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    This is why I don't get why HC players defend teamkilling to the grave, despite all of its problems originating from it.

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    it has happened to me a couple of times playing ghost.


    i do use port forwarding on my router and qos.


    i have my configuration saved and do a hard reset and reload the config file. for some reason a modem/router power cycle just doesn't seem to help it.

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    I'm inviting anyone interested in joining a clan to join mine. My minimum requirement for the clan is a 0.800 k/d and that you need to have a mic. Other than that all is good. The clan is about a week old. My friend and I branched off a different clan and decided to make our own. If you would like an invite look me up. I suppose the name that I was finally able to keep was Fallen_Archangel. The two ll's in fallen are uppercase i's (like eye). Send me a friend request or invite me in game and I will gladly accept you into the clan. Looking to level up quick, Once accepted I will give you LT so you can also invite your own friends to the clan. Also, I wouldn't mind a few girls in the clan! Feel free to message me here or in game. Make sure if you send me your IGN that you have created a call of duty account by going to barracks and completed the steps there BEFORE sending me your IGN. If it is not done I have no way of ever adding you. The clan is up to 29 members with a clan KD of 1.01. Feel free to join and I still look forward to having more members. If you have any questions please ask me. Remember my IGN is Fallen_Archangel.....the Fa(ll)en the 2 l's in the first name uppercase i's. Like I (eye). Please hit me up.


    For those who are looking for a good running partner I have a k/d of 1.944. My main co-leader has a 2.14 and my 3rd and 4th in command have a 1.58 and a 1.330. We have several good players and when all teamed up we typically don't lose.






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    I Thought amplify would have been buffed not dead silence. I personally use dead silence all the time. From my experience I've noticed while using DS I can still hear my movement.  On the other I can't hear enemies using DS. Even when they're right by me. Yes I'm using a headset. Why not buff amplify against dead silence?

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    So, all over these forums you see people bashing on the e-sports community. People bash on their "inability to adapt." They say "pro" players use the e-sports rules as a crutch. All too often do I see people say that IEDs, C4, etc. aren't in GB/MLG rules because of an inability for "pro" players to adapt to these things. Overall, the community largely complains about it's MLG/GB brethren. Many other games (eg Halo) have a specific ruleset for their esports play. These rules are determined by groups of individuals (pro players) that devotes days to learning the games and finding the most balance, skillful ruleset.


    Now, I don't do GBs nor am I MLG by any means; however, I am not ignorant enough to believe that I know more about skill or CoD than people that devote huge portions of their lives to this game. I would like to know, though, why other people think so lowly of the e-sports community. Is it ignorance/arrogance? Or is this community filled with prodigious gamers that never venture into e-sports?

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    Thank you for clarifying your point. Regarding headsets I disagree, but can respect your point. Cheers.

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    GHOSTED wrote:


    the game is somewhat of a let down, but the bigger let down is the stoppage of support.

    I think this is one of the best, if not the best, COD game to date.  Lag was my only problem with it and I got rid of that with a router change.  It's a change I don't feel I should have had to make, but due to the weird matchmaking it worked. 


    Even if they don't patch anything else it's not like the game is completely broken.  I would love it if they further nerfed quickscoping, but hardly anyone does it anymore.  The MSBS needs to be nerfed, but again hardly anyone uses it.  Those that do aren't very good with it.  I'm fine with the balance.  Other than the Operations glitch I don't think there is anything essential that needs to be fixed.  As far as COD games go this one was in great shape at release and is in better shape now.  Don't get me wrong.  I would love the other patches, but I'll still love this game without them.


    I also think that instead of nerfing the AK12 they should have nerfed aim assist.  That gun kicks like crazy from left to right without aim assist.  If it seems OP it's because of the aim assist.  Without the aim assist it's not that easy to stay on target.  And no I'm not saying aim assist is OP.  I'm saying that the gun is much harder to use without it.

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    I am wondering if they plan on using Clan v Clan for Qualification for the COD Championships and thus introduced the rules. But it seems they could have made a playlist specifically for this purpose...


    I didn't know they were allowing people to just randomly join the playlist now. Would seem you should need to be in a recognized Clan in order to join.

