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    Well they should not have counted because of the roster lock.

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  • 01/20/14--22:42: Re: What got you hooked??
  • Can't beat double dragon Ah the memories

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    What Fox and Toland posted is all too true. I'm having to adjust substantially from MW3 and BO2. IMO, it was easier to find each weapon's specialty in MW3 and in BO2 it was just a much faster paced game. In both of those games you could get away with long distance sprints because there was more cover. As Fox notes, that doesn't work in Ghosts.


    Toland's advice on reloads is really huge. I started that "reload after every engagement" habit years ago and in the past that's been a big plus. In Ghosts, that WILL get you killed. Probably 15% to 20% of my deaths happen while I am reloading. Also, I finally turned down my sensitivity from Max to 15. I may tweak it a little more. I've enjoyed the benefits of Max sensitivity for years now, as well. But with these larger maps, it is too easy to be off target. That's even with my accuracy being greater than ever (over 20%).


    In fact, I think pretty much every aspect of the game has certain places and times for optimal use and outside those places and times, they may do more harm than help.


    Another thing I realize now I got spoiled on? Having 10 CaC's. Six is killing me. With 10 you could have an anti-air LMG class, a SG class, and a sniper class and and seven different other specialty classes. Now you only have three other options ... and sometimes that's not enough.

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    its both treyarch and activision.. revenues kinda keep the studios goin

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  • 01/20/14--22:44: Re: What got you hooked??
  • I would have to concur with newm8n and say the game the got me hooked on gaming was DD (Double Dragon). It was that or Golden Axe 1 on the Sega Mega Drive

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  • 01/20/14--22:44: Re: Upgrading to X-Box One
  • Have a look in the downloadable marketplace. Although this was a limited time offer and I am not sure if this offer is still valid? But some shops are doing a special deal for a dual download for the 360 and xbox 1 also.

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    [PGR] Pura Gente  Recia estamos RECLUTANDO gente para el clan KD no importa

    We are recruiting gamers KD dont matter


    KD 1.5







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    they are making sure you didnt cheat in other words

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    I might be missing something and if I am feel free to correct me.  If I read your post correctly, you said that there were 99816 players in Core and 29398 players in HC.  That would mean that there is a total player base of 99816 + 29398 = 129214 in multiplayer.  Taking 29398 and dividing by 129214 would indicate that the percentage of HC players within the community is roughly 23%.  So with just under 1/4 of the community playing HC, it's not much of a wonder that HC doesn't get as much love from a game mode standpoint as Core does.  I'd like to think that it has to do with not fracturing the already small player base any further than necessary.  As you've pointed out these alternative game modes in Core aren't heavily populated.  So one has to think that if they existed in HC then they would be even less populated in HC.  Instead of 1000 players you might only see 250 players in HC for the more popular of these not so popular modes.  I would hate to think just how laggy a playlist with only 250 players in it would be.


    Of course now that I've argued to this point, I'm realizing that your point is not to include these playlists in HC but rather to use their slots to provide some more of the more popular Core playlists to HC.  That logic does make some sense as the HC community is certainly much larger than the community that services these existing playlists.  Even if they eliminated them and split the slots between Core and HC that would be an improvement.  The only question is can they do it.  It was my understanding that the HC playlists are coded out separately from the Core ones and they aren't capable of sharing slots.  I'd like to think that this is wrong but I don't know that it is.

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    Ashes of the Innocent





    PlayStation 3/4


    Xbox 360/ONE


    Please visit our main site to learn how to join and become a member of AoTi


    Requirements to join:

    - Must be at least 16 years of age.

    - Have at least a 1.10 kill/death ratio upon the point of applying for AoTi.

    About Us:

    Ashes of the Innocent [AoTi], has been around since the World at War days.  Believe it or not, that's going on 5 years now.  Currently, we have over 60 active members that interact as one, big family on a daily basis.  From the United States to Europe, our members span the globe and bring a unique diversity to AoTi.  We have excellent leaders throughout each division that are constantly striving to make AoTi the best clan it can be.  To show our commitment, we've been ranked within the Top 100 CoD Clans and continue to be one of the top clans in the business.  The members of AoTi focus on community.  Yes, we are a competitive gaming clan, but we are also much more than that.  We are family and hope that you will choose to become a member of our family too.

