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    The Syndicate Gaming Network




    About Us:




    Let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to read about THE SYNDICATE GAMING NETWORK (TSGN). I am happy to say that TSGN will be a gaming community that will be offering game reviews, videos, clan interviews/reviews and we will also have our own clan and competitive teams as well.  As of right now we are active on all platforms and playing Call of Duty: Ghost as well as TitanFall. Our clan aims to be very competitive but at the same time we do not turn our backs on possible recruits with low K/D ratios.




    It is our belief that our gaming community is a place where all gamers could feel at home. We are well organized and are very active in game as well as on our website ( Link can be found at the bottom of this post ). If you think you can follow our simple rules and wish to find a place where you can game with friends then we are the place for you.




    Code Of Conduct:



    Here at TSGN we hold our members as well as our staff to some pretty high standards. We wish for this to be a place where anyone can come in and feel respected as a gamer and a friend. It is for this reason that we have rules in place to make sure there is no mistreatment of others or the disrespecting of anyone we play with. Below you will be able to find our Code of Conduct.




    - There will be no disrespecting of any gamer or other person that you are in contact with. The demeaning of others has no place here at TSGN and we will not allow that kind of behavior here. We wish for our gamers to play with that old saying of " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


    - Glitching and Cheating will never be tolerated. If you are seen or caught doing so you will be asked to leave TSGN and then we will proceed to contact game admins about your cheating. Cheaters and glitchers truly have no place here or for that matter in the gaming world. We strive to make sure that all gamers can enjoy the games they play the way that they are meant to.


    - Racism has no place on this site or in our clan. It is just sad that it even exist and we will not have it here at TSGN. If you have an issue with this, the door is on your left.


    - Real life threats of violence onto another individual will give you an instant ban. There will be a report filed to the appropriate authorities as well.


    - We here at TSGN do believe in Freedom of Speech and therefor do allow foul language. This does NOT mean you can use excessively. If we feel you are taking advantage of our lax stand on this issue, you will be removed from TSGN or be given a temporary ban depending on the history of the individual.


    - TSGN does ask that all members stay active on our site and advertise our sponsors as much as possible. This means please re-tweet any of our tweets about sponsors. Remember that we are a reflection of our sponsors so please always play responsible and tweet/post responsible as well.




    In the end we want all of our members here at TSGN to have the ability to play in a safe caring environment. We are always going to be there for our members and will help them in anyway possible. So with that all said, feel free to go out there and play under the TSGN tag!

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    Good stuff! I looked at the video and you can in fact see the moon eclipsing! We'll have to see how this plays out for the next game though to be entirely sure.

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    yea i really wish it was a case of the dog ate my homework scenario, but on my grandmothers grave i havent done **** but kill ppl on this game im not a hacker im not a modder i dont have some super crazy ps3 i jus play for fun. whatever moving on with my 0 squad points and custom class setup should be a fun start again....not.

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  • 02/03/14--21:27: Band Hero Drums problem
  • Hi, I got a drum kit of Band Hero for XBox 360, and it seems it works fine, but when I press strongly the red drum with the drumstick, yellow drum actives too. The opposite also happens. It's not a great problem, because i usually have no reason to push any drum strongly, but annoying anyway, how can i fix it?

    thank you.

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  • 02/03/14--21:28: Deathstreak..?
  • I could have sworn this game didn't was not supposed to have any deathstreaks.... So I'm playing domination in Whiteout, I go to cap the B flag and see some camper peek his head out from the boat and I kill him. I go cap my flag, kill 2 other guys coming from the opposite side of the B flag and then I die. The ******* guy that was camping on the boat, had a freaking dog. The dog ran all the way from the boat to kill me. Matyr-Dog. Why does the code for the dog, suddenly change to terminator when you kill his owner?


    Also, why do I now see the score for person who kills me? No other cod does that ****, why does this one do that??

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    btw i have dlc maps too

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    This Clan is for people who want to get the most out of Ghosts, have fun, and kick ass.



    Clan Wars Antarctica; 8 nodes held, 230 CP

    Clan level: 12

    Members: 7

    Requirements are pretty simple;

    You need to have a mic

    You need to have a K.D. ratio above 1

    Be friendly and competitive

    Speak English

    We're looking for more members, improving our play styles, playing clan wars, and leveling up the clan, if you play often and well enough you will be a Lieutenant Commander.

