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  • 03/09/16--15:29: Re: Stupid Matchmaking
  • I personally think that there should be some matchmaking filter that stops you from joining games that are extremely close to being over and ones that stop you from joining a game where your team has no chance of winning...

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    Check that your phone is logged into your google play account, then reinstall?

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    Prova impostazioni grafiche inferiori?

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  • 03/09/16--15:36: Re: Helipad continues to run
  • It is not the patch - the same problem occurs on iOS devices: If a 'swipe right' is detected viewing your base ( or even during PVP! ) then the carousel sound file plays.

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    How is this unlocked ? MrDalekJD created a video on the first person in the world on Xbox one to hit rank 1000. dalek had mentioned to unlock this you must complete the three zombie mastery challenges, I have done so yet no calling card... The rank 1000 has confirmed he unlocked the calling card prior to hitting rank 1000 so is this glitched?? I got a hold of Activision on Twitter I was directed here to find nothing on this... Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. IMG_20160309_174438.jpg

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  • 03/09/16--15:49: Re: Stupid Matchmaking
  • Hello Owlmageddon,


    Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. Do you ever find yourself places into matches where there is an uneven amount of players on either team? What is your gamertag?


    Thank you. ^MS

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    Hello TheRealDragonKing,


    Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Do you happen to have any video of this that you could share with us?


    Much appreciated. ^MS

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    Hello chasepeeler,


    Unfortunately, we do not have any official update on this matter. However, please rest assure that the issue was escalated and it is currently being looked into. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process.


    Best Regards ^SP

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  • 03/09/16--16:04: Re: email taken
  • Greetings beigefern007,


    Can you please clarify what issue are you experiencing regarding the email? Are you trying to create an account with this respective email address? If so, where do you intend to create this account?


    Please reply to this message with as many details as possible, and we'll be more than glad to assist.


    Best Regards ^SP

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  • 03/09/16--16:05: Re: GHTV problem
  • Greetings alex7cote89,


    Unfortunately, once the progress is made on the Guitar Hero TV account, it cannot be reset.


    Our apologies ^SP

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    Greetings bigdmo96,


    We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues unlocking the Bling of the Road achievement. Let's go ahead and try to clear the Xbox One System cache and then play one full and complete song with each of the highways.


    More information on how to clear the Xbox One system cache can be found here: Activision Support


    Best Regards ^SP

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  • 03/09/16--16:10: Re: Helipad continues to run
  • Great

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  • 03/09/16--16:11: Re: Any female players?
  • Hi i have sent u a request thanks.

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    I play team games, cant stand solo.

    On the giant you can camp up to 50, 40+ solo

    After 30+ Gorgon, Drakon, STG or Locus as third, all turned. This is simply fast tactics to 50 in about 3hrs.

    You get one player to unload Gorgon and drakon while other players cover when reloading with STG or Locus, when one runs empty on first 2 guns another player steps in, basically you need to shoot one at a time, hit the trap when you get a chance, start of the round or nukes or plain sight, monkey, whatever. Alchemical antithesis and Max ammo gums. This is a basic camping concept that works on any map in BO3.

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    In my experience its impossible to tell for sure when someone uses m/k because it is not an advantage.  I have a couple friends who started using them and it has had no affect on their gameplay (per their words).  Its just a comfort level for some, like a controller is for me.


    There are also Scuff controllers that allow players to jumpshot more effectively.

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    The leaders of Ice Gaming are looking for an editor! Send me some of your best edits! Message me on XBox, my gamer tag is L Ice Apollo L. From there, I will send if you my skype name if you cant send your edits to me through that. Thank you!

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    I still feel like connection will always been a challenge in Online games due to the diversity of user connections and varying infrastructure in different areas. Its never going to be perfect, and I wish Devs and Publishers would be more transparent about what they are doing to improve connectivity overall.


    I can't complain, I typically 4 bar and am put in lobbies with mostly 4 bar connections... so my experience has been, overall, a good one.


    But there is no denying that when you start seeing those Red and Yellow bars show up you are going to be in for some crazy moments and inconsistent game play. While it doesn't always impact the outcome, more often than not those players are harder to hit and appear seemingly out of nowhere.


    Today, for example. Jumped in and my first match was on Breach. Had a fantastic first game, finished at the top of the Leaderboard and got the win. Stayed in the lobby, which some players left and others came in. One player on the other team in particular came in, and off the jump I knew I was in for a long game. No matter what I did, I couldn't hit him. He would suddenly show up out of thin air, I would tactically take a corner and my bullets would skip through him, and his shots were an insta-death for me. After he killed me a few times I checked the scoreboard, and his connection was flailing all over the place, from red to yellow to green and back to yellow and then red again. Now, it could be that my shot was off a bit in this game, but there were a LOT of WTF moments with this player in particular, whereas everyone else in the lobby seemed to be on even footing with me connection-wise. It was extremely frustrating for me as I felt like I was playing well, but getting hosed because of this guy's connection.


    I would think in the future the game could run a check, if your connection is not steady enough, it shouldn't put you into an Online Match... play against the Bots, don't ruin the experience for all.


    I'd also like to see more transparency from Publishers and developers about what they are doing to improve connectivity overall for players. Online play may never be perfect due to the very nature of, well, the internet... but I think that doesn't mean both players and companies shouldn't strive to optimize connections on their sides respectively.

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  • 03/10/16--15:46: Want to play online ps4
  • PSN-SSROACHKILLER just want to play with someone with a mic online any gamemode add me or mesage me also have other games

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  • 03/10/16--15:48: Xbox one easter egg
  • Need 2 players for the easter egg on the new map, msg me on xbox one, gt is Krimzon Eclipse

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    Hi there,


    To anyone reading this my name is Anna and I along with a friend have started a clan on Black Ops 2 for 360. Our clan name is B2ST and we're fairly new clan as it's just the two of us right now. My k/d is well over a 2.64 or so and my friends is also over a 2. k/d as well. To join is rather simple:



    ° Have a k/d over 1.00

    ° Play actively at least 3 times a week (more often is better)

    ° Being that I don't trickshot or snipe (I personally run n gun) that would be great if you did

    ° Adding to that we need people that predominantly snipe (well)

    ° Must have a mic

    ° Must be 18 as we're both 20 and have nothing in common with a 12 year old for example

    ° This is open to both males and females

    ° Having a YouTube channel would be great as I would like to make clan videos. So if you're a content maker or editor that would be amazing.

    ° This clan is pretty much open if you meet the requirements you can join but at anytime you can be removed


    Side note: We're thinking of being competitive but that all depends on the clan members wanting too or not



    So if you're interested please do message me my xbox name is Vigilant Anna

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