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  • 03/01/16--12:58: Re: cheaters reported
  • I couldnt help my self from laughing so hard.. Lets get to the point and ill leave it at that..


    1. THERE IS NO PUBLIC OR PRIVATE HACK for the PS4/x1 period.. DO I NEED TO REPEAT MY SELF? I know people who done the 360/ps3 hacks personaly.. I dont mean by forums, i mean in person period. Leave it like that..

    2. THRE IS NO WAY YOU CAN PUT A USB STICK in your console and instantly give you god stats on any game period!.. See 1.

    3. Mod controllers only affect the game movement.. You can have rapid fire on but the game will only shoot as fast as it was programmed to do. Beyond that nothing for new next gen will work on them. Yea you can program scuffs but thats about it..

    4. Your console has theater mode. if you think your being cheated. save the theater mode and contact a mod Via PM.. be nice ot share it to the public but they dont want to keep sharing the exploit till it gets fixed.

    5. Stop with this stupid non-sense.. Your just making those fake youtubers money by filling out those fake surveys..


    I been in this industry for over 25 years, seen it all, heard it all and still in the loop on things that a average joe will not know.


    Have a great conversation..

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  • 03/01/16--13:00: Re: Ghosts 2...good news!
  • KurtK24 wrote:


    Please direct me to a "boots on the ground" COD for next gen so that I can play it.

    HA - my boots are on walls jumping over dudes who keep walking.

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  • 03/01/16--13:01: Re: Ghosts 2...good news!
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    I would like to see this cheating and all involved escalated to Activision and Sony for discipline with a console ban. I think I speak for all the "paying' members of the PSN and Call of Duty game.


    If nothing is done then this is what this game and its administrators have come to. THank you in advance!

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    I really feel like that is a harsh assessment of a very talented Developer, personally. Both studios have their flaws, but I feel like you are being unfair to a very accomplished group.


    Black Ops 2 was immensely popular and a favorite of many, though not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Though I doubt you could honestly list any game in the series that was pulled off flawlessly. Black Ops 3 has been almost as popular.. and I know I've really been enjoying it far more than any other recent title.


    I think it's also a stretch to say there are "no tactics" in Black Ops 3, when in many ways it is one of the most tactical games in the series. There are more flanking routes and ways to attack the enemy than at any time before. The specialists , in this player's opinion, are a fun addition and another element to the strategy of the game.  Hit detection has been more or less spot on for me in this title and Black Ops 2, and I've really had a ton of fun playing, which is most important.


    Seems odd to use this thread to attack a developer rather than discuss the topic at hand.


    COD4 was , no doubt, a huge step forward for FPS gaming and this Series. The Engine changed gaming, and the basic setup, which seems obvious now, was groundbreaking at the time. But it was far from perfect. Looking back with Rose Colored Glasses, as many people do, people forget how bad camping was on many maps, with limited ways to unseat those very campers. MW2 on release was a complete disaster, it was only months into it's life cycle that any issues were finally sorted.


    Personally been a fan of every game in the series, some more than others, with Advanced Warfare being the exception (though in fairness, I did put a decent amount of time into it). Each Dev has something to bring to the series with successes and failures. I will never understand the hatred of one studio or another, it seems misplaced at best.

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    Hello , when I bought the game, I 're not received the code for Nuketown . Now I bought the season pass , because I thought I Nuketown . Therefore, I have not even if I have the season pass .

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  • 03/01/16--13:06: Re: can't play blops 3 on pc
  • Hey earthleap,


    If possible, could you please provide a picture of what you're seeing? When did this message start showing up? ^SM

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    I buy the Season Pass so i can get maps and weapons right? Well, i got the maps, but don't get any ******* weapons! All the other CoDs you get weapons with your purchase, and the one time I buy it I don't get jack ****! I have to earn it. Thanks Treyarch, **** you.

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  • 03/01/16--13:07: Re: Ghosts 2...good news!
  • Sucker born every minute. You should check your sources, always... since that same mag released a similar misinformed article last year.


    Until you get official word, spreading rumors is irresponsible and foolish.

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    can i change my emblem and how?

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  • 03/01/16--13:10: Re: Care Package fix?
  • There was a patch today on the PS4 to enable ricochet to someone that kills you while you are taking a care package and while defusing the bomb in Search; soon to the Xbox One.


    New patch for Black Ops 3 now live on PS4 (version 1.07) | Charlie INTEL

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    Really want this if it's a download

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  • 03/01/16--13:14: Re: server down
  • Hello there,


    Sorry to hear about the trouble. Please try shutting off your router and console for a full 5 minutes then try playing again. Keep us posted. ^SM

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    My Controller is connecting and then loses connection the whole time. It seems to be when I move away from my PS4. I have to sit right on top of my ps4 for the controller to stay connected. As soon as I move more than 30cm away from the dongle it loses connection. I changed batteries, nothing changed. Synced and re-synced, but it keeps doing the same thing. Is my dongle or guitar defective?

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  • 03/01/16--13:19: Re: Another 9.6GB Patch
  • Like the last one, the patch isn't that big. It's just piggybacked on the first big one. The patch is less than 1 gig.

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  • 03/02/16--13:23: Re: Griefers
  • I'm killing them because they're on the enemy team to begin with


    I'm not tk'ng anyone. It's just that after a while the person on the enemy team gets frustrated and switches teams, to be on my team, for the sole purpose of tk'ng me and griefing me.


    I'm not griefing anyone.


    Also, sometimes they just tk me in a later match if we happen to get put on the same team at the start of the match, because they're still mad about dying to me when we were on opposite teams.


    It's really stupid, but it still happens - a lot.

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    I want feedback on this because I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem as well. The match gets done and I get sent to the "Home" page on Xbox One. All kills and any progress to any guns/challenges are non-existent. I never had this problem before this update this morning. If any Treyarch GM comes across this, I would love to know your feedback, because reasons.

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    What did you do on the new update that is screwing up this gams. Now when I try to leave a lobby or sometimes when I start a new game in same lobby the whole game reboots so I have to go through that whole process of waiting again. This is seriously annoying and not worth waiting for each game to reload the whole game again. Please fix this as soon as possible.

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