pretty excited!  Do you your money all saved up and ready to buy em on the release day?  A cookie too big to fit in a glass of milk?  That just sounds like torture.

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