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    either one


    maybe both

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    18+ and mic required no exceptions on those two requirements roster locks in 3 hour here (pst) so hurry up and contact me before your ineligible to participate in clan wars must be an active player with a k/d of around 1.0 as well as contact this thread or add me on play station 3

    PSN Widow_MAKER_1_87

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    How do I put a character

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    New Clan

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    cranium2001 wrote:


    7 7/8. And that's my hat size for the record.

    Well I can't compete with that. But I did say if I were a transformer, I'ld be Warpath.


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    Hey if you guys like the clan can you take a second and give this post a good rating. a few people got upset and its bringing the rating down.

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    Spawns are no different, better or worse, after the update. Be aware, win a gun fight, don't get spawn killed. You're welcome.

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    did u click start disscussion to post this

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    THIS IS OUR DAILY BUMP:      Clan Wars starts Wednesday.    PS3 and XBOX and PS4 members are welcome to join us!


    New to Clan Wars or Clans?  Interested in joining a clan but fear not being good enough?  Then our clan is just for you!    Our clan "WE AIM  2 KILL" came in second place during the last clan war in our division and consist of Newbies and Vets that truly realize "It's Just A Game and Everyone Deserves To Play".    Your K/D, Age, Sex, Nationality or Race do not matter.    We welcome you to join us today.

    We currently have 33 members!

    We are a level 12 clan and we do have GOLD clan tags!


    - If possible use a mic (we win more when we're able to talk to each other.)

    - Be active in the game (if you play daily that would be great).

    - Join games with at least 1 other clan member to help us earn Clan XP points.

    - ALWAYS keep our Clan Tag [WA2K] attached to your name.

    - Invite your friends and others to join our clan whenever you're online.

    TO JOIN:

    Add THEVOICENYC on PSN (Make sure to type WE AIM 2 KILL on your friend request)  and send a clan application in the Call of Duty App (If you can't I'll send you a clan invite)


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    Maybe people will slap on DS now and not be afraid to move!? One can hope.

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  • 01/28/14--19:26: Re: How do I get this?
  • barraks>CoD Account


    If I remember correctly this is where you plug in your email to link Ghosts to this website. Also check your spam to make sure it's not there.

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    I said leave your username in the comments. I'll add you from there! Should have mentioned that.

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    i know you have been

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    After the quickscope plague of BO2 most of my friends (longtime COD players) finally threw the towel in for COD, including me as well.

    After hearing good things about ghosts i and a few other decided to give ghost a chance and bought it about 2 weeks after launch ... So many things were done right, but alas... the quickscoping and dragscoping continued to ruin games, that along with the connection problems (i personally have a commercial comcast account and still yo-yo around maps half the time) led all but 1 of my friends to quit ghosts too... until heavy duty. I got 6 of my friends to start plying again.

    Was it perfect? no. Did we lose a bunch of maps? Sure... but it was finally gun on gun... assault riffles, marksman riffles, LMGs and SMGs. I had the most fun i've had playing COD since march or so of BO2.

    Now its gone. why, do you continue to try to kill this franchise?... you were so close with ghosts...

    Maybe you can fix the unbalance with sniper rifles (and no i dont hate snipers)... Maybe you'll stop leading us along with lies about dedicated servers...

    I doubt it, but one things for sure... All of the people i play COD with feel this way, and i'm the only one who's taken the time to comment here...I'm sure thats the same with all posts, but for now... so long COD. you might see me every once in a while... but im done.

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  • 01/28/14--19:27: Re: New Ranks
  • 7 kinda looks depressing tbh. I like 6. But still.

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  • 01/28/14--19:27: Need a Clan 360
  • hi im looking for a xbox 360 clan my kd ist the best at 0.75 but im over 18 have a mic so if anyones interest message me on xbl D3ATHx3AT3R and im looking for a clan of 18 + year old people

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    Microsoft tech support is NOT amazing..



    All agents are currently assisting others. The current average wait time is 0 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

    info: at 17:56:05

    Privacy Statement



    You are now chatting with 'Agent'



    Agent at 17:56:08

    Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Agent. Please give me a moment to review your question.



    Customer at 17:56:12

    ok thank you



    Agent at 17:59:05

    Thanks for patiently waiting Customer and for letting us know about this issue.



    Customer at 18:00:03

    no problem thank you



    Agent at 18:00:29

    For this type of issue Customer, as per our expert's Department, we don't have a downloadable content that works with both Xbox 360 and one.



    Customer at 18:00:58

    it states on the download page that if you buy it for one console it will work on the other as well



    Agent at 18:01:38

    As long as it is the same type of consoles, Xbox 360 has different specs for downloadable content



    Customer at 18:02:34

    then why does it say if you buy it for one console you get it for the other till may 31st?



    Customer at 18:03:09

    "Upon purchasing the Season Pass, players now get instant access to the downloadable multiplayer map, FREE FALL, as well as the Team Leader Digital pack, complete with a unique MP character head, weapon camo, reticle, player patch, player card and player background. Upgrading to a next-gen console? Purchase the Season Pass before May 31, 2014 and the content follows you FREE within a console family, so you can play now and upgrade later."



    Agent at 18:03:22

    Another means same console Customer, it should be used with both type of consoles.



