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  • 04/11/16--09:04: Re: I have arrived!!!
  • WKMMS wrote:


    ah, fanmail.... I've never got so much of it as I have while playing BO3... I take great pride in reading them and knowing I've made them rage hard.... it's a good feeling


    LOL.... I would have felt better about it had it been a better game for me... you know, so I know for sure what the rage is about.  I sure didn't have a good game... hell I think I was 4th or 5th on our side .... my best guess is that I promptly shot down his one and only scorestreak in the game

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    I agree. This past weekend was horrible, pretty much like the weekend before. Gaming with a friend who has a NetDuma, and can tell if it's dedi or P2P. Just like last weekend, this past weekend was mostly P2P. Everyone on our team with a decent K/D and SPM getting slaughtered by low K/D and SPM. Some lobbies were so laggy, and jittery, we all backed out. We even tried HC, and people were getting hit markers!  I really wanted to stick this out, and keep on grinding, but last night was the end for me.  It's not worth the extreme frustration to continue playing this garbage. With the next COD rumored to be in space, I'm passing that up, too. Ready to see what's new in fps games because I think COD has past its' prime. Activision is more worried about grabbing as much money as they can, rather than to put out a good game.

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    $0. And my cryptokeys got me 0 weapons too. I wonder if there's a correlation?


    In AW I had bad luck as well. None of the good BAL's or AK's. Just the Speakeasy.

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    Exactly. Someone just took an existing product and made it work more efficiently without changing the performance of the product in it's context.


    Its kind of like button mapping on other games. I wonder if the OP would consider a player using legal button mapping in a game to have a button layout they are comfortable as a cheater? Am I a cheater for using Tactical layout instead of Standard?


    This argument truly baffles me.

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    I played LP every once in a while. It was alright. But I don't like Arena at all.

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    I know where you're coming from, but without join in progress you'd see a lot of games end up with 2-3 players, which is so much worse in my mind.  I remember playing Halo 3 and my whole team quit early in the match.  I stuck it out till the end and it was horrible.  I'll take the occasional need to back out and search over that any day of the week.  Plus, there are plenty of people who really don't care about joining games in progress, so overall I think it's the best system they can have and not something that they've neglected to deal with.

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    GulfCoastGirl wrote:


    Work_Hard_Play_Hard wrote:


    £0 spent and currently have 4541 CK and the 200 Cod points everyone were awarded.  Never opened a single package.


    Holy f'k....  you've got some wicked restraint going on there!   I couldn't wait to tear into that box like it had a new pair of Manolos in it.


    Ha Ha, I'm waiting for the guaranteed weapon drop weekend.....................

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  • 04/11/16--09:13: Re: Hive over nerfed
  • The HIVE is very unreliable, which makes it annoying to play with. It's gotten to the point where I lay down my HIVE's and try to forget they're even there, that way I'm pleasantly surprised when they get anyone.

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  • 04/12/16--08:45: Re: Hive over nerfed
  • I recently started using HIVES again. They ae actually easier to use, and get better results, than when I was grinding for kills to get the armor. Back then I ended up just going for direct impact shots. Maybe it is because there is no pressure now, and I place them better, but I am getting 2-3 kills almost every time I deploy them.

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  • 04/12/16--08:48: Re: Campers!
  • BO3 already has lots of mechanic and map design choices that discourage camping such as wall running, specialist abilities and weapons, 6th Sense, maps being designed with more flanking routes to corners in mind, Ghost requiring us to move at full speed to work, and the inactivity kick for players that do not move or fire their weapon every so often. The result is that camping is not as viable a tactic as it was in previous CODs which is a huge part in why I rarely see campers or camp in BO3.


    Also, camping is not a valid reason for reporting someone as it doesn't go against the spirit of an FPS game even though the intentionally wreck others to win in simulation racing games such as FM6 can result in a ban from playing those types games online as it goes against the spirit of circuit racing. Learn to deal with the campers.

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    Is this old horse not dead yet?

    So your opinion is that use of any non-standard equipment equates to cheating right?

    Well I used to use an airflow controller, these have little fans built into the handgrip to stop your palm getting sweaty. Would you class this the same as SCUF and call me a cheater?

    When my wife games she uses a smaller micro controller, these are smaller than standard size and are designed for people with small hands, is she cheating also?


    Here's another little thought experiment we could try.

    SInce no console that I know of comes with a standard display unit or TV, what should be considered the standard size? I mean at a distance of 3m a 32" compared to a 40" could well mean the difference between spotting an enemy lurking or not. On this sort of path telling where do you draw the line on what's cheating and not become far too complicated.

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  • 04/12/16--08:51: Re: BO3 - XB1 vs PS4
  • I'd recommend a Battle Beaver; it's basically a Scuf but costs a bit less and is more robust, with buttons instead of paddles on the back. Or you could spend even less on a cross-platform adapter to use your Elite controller on the PS4.

    If you didn't want to spend anything at all, you can remap your regular DualShock 4 through the PS4's Accessibility settings menu. It's not exactly the same as having a custom controller, but it's certainly good enough as a freebie option. This is what I do (I switched X with R1 so I should jump with my index finger in a "normal" grip rather than playing with a "claw" grip as I did at the start of AW) and it's so good I don't want to buy a custom controller at all

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  • 04/12/16--08:52: Re: BO3 - XB1 vs PS4
  • *could not should


    I hate the combination of sleep deprivation and NO DAMN EDIT POST BUTTON

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    No attachments.  But if I could get some I would like Fast Mags, Quad Lock and 4-Barrel  (Reload Faster, Lock on all 4 rockets at once-same or multiple targets and then Fire All at once)  It would truly be a class unto itself! 

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  • 04/12/16--08:58: Need a clan
  • Hiya, just like it says I'm a decent at best gamer just looking to have fun with people around my ave  range...24+. Add me on PS @ Karma_Police84

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  • 04/12/16--08:59: Re: Cryptokey award rate
  • wwell you are lucky. It seems my game glitched and gave me the normal rate for cryptokeys as if was double and now is giving me half of what is normal.

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  • 04/12/16--09:03: Re: BO3 - XB1 vs PS4
  • I have a few friends that use the cronusmax, it works of course but there are some set backs. I think you'll want a wireless headset for the ps4, because your ps controller will be plugged into it sitting on the floor or entertainment center or whatever. I'm not sure if the paddles still work with it, but I'd assume they do.


    As far as Xbox one vs ps4 players, I'd say the skill level is similar. However, there are far fewer people using headsets on ps4, which limits the amount of actual teamwork in lobbies. I'm 7th prestige on Xbone, and 3rd or 4th on Playstation, and I've had some really monstrous games on ps4. Overall, I'd say the experience is better on Playstation (as far as connections and 30 day map pack exclusivity), but if you're looking to make new friends you're probably going to have better luck on a forum like this.


    That's just my opinion.

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    aadd me ExrtaRare psn

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  • 04/12/16--09:06: If you would like to join 3M
  • Add my psn ExrtaRare



    for clan clan try outs

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