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  • 01/27/14--18:17: Five
  • Is there any confirmed way to actually get Five? I am sure it is unlock-able, because I was looking at the credits (In the options menu) and it listed Richard Nixon, in the list of ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS (Included with Tank Dempsey and others of the cast.) who is only featured in Five. I will double-check on the two other Five characters, but can anyone confirm this right off the bat?

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    Done, I sent the invite.


    Thank you for joining!

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    I can not recieve my Verification Email for Call of Duty Account, I did all the things list online (Activision Support),i still not recieve the email. My account email is coolbaby712@hotmail.com.


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    Done, I sent the request.


    Thanks so much for joining!

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  • 01/27/14--18:18: Re: Favorite Maps
  • top 3: strikezone, octane, warhawk

    worst 3: freight, stonehaven, siege

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    still recruiting!

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    There is a bit of dramatic irony to your post.


    Your anger is the EXACT reason why I stopped being the try-hard capper. There is pent up anger watching other people "enjoy" the game doing what they want as you try to suffer through and get the wins.  Wins in COD are just as hollow as 50-10 games in a loss.


    I no longer cap B while playing solo if the game is on the line and/or it's unsafe and I'd rather camp for killstreaks. 


    While it seems small, its that mental aspect that has taken 6 games over 7 years (skipped WAW because COD4 was "the thing") to change.  I was historically always a try-hard capper.  Now I am not and am going for an immense amount of KD boosting games.  I've had a 2.7 KD since making this mental switch, went from 14k deaths and kills to 32.5k kills and 21k deaths.  I've had a kem strike using assault streaks, I got 4 helicopters in a row on a 35+ kill streak.  I've killed 6 different dorks with the maniac suit in non-groundwar domination.  I've gone 42-0 and 38-0.  I've done alot of things that would not be possible being an inferior player by running out to frantically cap B instead of making my skills apply elsewhere. 


    I average 24 kills per match which is relatively high all things considered, and it's rising.  I have 4k caps and 26k kills in dom, meaning for every 26 kills in dom I get 4 caps.  Therefore, I average *almost* 4 caps a game.  Everything is on a spectrum.  It's not as if when I say I no longer cap that means I haven't capped a B flag since last year, lol.


    And also, I certainly haven't backpedaled in this thread as a result of misleading people early on.  The OP is about the MINDSET changing, meaning that I had to delineate the simple mindset one way or the other, they are very different.


    My one brother who only plays this game when a group of 3 or more are on has a W/L of 5.0, meaning that when I am playing in a group that's our W/L. My current W/L is 2.0, and I'm the one 10th prestige while he is 4th prestige.  So, even playing solo I still win *most* of my games. 


    People that complain about a person (me for example) lobby shopping are also the people afraid to adjust or adapt to other things.  I no longer "deal" with obstacles that poor game design gives me, which is getting put into matches late, I now take control of what I can control, which is my KD. 

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    We would love to have you, just tell me your gamertag and I will send you an invite.




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  • 01/27/14--18:21: Re: 4 things...
  • 1. Camping is a great strategy that works for all skill levels- Tryharders are all over every COD- Head Glitching you can blame on map design- Spawn trapping = stat padding.

    2. Easiest way to find players on the bigger maps is to just get killed.. you will spawn right next to them.

    3. High damage allows for easier kills.

    4. Guard dogs are part of the 'revenge' system designed to lower the skill gap.

    5. I have no idea..

    But I love a game mode that a friend modded that when you got a kill you flashed on radar every 3 sec, second kill you were solid on radar, third kill you are highlighted like the oracle but solid. This mode is so fun because everyone is always after you. Sadly modes like this do not fit the average COD player's interest.

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  • 01/27/14--18:23: Re: 4 things...
  • 1. I would rather be a try-hard than a suck-hard.

    2. Some maps are large, but so what? I thinks its cool snipers have their maps and SMGs have theirs, only seems fair, right? Especially now with the Onslaught ( which looks cool ) having smaller maps.

    3. Bullet damage is pretty much the same, Ghost has lower health than previous CODs.

    4. Why not have killstreaks like guard dogs? What else would you have? The same generic drone or plane flying around dropping strikes and bombs?

    5. There will never be a no-camping gamemode, Cranked proved that. People camp in Cranked. People sit in a corner, then 1 kill, 30 seconds, 20 seconds, kill, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, kill, rinse and repeat. Thats how people camp in Cranked.

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    We have quite a few PlayStation 4 members, I would say that we have a minimum 10-15 but I wouldn't be able to tell as it doesn't say which console they are on but I am definitely sure that we have minimum of 10-15.




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    1. Because this is not multiplayer

    2. If it's a waste of points, spend your points on something else


    I think that the pistols are fine the way they are.

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    Level 12 Gold tag going to gold division need more players

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    Pack 935

    46 active members

    {1.25 K/d} {49% W/L}

    Level 13, [Gold] Clan Tag


    We are a fairly new clan, at the moment we have 46 members. all of whom are regularly active. We are looking for more people to play with. We aren't picky about gamerscore and we are all experienced cod players glad to help players improve. We have won our first clan war in gold division with an over 200 point lead. Our average kd is 1.25, we would like players who are able to be active in the clan and talk to us in a party. We have no age limit most of us are just looking for people to play with. We also are avid Zombies players if anyone is looking for a group to play with when the next treyarch game comes out. So if you want to message me about more information my gamertag is MLG Matt IV, but we play often and are looking for people to talk to and just have fun. You can check us out on the app but please send me a message with your gamertag so i can invite you or you can reply to this post. But don't send applications through the clan because they don't work.

    Pack 395

    [P395]MLG Matt IV

    You can also contact us at our emailwww.Pack935clan@gmail.com

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    Active Xbox one gold clan recruiting. More info Here

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  • 01/28/14--19:22: Re: How do I get this?
  • i have both my XBL and PSN accounts linked to this profile, yet i have never received this email once...they have been linked for well over a year...

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    We are recruiting for our clan for next clan wars. We have been around since Black ops one and have had a very good time playing as a clan. We are Looking for these requirements: * MUST HAVE A MIC * MUST BE MATURE *MUST HAVE A 1.0 OR HIGHER K.D * MUST PARTICIPATE IN CLAN WARS *MUST KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are in gold division at the moment! Any questions message me on this fourm or add DARKLOTUS97

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  • 01/28/14--19:23: Update please!
  • Every game my Friends and i get into the game starts off great and half way through it goes to **** and either the other team quits out or the server disconnects. its been doing this alot on the new maps. hope someone is looking into this.

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    We're still looking if anyone is interested.

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