    Customer at 18:03:22

    that is directly copy paste from the call of duty site



    Customer at 18:03:56

    "Purchase the Season Pass before May 31, 2014 and the content follows you FREE within a console family, so you can play now and upgrade later.""



    Customer at 18:04:20

    I bought the season pass and it's only allowing me to download it to the xbox one, and not the 360..



    Customer at 18:05:50

    even on my download page it shows "Xbox 360 All TITLE CONTENT TYPE DATE Unknown Title 1/27/2014 Add to Queue"



    Agent at 18:06:12

    That is the same definition of the info Customer, we both know that games from Xbox one cannot be played with 360



    Customer at 18:06:12

    but when I click add to queue it says "Sorry, this item is no longer available."



    Agent at 18:06:22

    It is not compatible.



    Agent at 18:06:45

    Games should be played with 2 same type of consoles.



    Customer at 18:06:46

    I have BOTH consoles



    Customer at 18:06:52

    you aren't listening to me



    Customer at 18:07:14

    "Upgrading to a next-gen console? Purchase the Season Pass before May 31, 2014 and the content follows you FREE within a console family, so you can play now and upgrade later."



    Agent at 18:08:09

    That means that once you have the game in the console everyone which the Profile on the console can use the same games.



    Customer at 18:08:25

    NO, this is for the season pass add ons



    Customer at 18:08:38

    the game works fine in both systems, this is for the map packs



    Customer at 18:09:41

    On the call of duty site, and as well as ON YOUR STORE it states that if you buy it for one that you get it free for the other console as long as you buy it before May 31st, 2014



    Agent at 18:10:02

    This is the issue that you forwarded to us>>>>>>>>>>>> I bought the Season Pass for COD Ghosts but it's not working on the 360, only on the xbox1.



    Customer at 18:10:07




    Customer at 18:10:24

    it only allows me to download it for one console and not both



    Agent at 18:13:25

    That's what we're telling you, it is not compatible with both consoles. If you bought this with Xbox one, this can only be downloaded again with an Xbox one console.



    Customer at 18:13:51

    Then why does it say if you buy it for one you get it for the other for free? Is that not false advertising?



    Customer at 18:14:12

    Had I known that I would have only bought it for the 360, I don't need it on the xbox one



    Agent at 18:16:22

    No it is not, we both know that there are no games yet that compatible with both Xbox 360 and one.



    Agent at 18:16:30

    I am giving you a correct info about this.



    Customer at 18:16:44

    No you aren't, because you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about



    Customer at 18:16:52

    this is downloadable CONTENT, not the game



    Customer at 18:17:29

    on YOUR STORE it states that if you buy the SEASON PASS it transfers to both systems



    Customer at 18:17:37

    This isn't debatable, it's what it SAYS



    Agent at 18:17:40

    I totally understand you.



    Agent at 18:18:23

    Let me check the best option for you, hold on.



    Customer at 18:18:24

    thank you



    Agent at 18:19:02

    Welcome, we have verified this with my expert beside me and I am 100% that even season pass cannot be used with Xbox 360 and one.



    Agent at 18:19:16

    This cannot be transferred from one console to 360



    Customer at 18:19:46

    Ok so you can you please explain to me what "Upgrading to a next-gen console? Purchase the Season Pass before May 31, 2014 and the content follows you FREE within a console family, so you can play now and upgrade later." is referring to?



    Customer at 18:20:08

    What does that mean, since you are the expert



    Agent at 18:20:48

    Did you find that directly from our Website?



    Customer at 18:20:59

    from activisions website, would you like the link?



    Customer at 18:21:06

    also in your store on the console



    Customer at 18:21:30




    Agent at 18:21:35

    Please do call Activision about this then



    Agent at 18:21:51

    Since from us that is not possible.



    Agent at 18:22:00

    Contact them directly to have that explained to you.



    Agent at 18:22:33

    Would there be anything else?



    Customer at 18:23:01

    Well apparently not, but I would be careful calling yourselves "experts"



    Customer at 18:23:04

    have a good night



    Agent at 18:23:18




    Agent at 18:23:21

    Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support! To end your chat session please click "Close chat" above the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Have a great day!

    info: at 18:23:23

    Chat session has been ended by the agent.

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  • 01/28/14--19:29: CLAN WARS PATCH
  • I would like to know if anybody knows what time the new clan wars patch will be for PS3, I live in New Zealand if that changes anything. Any help will be great thanks

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    Bug number 4:  When we try to play splitscreen in offline mode, it flips the screen orientation.  My screen is on the bottom and hers is on top.  But when we play online, I am on top and she is on the bottom.  Please add an option to let us choose where we are on the splitscreen.


    Bug number 5:  DLC.  Microsoft says all local players have full gold access to DLC.  My wife and I both have a gold account.  Both of our accounts are set to use our xbox one as the home console.  We have never signed in any where else.  I purchase the DLC and she cannot see any of the content aside from the maps.  She cannot see the team leader pack, the wolf, and the new guns from the Onslaught DLC.   


    Bug number 6:  After installing Onslaught DLC, frame rates went way down.  We were getting a ton of stuttering.  Maybe it was the connection on the servers but I thought MS made some giant new datacenter to handle that....


    Side note:  I hope someone is reading this.  Bug number 1 may have been fixed with the latest patch.  We were unable to check tonight, but I did notice some of my squad actually dropping their perks.  Will verify tomorrow.

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