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    this is supposed to be the top of the bill in gaming ?

    the graphics are horrible

    yes the gameplay could be so sweet it only they fixed the lag

    it's 2013?!

    why can't any recent fps get their connection smoothened out within a month of release

    the graphics are bad even when maxed out the least thing you could do

    is stop giving me these gamebreaking mouse stutters & hit detection lag

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  • 12/16/13--20:46: Re: Really!!!!!
  • I have the same problem! It was also the same for me in blops2. So I have to play hard core modes just to try to even things out.


    Nice use of the word "Frack" I love BSG, might be the best show ever.

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    I agree that this game has lost its COD feel.  I have played this game on both the xbox one and 360 and my reaction is always whoa this game is bad.  I have played every Call of Duty from the original and I have to admit, in my opinion, this is the worst edition of the series.  The connection, lag, and total BS that this game produces makes me shake my head with every minute played.


    I am not the greatest player but I have always had a +1.25 k/d with every COD game.  On this game I can barely keep a .70 k/d.  I have a 90/10 connection with sub 100ms delay, so that's not it.  99% of the time I sit back and try to figure out what's going on but its just the game.  The spawns on this game is horrible.  The flow of the game is gross.  On a scale from 1 -10, I give this game a 3...For the record, I would never give a COD game below an 8.


    What's interesting is how Battlefield 4 is coming up fast in my book.  BF4 does not have the same spawn problem and is a lot more fun to play.  I don't yell profanities at the TV as much and I plan to play BF4 a lot more and will look to buy their map packs vs COD Ghosts.


    I know many will disagree and a few will agree...Just ranting my peace because as a long time COD gamer, I am sad to where the game is going.  This is not Halo!  Stop with the over-reaching game fantasies of seeing through walls and invincible dogs or a Radio Shack drone with unlimited missiles. Just give us better graphics and improved maps and gameplay, not this cr*p this game exhibits.

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    it isn't me, but it's a perfect example of why this game is getting old for me

    black ops 2 knife was wonky, but i'm starting to get tired of people terminator walking through my bullets to lunge at me from 10 feet away

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  • 12/16/13--20:48: Re: Top 3 loadouts?
  • i think that anyone should be able to post their thoughts about this disscussion

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    i kinda agrre becuase its just noobs are easy to kill and they rage quit when they die!

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    Highly doubtful. Who doesn't like to hear a grown man moan over a video game? Well worth the price of admission.

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    add my psn Szwec17 we are a small group of 3/4 too where bouts you guys from?

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    mahaster , plz let me join ur clan I'm ready to fight

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    on the ps3 my nat type was open on cod ghost


    but on ps4 my nat type is moderate


    iv reset my internet etc

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    Theatre mode has been in IWs games. MW3 for example. But theatre mode has been a source to lag in CoD so they decided to remove it. You have the share button on PS4 and "record that" on Xbox One so you don't really need theatre.

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    Ill join gt: scoreg4sm  2.03 kd

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  • 12/18/13--14:14: Re: Why CoD Ghosts is Great!
  • Dude u have Ebola fever. better get medical attention fast. go to every hospital u can and infect everyone.  world needs a cleans

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  • 12/18/13--14:15: clan
  • Hello all. I'm looking for a clan specifically level 23 or higher. My current clan's members are inconsistently online and i'm near close to unlocking the gold camo for my honey badger.

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    Rainy Thug is my clan, we currently need one more player and then we plan to do clan wars a lot. Add me on PSN and I can invite you.
    PSN: Mammas_flicka_

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  • 12/18/13--14:17: Re: InfinityFraud
  • wish i could take this garbage game back.

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    My friends and I found 2 new glitchs or hacks I would like to report.

    Unlimited ammo all toobs and living through a KEM strike with blast shield if you respawn during the countdown and don't move.

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    Megadog14 wrote:


    How did you get the live gameplay in 3rd person?


    As my post states, it's not my video, it's Yoda's, I just posted it from his YouTube.  I'm not sure how he got that but my guess would be that he was streaming when it happened so he had actual game-play as it happened footage (from his PVR) as well as the Treyarch theater mode footage.  Again, just a guess, you'd need to ask him to confirm. 


    I think it's awesome he was able to capture that and he did a great job putting together the side by side video to show it.

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    I never deal with glitches on the matches I play. I must be the a force field to glitches ;-;

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