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    First of all the spawns are the same as they have been in previous COD games

    Maybe you mean spawns are the same as they have been in previous IW games?  I can't comment on those, but i know without doubt that this spawn system is nothing like Black Ops 2.  It had its own issues, mostly caused by the small maps, but never in a gameplay time that spanned ~60,000 kills did I spawn not knowing which way to run.  In Ghosts it's a 50/50 split as far as guessing which side of you the enemy is on.


    All that said I think in general Ghosts is a very good game.  Connectivity and "lag comp" -- however you want to define that -- seem to be pretty reliable and consistent.  I ***** and moan as much as anybody, but overall I feel like I have far fewer "wtf" deaths than I did in BO2. 

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    Hey im pretty good on expert text me back if u want me to add u and which guitar hero

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    Woo 4 months tomorrow with no game, no update, no response from Activision.



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    Agree with this though.  Spawns definitely don't seem worse now than they did at launch.

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  • 02/02/14--20:44: Re: this gif's for you
  • why do i have a twitch  i didnt think they affected me huh who knew


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    Apply Today!

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    Hello Call of Duty community,

         If you are interested in getting into Diamond Division in Clan Wars and all the cool exclusive clan rewards such as red clan tags and the Body Count and War Cry camos and uniforms, then contact me. You can contact me either on Xbox One, Skype, or through the clan chat system on the Call of Duty App. To find the clan, it's called MLGCoD. And one other thing, I'm mostly going to be managing the clan and playing GB's and scrimmaging because I have a competitive team, but when I can, I'll be participating in the Clan Wars.              



    HIGH Win/Loss Ratio

    Dedication to playing Clan Wars daily and dedication to the clan.


    My Contact Info:

    Xbox Live: Editionz v2

    Skype: Eitan Editionz

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    My X1 is saying my Nat Type is Open whilst my COD Ghosts says its Moderate.  I have a ActionTech Modem that has a Gateway built in; which might be part of the issue; NetGear WNR2000 v2 Router. that everything else is connected too. All wired connections.


    X1 has a Static IP address and have forwarded the following ports:

    Xbox Ports:

    53, 80, 3074 TCP

    53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500 UDP


    Call of Duty Ghosts Console Ports:

    80, 81,443, 3074, 5223 TCP

    36081, 3074, 3075, 3478 UDP


    Upnp or what ever is not checked nor is DMZ


    Error message is Your network is behind a cone NAT.  I have ran out of ideas.  This is the same setup I used on my 360 and on my PS3.  I had to forward ports on both consoles but it work this isn't.

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    BUMP IT UP!!!

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  • 02/03/14--21:14: Re: Quit Percentage Stat?
  • I don't think so and here is my reason for saying so. For those stat junkies every time they and their team are getting their butt kick they would have to think man I going to take a hit. So it come to bring up the rest of the team and actually team play or take the hit on the stat their pick.

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    If you like the riot shield, why are you trying to get it nerfed? The riot shield is in no way overpowered. If everyone just stopped saying riot shield and C4, I wouldn't jump down peoples throats. For the love of god, go after C4 and Danger Close.

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  • 02/03/14--21:16: Re: {Xbox360} Free Agents
  • Tried to message you on live but it says your gamer tag doesnt exist message me ItsJustUnfair

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    Welcome to the Recruitment forum for PE (heh don't worry our clan tag won't be that)


    Console: PS4 (ONLY)


    Slots left 16 out of 16


    Info: The name Pagasi Elite came from me wanting a name that was related to My Littl- No don't click that X button nuuu!! D= Well there goes an anti-brony person... As I was saying I wanted a name that was related to My Little Pony. However I didn't want Brony or Pony or something on lines of that I wanted something more diffrent and orignal. And we are not a Brony only clan C= I will only be allowing 16 to join. If you want to join post below and please do tell me abit about your self.


    Clan Tag: (Our clan tag needs suggestions)


    What I'm looking for:

    KD 1.00+

    Friendly people


    Mic?: A Mic is not need I won't be using one


    Who am I?: I'm LittleBearHugs Yay! I'm a gamer from Scotland and for all you pervs and nerds out there yes I'm a female and no my boddy is not for sale ;3. I mostly get on at 11pm to 5am Yea I stay up late

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    [PS3] [USA] [Eastern Time Zone] And All Did Die or AADD clan seeks members to expand our clan. 1 Gold Division win, 3 Platinum Division wins, and moving on to Diamond Division [Eastern Time 7pm-11pm]. Currently we are level 14 with only 4 members from 6, had to kick 2 since they were inactive. Any may apply or be considered to join as long as they can be on from 7pm -11pm Fri-Sunday on clan war weekends. Add PSN ID budha63 for an invite or search And All Did Die (AADD) in the app and apply thank you.

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    Ahh yah I didn't think about the famous dashboard. I guess it might work if a disconnect= a loss. Which would be better anyways. If you are disconnecting enough that it would really hurt you, you probably shouldn't be playing anyway.

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  • 02/03/14--21:18: Baconman9595
  • I Would like to join your clan

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    Hey Mirau,


    So when you logged into your account on the new phone you received the prompt showing the local level 1 save and then your cloud save that was level 17?  You then selected the level 17 save?


    Even though you selected the level 17 save it loaded as level 1?  If you load the level 1 game do you have the Kudos button present in the top right corner of your screen?  If you don't, when going into your options (Banner Icon, then Gear Icon) do you see an Age Verification button?

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    I just made a video with some rumors on call of duty Black ops 3 Rumors and possibilites

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    The riot shield doesn't need to be patched. It needs to be fixed just like a lot of stuff in this game. Problem w the shield is the animation. When you see a riot shield troll, he barely moves his shield, but from his point of view he actually moves the shield before he throws his C4. That's the problem w the shield.

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    My guess would be " it was your brother who stayed in that modded lobby".

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