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  • 03/10/16--15:53: Re: Wanting To Join
  • Looking for prospects if interested. GT change required upon acceptance.

    Twitter: @UltraUprise

    Skype: UltraUprise

    Kik: UltraUprise

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  • 03/10/16--15:58: Re: I have problem
  • Greetings 1986azoz,


    Just to clarify, did you redeem the Nuk3town DLC Map code on your PS4 account in the past?  If yes, you should have the DLC available to Download in your Notifications -> Downloads section of your account. Also, you may select the Nuk3town DLC from the PS4 Store -> Black Ops 3 > Add-Ons section, and install it from there on your account.  If you have yet to redeem the code on your account, but lost it, we will be unable to assist, unfortunately.


    Best Regards ^SP

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    I've recently been trying to complete the Short Circuit challenge (disable 10 enemy specialist abilities with an EMP) as it's the only one I've got left from that set, but I think there's something wrong with it... sometimes (most of the time) when I EMP a person using an EMP they keep their ability not allowing me to do this challenge, even though I'm on 5/10 somehow. For example, I've had someone Overdrive close to me, I EMP him and get a hitmarker but he keeps Overdriving. Have been tagged by Vision Pulse and then EMP the person using it but I stay red, meaning it didn't disable it...


    Any tips?

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    My NUK3TOWN code didn't work, I tried to fill the form of Activision (https://support.activision.com/CS_Form?id=a1fU00000089WsQ) but everytime that I join the page it says "In order to use this service you must have linked your console account to your Activision account. Click here for details.", but I already have linked my PSN account, what can I do? This isn't fair, I paid for something...

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  • 03/10/16--16:02: Crashing after awakening dlc
  • So after I PURCHASED and downloaded the awakening dlc the game has been crashing every few games after the winners circle. It does not go back to the lobby and does not count anything I've earned during the match, including k/d. Extremely frustrating as I know this is happening to others and still haven't heard of an official fix. Tried clearing my custom classes as I've been told to try and it is still crashing. Any insight on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    Greetings kriskat,


    We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues accessing the Awakening DLC on your account. Can you please clarify what platform are you playing on? Where did you purchase the Awakening DLC from?


    Please reply to this thread with this information and we'll be more than glad to assist.


    Best Regards ^SP

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    Greetings champson,


    Let's go ahead and try to remove all the attachments, optics, sights, kill counter and clan tag from the weapons you're using, and then try going again for this challenge. If these steps will not solve your issue, please reply to this thread clarifying what platform are you playing on.


    Best Regards ^SP

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    Greetings x-chestypuller,


    We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues while trying to connect to the Black Ops 3 servers. Which PlayStation are you playing on? Are you playing on a wired or wireless connection? Do you share your internet connection, via a router, with multiple other devices?


    Let's first try to reset both your modem and router (if applicable), by unplugging them for a solid 5 minutes, restart your PlayStation and then try connecting again. If these steps will not solve your issue, please reply to this message with the information requested above.


    Best Regards ^SP

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  • 03/10/16--16:09: Add me on ps4 Quick_DumbAzz
  • Hey people if you dont know who to play with play with us

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    Greetings celbrations,


    We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues accessing the DLC content on your Black Ops 3 account. Can you please clarify for us what platform are you playing on? Also, where did you purchase the Season Pass from? 

    We're more than glad to assist.


    Regards ^SP

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    I have been consistently been getting more BS deaths over the last couple weeks.  Connection/hit detection has been good for a 3arch game up until this point.

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  • 03/10/16--16:22: Der Eisendrache EE
  • Need 3 Msg thePurplePacman

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  • 03/10/16--16:23: Re: Name change
  • Hey there,


    Are you referring to your forum name or Ambassador name?



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    If you don't mind me swearing a lot I've been looking for new friends to play it with. if you're interested add hadesnumberxiii on xbox one.

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    Hey there.


    This page has information that could help with the disc read error:


    Activision Support


    Let us know if you run into any additional issues.



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    not sure how else you jump reload or crouch (depending on button layout) without moving your thumb off the joystick..... the scufs have paddle buttons on the back of the controller where your other fingers rest while playing, so at that point you have them assigned to buttons such as A B X Y (xbox) and you aren't required to then move your thumb off of the aiming joystick to perfprm any of these actions allowing you to acquire and stay on targets better while jumping etc.

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    Connecting to a close host does not stop you from getting players with bad ping in the lobby. The game already tries to connect you with the best host so it's redundant.

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  • 03/11/16--15:57: DLC 1
  • eh comprado el dlc pero cuando coloco mi codigo me sale un error de codigo

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  • 03/11/16--15:58: Re: Reset
  • Hello there da_boss485,


    We're sorry to hear this. Please visit the following link and fill out the form: Activision Support .





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