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    Hey, Im keen to join. My K/D is 1.867 avg, and 1.93 in HC TDM.  Im a very active player


    Don't have a mic at this point. Got a faulty on with my PS4. Is that a problem? My PSN tag is CVengence

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    Really dude, we all know there are hacks out there but it is not an XBOX ONE issue. Its a COD issue.

    Just go to youtube or check out the leader boards for Kills, Wins, Score whatever and it's there. The average game score at the top of the highest scores leaderboard are 100,000 and 200,000 and 3 days game play with -2000000 deaths. All these players need to get there game stats reset but IW and Activision don't have the balls to do it. I was looking at highest scores leaderboard on XBOX ONE and the first 5000+ accounts are all hacked accounts, just check the stat's.


    They will never stop the hacking as long as the hackers are out there and to make it worse the exploits are already in the game and they are being abused. If they removed Auto Aim from the campaign, Tac Inserts and security checked certain files on game start up they would not have half the problems.

    I don't agree with the exploits and hacking nor do i agree with you   


    Wow dude, you need to get over yourself and get a life, we don't need to hear you mumble on about it and make threats etc.

    If you haven't got anything good or constructive to say or help someone with a problem, what are you doing here.

    Does it make you feel big behind your keyboard, or are you compensating for something else.

    Do you think people are scared of what your saying, doubt it. If you cant get your point across in a civilised fashion it means no one is listening

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    Sure thing.  Good story.

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    Hey statlc,


    Can you please let us know what device you are accessing the Call of Duty mobile app on? The second screen option may not be fully operational yet. Have you tried unlinking and relinking your account on the Call of Duty account?




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    I do not see anywhere in my OP where I was complaining. Most examples are such: "Too many times have I seen or been killed by someone running this shotgun, and most of the time it's a kill outside of its effective range(including muzzle brake)". That's not a complaint, that's stating what I've personally SEEN.

    To clarify, after running into multiple whole teams camping c4/shield I stopped playing the 2 game modes they are most used in. Problem solved for me, therefore no complaints. I was voicing my opinion. I do not type out the ENTIRE story of how I deal with it, how I dealt with it repeated, because there would be a wall of text.
    Not to be rude...

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    cool. we will have fun. the challenges are easy when you know how to do them, but if you dont escape is not gonna happen lol. there are some glitches that need confirming anyhow, and with our lack of dlc id like to keep what we have as fair as possible. a certain glitch has already spread like a plague. a few actually.

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  • 01/20/14--22:30: Re: Body Count HELP!
  • You have to wait up to 48 hours for your awards. we are waiting for the uniform after winning our 4th war

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  • 01/20/14--22:32: (xbox 360) recruiting (AgFr)
  • Recruiting active players for a new clan


         players need to have

              *0.75 k/d or higher

              *active and ready to play


    player may have a mic but not required


    GT: phoenix7352

         apply on app to anglefire (AgFr) or message me if interested

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    Pour tout les intéresse de Esniping j'ai une team


    Voici mon PsN : HyPeR-MaGiC-03 ou vous pouvez aussi m'ajouter sur Yaman2003


    ou sinon j'ai une autreteam qui joue avec toute les armes de black ops 2 et maintenant je recrute


    Merci de votre compréhension

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  • 01/20/14--22:35: Let`s Rock?
  • I need friends to help a take challengers in GHWoR,i Expert Guitar and Bass i haveDLC too,my nick PSN is Denguinho64


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    Recruiting for clan Kill Yr Face on xbox 360. There is only three members in our clan right now and would like to add more. We came in 1st place in gold division in the last clan war. Clan level is 13. Our k/d is not great, but we love to play. 18 and over only. Contact riotgrrl810 or missmayhem1982 on xbox live.

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    Its based on the amount of wins your clan had in the previous war and during the week between wars. potentially you could get placed into a much higher bracket if your really active. ive read that bigger clans aren't playing as much so they get placed against smaller clans so its easier to win but not seen it myself. Beachhead say this shouldn't happen but it does. fortunately we have been evenly matched so far. in our bracket we had 21 members and other clans ranged from 18-22 so it was pretty even

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    Definitely a minus as far as I'm concerned. I like a good ominous soundtrack, but for Petes sake, Enough is Enough.

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    I have 950 points on the 360 and about the same on the X1 where does that leave me?

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    ok so I'm pretty much starting fresh since joining this clan, I won't be getting anything until the next clan war. I've spoken to the other members and they haven't received anything from the Rio war either.


    i I know for a fact my wins did count, at one stage I was the only one playing and with each win I was checking the app.

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    I'm looking for an active clan (or active players) to play Black Ops 2. I should be getting the game some time this week. I actually haven't played Black Ops 2 because I stopped gaming for around two years, but I've decided to get Black Ops 2 because I'm sick of playing Ghosts. Even though I have heard negative reviews of Blacks Ops 2 multiplayer, it still seems more fun than Ghosts and more fast paced.


    My K/D on Ghosts is 1.84 and W/L is 1.88. My K/d on Black Ops 1 is 2.03 with a W/L of 1.07.


    My PSN name is KINGPIN_315 feel free to add/msg me!

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  • 01/20/14--22:39: Re: recruting psn clan
  • bump

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    I'm the leader/founder of the clan Royal Mafia (RMGC). We are looking for new recruits to join our family/community. There are some requirements you need to follow in order to join our clan.

    - Must have a K/D of at least 1.0 & up.

    - Must be at least 18 & up.

    There aren't very many rules we just ask you to show respect to all clan members. If there's an issue let me know & I'll deal with it immediately.

    Our clan ranks are military style based.

    If you have any further questions or if you'd like to join add me on xbox GT: - Miss Gangstress or if you'd like to join just apply on elite of the COD Ghosts app - Royal Mafia RM

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    I don't think the % of core to hardcore players are as high as you are thinking.  On a "normal" day, it doesn't jump above 20%.  On the PSN, here is the ratio of players right now.


    PS4- 25,320

    Core: 18,836

    Hardcore: 4218

    Clan:  84

    (math doesn't add up, maybe due to region lock?)


    PS3- 70,573

    Core:  49,715

    Hardcore:  13,983

    Clan:  412

    (same thing with the math here?)


    For the first time in the series, I really started to play the hardcore game modes and can't believe I have missed out on it for all these years.  Anything that bolsters the playlists on hardcore (although I prefer S&R to S&D), you have my vote and I also agree that they dropped the ball with some of the other game modes.  Although, adding S&D to the hardcore playlist would further segment a game that has already been segmented over two additional consoles and matchmaking could pose an issue.  Headquarters has always been one of my favorite modes and I liked hardpoint, I just wish they would have added more of a random factor.  I would enjoy seeing both of these game modes make a comeback.  For me, CTF and demolition are better left in the past.  I prefer Biltz and absolutely hated spawn trapping in demo or being spawn trapped for that matter.  I could also do without Hunted, Infected and Heavy Duty and really don't play much cranked anymore.

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