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  • 01/29/14--19:32: Xbox One GB Team
  • Hi i am looking for people that are active everyday on cod and would like to join my GB team the only requirements are that you have a mic and is firmiliar with Gb please add D3AC0 or add Drofyy thankyou

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    I Just applied

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    I plays over70 hours

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    If things don't work out you guys are welcome to join dirty mutha f I'm the commander CAProom I'm the same just love to play old clan had to many mean people if your interested crunchy u can b a lute ant currently 3 members

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    Can you add me: FranckyCheeks

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    ONLINE NOW AND READY TO PLAY. Platinum division clan looking for another 20-25 members for Xbox. We are looking for people with high play time & a decent K/D spread.  We’re a clan that likes to joke and have fun while still being strategic. Also you will not be kicked out after the weekly clan wars like what some other clans do.


    Clan Information:

    Name: Clanage

    Tag: [EPIC]


    Clan Requirements:

    1. 1. Must Have a Mic.
    2. 2. Must be 16 +
    3. 3. Must be willing to play all modes.




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  • 01/29/14--19:37: Re: clan wars in general
  • If you're not enjoying it don't play it


    As games are meant to be fun


    and you seem to be stressed due to CoD in some form not enjoying yourself


    Maybe take a break from Ghosts for a few weeks then come back and see if you believe it is worth your time


    Compare your experience with other games to ghosts and if ghosts is considerably less enjoyable just quit

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    I can't apply

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  • 01/29/14--19:38: Re: any word on operations
  • operations still dont work after update


    can we get them back in barracks and all unlocked like previous games cause at this rate i dont think you guys can fix the issue and it would be nice to unlock some stuff

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    kustom shoota wrote:


    what you consider a defect in COD wasn't a defect.


    and recalling cars because of life threatening issues does not translate whatsoever to "projecting few or no aural innovations in later COD games." Your response is off topic.


    There is not a single correlation to what you said and my posts, other than the fact that a minority of owners of said product made the change for all.  Difference is, you don't need a poll to realize you need to fix faulty brakes.


    You are not interested in debate or truth. All you are doing is trying to get people riled up so that they post an impassioned response that gets them in trouble. You don't care if that gets you banned because you're the kind of person all too willing to see yourself fail so long as you merely get the opportunity to cause someone else grief and misery.


    I quote you:



    The vast majority of gamers did not ask for this.... of the millions of sales of this game, there are roughly 20,000 threads TOTAL on this forum.  Meaning, about 5,000 gamers who post repeatedly are the ones they listened to


    divide that to the people that actually complained about sound in particular, maybe 1,000.


    1,000 people on a forum aren't the vast majority of players

    Those are YOUR words. You provided the basis for what justifies a "valid" response to customer outcry. The "product" does not matter. I used the auto industry as an example because it is an example that gets the most exposure when it comes to recalls. In other words, I chose an example that would be most easily recognized by people that are not familiar with the process of changing a product post-production. In reality, ALL products undergo the same basic review process. Obviously you're in a PS 100 class. You're making the same mistake most PS students make - assuming what YOU have experienced applies to everyone. It doesn't. That's YOUR experience, not the aggregate experience. Ask your PS instructor what that means. Ask him/her "What is the difference between the aggregate experience and the individual experience?" Might open your closed mind a little.


    It doesn't matter what you or I consider a "defect." What matters is what the aggregate perceives as a defect and whether or not the manufacturer/producer deems it good business to respond to that perceived defect. How is that decision made? It is made using a myriad of elements. First, there is a demographic model (which means "relating to the structure of populations." In this case, the "population" in question is in-game customizations) created based upon players that use the perk. The demographic classifies weapon usage, other perk usage, and a host of other in-game features. Then that data is fed into statistical calculations to determine who is being affected by what. And that is why there was never a poll taken before the updates were implemented in this case. Just like in the car scenario, a poll is not necessary. Statistics can make the determination. Frankly, that's why the changes they made were surprising to me. You know what the changes actually say?


    The changes actually say that veteran DS users were not having a problem playing against Amplify users. Rather, it was players that traditionally do not use Dead Silence that were having a problem. This is evidenced by the fact that many veteran users repeatedly, in these forums, said there was nothing wrong with Dead Silence ... BECAUSE IT WAS WORKING EXACTLY THE SAME WAY IT HAD IN EVERY PREVIOUS COD. The changes to the DS perk make it work substantially different than it did in the past. This change accommodates new users of the perk, not traditional - or in your words, conservative - users of the DS perk.


    Yet, the traditional DS users are not complaining after the change, either!!! That's what is soooo effing hilarious! You're the one complaining.


    You know what else? Since you're so in-tune with rights and legal stuff, let's see if you know what "standing" is. You claim that you neither use the perks in question nor do the changes affect you. When it comes to law, that is an admission that you lack standing.


    Since you lack standing, you have no grounds to make any argument one way or another in the first place.

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