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    so, if it is based off of wins, could you just throw 1 clan war and try to lose 90% of your games and then be placed in a clan lobby with not so good clans?  then go all try hard and win... basically, just try hard every other clan war?

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    Still looking for more members! 

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  • 01/22/14--09:41: Re: Looking for a clan (360)

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    i added you

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    Gaming right now if anyones interested. psn- Chaos_Collins

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    ctfw529 wrote:


    tallowby wrote:


    You seem to be confused...


    Let me break it down. We cap a node then move on to another. Other clans begin attacking our node... we let them 'open' the node.... we recapture the node. Never stated the nodes were held continuously.


    Defending a node is a waste of time with the only exception being at the end of the war if score is close. Why? Because each node only yields 1cp per four hours held. It is much better to capture the node again. Even more so now that the cp don't drop after each capture.

    yes, i'll admit, i was confused by your response. i guess i was assuming that since you were in this thread on this topic, that you were against these boosters, but you're no different than them. you're just doing it differently. so, instead of taking nodes, then defending them, as the system is designed, you guys just let the node go, then recap to get the higher points? the way it's supposed to work is defending/holding nodes and getting those "holding points", the more you hold, the more you get.


    i know you won't like that, but you're gaming the point system. while technically not against the rules, it sure is shady, i'm glad you told me about this, it's another exploit to inform beachhead about...


    Wow.... Wow....


    How we play is called strategy and fully within the rules and not an exploit and definitely not shady.  Lol, Go ahead and inform beachhead maybe they can enlighten you. Now we can see why you are so distressed. You didn't read the press release about how clan wars work.


    BTW, It was stated in the early press release you could either defend nodes you have captured or focus your energy on capturing another nodes.....


    "The primary objective of Clan Wars is to earn as many Capture Points (CP) as possible throughout the Clan War."


    "Effective Strategy


    As you can see, there’s a lot going on in the fight for control over each node. Will your Clan focus on taking one at a time, or spread out in attempt to capture multiple nodes? Will you defend every captured node to the last breath, or move right on to the next?  There are in-game bonuses for a variety of strategies."



    Hey if you want to play at a disadvantage imposed by you alone by all means. The clans you are up against will enjoy the easy win.


    Also you need to revise your definition of a booster because you are way off. After reading your comments and your attitude it looks more like the response of a sore looser blaming any clan that does better than yours as a booster.


    Here is the Post ; Call of Duty® Clan Wars – Capturing, Defending, and Losing Nodes

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    that was really only sarcasm because i can't see it being on wins as my clan only wins about 42% of the time and we were up against a clan that had a winning % of over 60%

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  • 01/22/14--09:42: WLCAN (wolfclan)
  • i am holding auditions for my wolf clan, anyone is able to join but i need to see if you are worthy of becoming a wolf. This is a clan where everyone must help each other out. Your loyalty to the clan will make the pack strong and fearless. It is better to die like a wolf than die like a dog.

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    Hey man, I would like to join your clan for the PS4 console. I am still adjusting to Ghost as I have been off of CoD for awhile. I find with the bigger maps and campier opponents, needing to learn good map control is essential via the many vantage points. Does your clan run practice matches and go over strategies? Looking for some fun players to causal play but would like to learn from some good players as well. I think clan matches would be super fun.

    Let me know,

    SN -- SnappleNpop

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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  • 01/22/14--09:43: PS4 Midwest Gamers
  • Not bashing anyone, but I am tired of  getting on the game and listening to all of the b.s. noise, music, whistling and other crap that goes on every night.  I am 43 and would like to get to know some other mature gamers on the PS4 system that like to hangout and play the game.  I am not looking for clan invites as I have a clan with some buddies that play on PS3, but I am not looking at going back in that direction except for times that I have too. 


    We have our clan listed in the clan recruitment forum if any of you are interested, because it would be cool to grow it and get some PS4 gamers.  If you are interested, please do a search there for HCMF and drop us a line.  We want to grow the clan and I would like to have some cool players to hangout with in the PS4 community of similar age.  If you are in the same boat, hit me up. 

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