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    1. Enable UPnP. Since it's not a junk ISP freebie router you've picked up, this option should be in your router settings (accessed via the admin page, signing in through a web browser when you're online through the router you want to access [usually by typing into your web browser]). If this doesn't work -- and be warned that BO3 itself causes issues even for people who find UPnP suffices for all other games, including me -- try this step...


    2. Port forwarding. UPnP usually opens all ports that you need automatically, so if you can't use that you need to forward them manually. This is a guide tailored specifically to your router:


    Port Forwarding the Linksys EA6350 Router for Xbox One


    Assuming this doesn't work for some reason...


    3. DMZ. By assigning your console's IP address to the DMZ, you will open ALL ports, but this is a last resort since it's not exactly the most secure option.

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  • 04/12/16--09:07: Re: Campers!
  • 855350.jpg


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  • 04/12/16--09:16: Re: BO3 - XB1 vs PS4
  • "I'd recommend a Battle Beaver; it's basically a Scuf but costs a bit less and is more robust"

    I hate to admit it but I just read that statement so completely out of context...and then I laughed out loud!


    I can't stop thinking about it now.  My moral compass just stuck on South.

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    Damn you stole my first thought as I got to the last page lmfao


    Seriously, threads like this need to be DELETED. I'm sick of reading about this imaginary lag comp fairy "bringing my connection down". That is not what anti-lag does. To the OP and all other morons -- use the less misleading, more accurate term and those of you with small cranial capacity won't have such a hard time the next time you try to share any "insight" on this topic.

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    In terms of story and MP?     I'll make a start, BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Also no futuristic stuff anymore it's getting tiresome and it's just not as good as the classic style COD we all know and love.

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    Did the portal come with the Xbox 360 Superchager game (basically are you sure it is the Xbox 360 portal, as the Xbox portals are very specific to Xbox)? Make sure all other characters are far from the portal and that the portal is 3 feet from anything around it (like the TV). I hope that helps.

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    the game is Black ops 3 zombis mode

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  • 04/13/16--09:41: Re: Damn I Hate That Map
  • H8.


    2. Skyjackedup


    4. Aquariuk

    5. All of the dlc maps so far.







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  • 04/13/16--09:42: Re: Damn I Hate That Map
  • Interesting, because I play each map very differently but they do look similar.  On Infected I stick to the outside routes of the map entirely and on Havoc I stick to the middle in the building.  I guess to me in Havok I can predict the spawns better than most maps and usually end up in the top 2 because I rarely get shot in the back on that one.

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  • 04/13/16--09:42: Re: Crypto Bribe
  • Because of iHattoriHanzo0 and I'm going to try real hard not to use any until then either.

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  • 04/13/16--09:45: Re: Damn I Hate That Map
  • Why did you have to mention Free Fall? I was going to eat soon but now I just feel ill lol

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    MarcusAlley wrote:


    As I have stated in this thread, one part of the definition of cheating, is to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something, it doesn't matter if Sony and Microsoft say you are braking a rule or not, but people using scuf controllers and now Elite controllers have an advantage over the players that only have a normal controller, do to the back buttons. To make things fare, everyone must have the same thing to where no one can use something to their own advantage. So by looking at the definition of cheating, you are not cheating by braking rules, but you are cheating other players by using a product that everyone doesn't have. You are using it to your advantage to make the game easyer for you. Now, I also feel the same way about products like turtle beach headsets that let you hear footsteps better.


    Only meeting one prong of a definition does not equate to meeting the whole definition. Simply having an advantage does not make it cheating. People with surround sound systems have an advantage over people using TV speakers. Are they cheating? How can you say that someone using headphones is cheating? Treyarch ADDED a headphone sound setting. They CLEARLY expect people to use headphones. In fact, the Awareness Perk is a picture of headphones!


    People that have smaller gaming monitors have an advantage over people with large TV's. People with better routers and better internet have an advantage over people who don't. People who have played the game longer have an advantage over people who just bought the game. Are they ALL cheaters? No, they aren't.


    There are a million different configurations that people can use to game on (it isn't just console and game) and several of them can give players an advantage over another and NONE of them make the players a cheater. It is simply false and wrong to say that if someone simply has an advanted over somoene else, it makes them a cheater. As long as I am only gaining and advantage, while not breaking any rules, I'm not cheating. Further, given how different everyones gaming set-up and experience is, there is absolutely no way for an online game to be completely level. It is impossible.


    Everyone, including the game and console makers, have OK'ed the use of them. They aren't going anywhere. Arguing online about it and calling people cheaters for using them is just rude and a waste of keystrokes. If you can't hang, either get better with the stock controller or go out and buy a Scuf like controller for yourself.

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  • 04/13/16--09:56: Re: BO3 - XB1 vs PS4
  • SCalla09 wrote:


    tthanks for all the info everyone. I think I'll borrow my brothers ps4, and buy bo3 and give it a try. the adapter to make the xb1 controller work on ps4 is a cool idea. thanks for all the info!


    I would do some research on the controller converter before buying. I've read several reviews and watched videos on those and they generally have a significant input delay for an FPS gaming.

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  • 04/13/16--09:58: Re: Damn I Hate That Map
  • iHattoriHanzo0 wrote:


    During Ghosts I figured out that I was in the minority for loving very large maps and the more tactical slower paced gameplay.

    In the end we can only hope for variety to try to please the masses, and an option to choose which maps to play on. Overall I think BO3 does a good job of that.


    I remember all the arguments that you had during Ghost standing up for it. Indeed you and some other of us that liked Ghost were the minority and we took quite a bushing for standing up for it.

    What I too liked about Ghost was that you had to be very tactical and thoughtful in your play so that you could control the bigger maps. But tactics and thoughts as better suited for us older guys.

    Now days younger players want smaller maps, rushing about thoughtlessly and without any tactis bagging lots of kills.  

    I take off my hat to Treyarch as the have really master the formula for pleasing the masses.

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  • 04/13/16--10:00: Re: Damn I Hate That Map
  • Don't forget to bear in mind that once you have early unlocked weapons gold, you'll be left doing other challenges on other challenges that don't require Primary Gunfighter at all (such as headshots, and then Bloodthirsty medals etc.).


    Considering all Primary Gunfighter wildcards are unlocked by level 16 and it only takes a few games to get there, and most people at an early prestige haven't played enough to be through with all challenges bar the 6 attachments one, it's a bit of a waste of valuable tokens

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  • 04/13/16--10:01: Re: Damn I Hate That Map
  • Lol brainfart... how did I get from Perk Greed to Primary Gunfighter? Lmaoooo *deletes account*

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  • 04/13/16--10:02: Re: Damn I Hate That Map
  • Okay slight consolation -- the first paragraph still holds true. Not 100% embarrassing

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