    We have a reliable and friendly team, online everyday.



    If you're interested reply, then add or message Takritos"Clan Application" on PSN for a clan invite A.S.A.P.

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    what kind of rank structure do you have set up?

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    1.  Rundown       MW2

    2.  Strike            COD4

    3.  Prison Break  Ghosts

    4.  Vacant           COD4

    5.  Shipment       COD 4

    6.  Summit          BO

    7.  Standoff         BO2

    8.  Seelow           WaW

    9. Upheaval         WaW

    10.Afghan             MW2

    Backlot, Crash, District, Creek, Airfield, Cliffside, Hangar, Estate, Terminal, Favela, Wasteland, Skidrow, Highrise, Trailer Park, Jungle, Firing Range, Havana, Grid, WMD, Stadium, Stockpile, Hazard, Carbon, Interchange, Dome, Mission, Resistance, Village, Meltdown, Slums, Yemen, Magma, Cove, Frost, Tremor, Freight, Warhawk, Stonehaven, Flooded. 

    All of these could be in the top 20.

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    even funnier how you necro bumped this almost a year later

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    Thanks guys for the help. I really want to advance my clan to higher divisions. My clan is tight knit and its hard to get rid of the vets that are inactive, But like said I can always add them back to the clan is they start playing again. Time to trim the fat!

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    Hey just a quick question on the game types you play if they are HC or core and what type of clan such as division if that matters or not.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    It might be a couple days because I got kicked as the commander from my clan because activision is stupid, and the current commander is retarded. When it get's worked out I'll accept it.

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    TheDarkOne123 wrote:


    You are joking right? Alright name one Arcade FPS where a perk like Amplify existed. That's right none of them needed sound they were all gun on gun play no perks no crutches in Amplify's case. Seriously you are only trying to make Dead Silence useless again that's I think both perks should be removed so everyone is mad instead of just one group. I would have it to where either everyone is happy or everyone is mad you wanna make it where people think twice about using Dead Silence. Why? Because you have your own agenda because you want Amplify to be a wall hack involving sound again. If Dead Silence is nerfed or made to three points then Amplify should be 8 points or better yet make Sitrep see Amplify users through walls there you go a "competitive" playing field because I can see you and you can hear me. If you are having trouble with Dead Silence start looking around. Because right now the setup is the same as MW2 which is the way it should of been in the first place. You gotta love it I use facts and you question my sources I have used logic countless times and you fail to see my point and you even made a post like this. Face it you have your own agenda.

    i dont know what post you are referring to. i think its the one where i said we should remove all the guns and knives because they are a huge crutch which was in response to you hating dead silence or amplify i cant remember which. or was it the one where i said i have a 1.1 kd but i play blind. I dont recall wanting amplify to be a wall hack either. sorry but i perceive your logic as a rant. i see very lil logic used in any of your deductions. for proof you have arrived at the conclusion i want amplify to be a wall hack based on a point increase for dead silence. i would say that is more of a leap of faith on your part than deductive reasoning.


    if you do have a logical opinion that is not an outright attack on what i originally thought i would love to hear it.

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    total games i have probably played more core than hc but im comfortable with either.. and division doesn't matter to me as long as all of what i said before is there

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    TThe primary objective of SND/R is "search"ing for enemies. Being able to walk around the map and detect enemies with constant radar pings is totally against the spirit of SND/R. I would have far less of a problem with R's/c4 pansies if they didn't have the Radar attachment.


    IF they got rid of RS radar, DC, kastet/Launcher, C4, and IEDs, this might be my favorite COD. As of now, search modes are completely compromised. Public matches need to move slightly in the direction of esports rules.

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    This patch is really hard to get, it tok me almost all day. Really, you don't actually know who is in first, so just run around, avoid (to the best of your abilities) death, and good luck! PS Since you can't die between the 5 kills, I recommend using the health regen perk because you will be moving quickly and will need to heal up. Happy hunting!

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    I see. And all the generators were on. And my apologies is there a better forum you could direct me to to talk about such things?

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