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    ccome join tonight and start gaming with ICE Gaming

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  • 02/29/16--12:02: Re: Top 3 Suppressed Guns
  • Well, your "feel" is absolutely correct. The MX Garand has a smaller penalty than other assault rifles for being suppressed. The KN-44 and MX both have smaller suppressor penalties.

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  • 02/29/16--12:04: Re: I get it now,lol
  • Here's a pic of Kurt and I on our way to play Deluxe Space invaders.2016-02-29-15-02-58-913513830.jpeg

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    I have not played with Vesper post nerf because I have it gold already.  Is the grip necessary now to control it or can it be burst fired similar to the Pharo and still be ok?

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    • Are you over 18?
    • Do you have a KD higher than 1.5?
    • Do you always play with a mic?
    • Are you looking to join a skilled clan with over 70 active members?
    • Do you have a score per minute of over 250?
    • Are you on xbox1?
    • Are you USA based?



    If you answered yes to these questions---- G22 Nation WANTS YOU!!!!!!!!!


    Please send a message to 'G22 Tanaka' for information  (**PLEASE INCLUDE**)

    • Kill/Death Ratio
    • Score Per Min
    • Hard core or Core
    • What game modes you play


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    It was bugged, but it shouldn't be anymore. They did a hotfix a while back for that.

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    Hey, i noticed this over the weekend. The modded controller is one thing but the youtuber says there is also an aimbot and god mode hack this guy was doing. This is on PS4

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  • 02/29/16--12:25: Re: server issues
  • It happened to me on Saturday night. I just had to wait til Sunday and they were back on.

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  • 02/29/16--12:32: Re: I get it now,lol
  • Lmao, I'll try to get some pics. My phone broke and I don't have a camera but I'll try to borrow one. Well, I have a 35mm camera but don't think that will work for the internet,lol.

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  • 02/29/16--12:40: Re: I get it now,lol
  • You're so right. It's like a whole different game now. Still gonna take awhile till I get high streaks and such but I rarely feel cheated now. If I get killed now for the most part I just got outplayed. Sure there are still those "give me a break" moments but they are much less now. Pre-aiming and knowing someone is probably coming that way is great. I used to only really use the mini map when a UAV was up or if someone shot and the red dot shows up. But knowing how to use it the whole game has made a world of difference. Makes me want to go back and play some old COD'S just to see how I do. My all time fav was COD 4, Modern Warfare but not sure how hacked it is these days. Maybe BO2 which I never played much.

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  • 02/29/16--12:40: New Clan PS4
  • Looking to get a new clan going and looking for help. Tired of playing with randoms. If interested in getting one going contact psn GeneralBear33

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    i have like 8,000 kills with the vesper post patch and now i almost never use it, I never ran grip before either.


    Now the recoil is no gnarly i can't kill people at range at all. There was a guy camping now moving not even looking at me and i tried to burst him and after like the 3rd time i pulled the trigger he finally caught wind and moved but barely even damaged him. its almost a shotgun now, it was OP in my opinion but the funny thing was i never saw it overused in lobbies?...

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    so where's the evidence? all there was in that vid was a known glitcher saying stuff, no proof just the words of a skank.


    pure click bait

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    Well that footage is apparently spectated - the youtuber "salty" is posting the vid to show ppl. hes frustrated about the match...

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  • 03/01/16--12:46: Re: cheaters reported
  • So nothing then?  Okay I'll move on.


    I'm pretty sure a modded controller can only do as much as the game will let it.

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    Really bugging me after this update as I haven't a clue what it is

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    Contact ClutchestPlaysHD on psn for more info

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  • 03/01/16--12:57: Re: New patch
  • New patch for Black Ops 3 now live on PS4 (version 1.07) | Charlie INTEL


    Xbox One patch to be determined later, I guess.

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    hello my nuke town code for bo3 docent work that I got from pre ordering the game pleae help

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