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    message Lost Darkheart for invite

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  • 07/07/13--23:16: Re: Clan Needed Ps3
  • No prob are you from UK or USA?

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    The XM-25 Actually takes quite a bit of skill to use effectively. As someone who has used it quite a bit, I can tell you that if you're off with your Meter mark by just 2 or so, it will take a ton of shells to get a kill.. and even if you're right on, short of a direct hit, it still takes an average of 2-3 shots.


    People cuss when they get killed by anything, the XM-25 is no exception to this rule.

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  • 07/07/13--23:17: Re: Clan Needed Ps3
  • USA

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  • 07/07/13--23:18: Re: Top 5 favorite guns
  • Favorite as in BEST:

    1: M8

    2: FAL

    3: AN94

    4: Chicom-CQB

    5: No other weapon deserves the title "best".


    Favorite as in FLAVOR and FEEL:

    1: XPR-50

    2: SMR

    3: SVU-AS

    4: TAC-45

    5: Five-Seven

    (FAL is too easy to use to give me the best experience.)

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    Double XP weekends, just what is the point, many of us prestige mastered within the first 2/3 months of the game. I find the lobbies extremely irritating on Double XP weekend, populated with the worst of the COD community, be the bad players who run around like headless chickens, or good players playing like w@nkers.

    Even HC doesn't escape from idiots who do their utmost to try and get that spawn trap, corner campers who won't take the cap/tag but try and farm kills, grrrrr.

    Double weapon XP is good because it allows quick unlocks and challenge completion on weapons you wouldn't normally use, but unless you give us more prestige levels I'll think I'll leave the Xbox off for 2XP.

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    please give me the site

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  • 07/08/13--23:48: Mystic-Nation PS3
  • (Click the link below to apply to clan, just check us out on elite)

    Hey guys Mystic-Nation is recruiting a few more members.


    What we have to offer:

    Parties on everyday playing clan ops league play and clan battles.

    We have people from UK USA Austrailia, pretty much everywhere.


    Coming soon:

    YouTube (if you have a capture card, you can really help out)




    1.00+ to join, 1.50+ MLG (if you have lower, I can

    Make an exception as long as you answer a few questions)

    You have to be mature



    What we do:

    We give you a team to play with to raise your w/l and kdr)

    Dominate the enemy team


    Apply at




    Any questions, my psn


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    please give me the site

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  • 07/08/13--23:49: Re: New Project Idea?
  • Blink-182 and all others are good but what about avenged sevenfold, megadeth, or even iron maiden. Even try L.A. Guns

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    to mine

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  • 07/08/13--23:50: Re: ..
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  • 07/08/13--23:51: Re: New Project Idea?
  • true i do like a challenge but what about the younger kids learning to play? at least include a little something easy for them.

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    idont play bo2 i play mw3

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    Hi guys, I am in a clan called OverExposedGamer and we would be looking to expand to a bigger, better and stronger group. Black ops 2 is our strongpoint level 17 w/ gold clan tags  but mw3 isn't. (Level 2) So we would be looking to level up our mw3. We are always active and always earning heaps of clan xp and earning heaps of badges in all game modes including zombies. W currently have 73 members in our clan and are still chasing more. So if you would like to merge with us or want some more info or just want to talk, message and add my psn




    Look forward to hopefully playing with more and more people when the time comes around.






    Clan Tag - OExG

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    After playing my 5 Placement matches for League Play, (and winning all 5 of them) I got disappointed when it put me in Bronze, which makes absolutely no sense, because when I played League Play in other seasons, I would win 2/5 or 3/5 of the placement matches and then get put into Gold/Platinum.


    So why did I get placed into Bronze when I won all 5 placement matches?


    Any help would be appreciated


    All 5 matches (all played in the last 2days):


    1st CTF Standoff - Victory 5-3

    2nd CTF Standoff - Victory 6-0

    3rd SND Express - Victory 6-3

    4th SND Meltdown - Victory 6-5

    5th Hardpoint Raid - Victory 244-182

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    i suffer from tourettes, severe anger and UCTS (Uncontrollable Controller Throwing Syndrome). I was throwing my Zapper when Elpresador was still peeing in his pants.

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    if u r premium i could realy use you

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