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  • 12/15/13--20:29: Re: [360] DND1 is Recruiting
  • Hey my gamertag is airmare I have a higher than 2.2 k/d, hit me up.  I'm fun and sporting.

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    Cod ghosts best game so far

    great innovation in this game

    better improvements since last installment

    better mechanics

    better balance

    pretty good graphics

    and of course it's freakin fun Imo( I practically leave work to play this game)

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    Allow me to sum up what I think you are supposed to do.

    In short;

    >kill some guy

    >pick up his weapon

    >Using his weapon kill the same guy again


    >Get Patch.


    Now I've been playing for an hour and I haven't got this yet, so that's why I am assuming it's broken.

    That and before I finished playing I killed a guy, made a note of his GT, then he came right back to the spot where I was where I killed him again (with his gun) and I didn't get the patch. I'm pretty sure I completed the thing I was supposed to do.


    The patch is active, I see it in my operations telling me what to do and whatnot, so therefore the only conclusion I can arrive to, is that it is glitched.


    Just now, I picked up a weapon from a random and killed him again. I ran over his body and all it did was refill my ammo. I killed him again and the same thing happened.

    I can get other patches (I got NBK (3 longhots in one life) and the one where you have to call in 2 battle hinds in 1 match) so it must be broken.


    My username > yours.



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    PLease add me as we'll...kd is 1.3. Ga,Edgar on ps4 is kevin_alex31

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    GGamer tag *

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  • 12/16/13--20:36: Re: Brain Scratch
  • Things will never change, no matter how many games later, there will always be those that complain and refuse to change their play style to accommodate, I bet if we could look back over all these types of threads it would be the same people posting, also it's just a shame they haven't found a way to put a stop to hacking and modding for good, those players really do ruin the game for 'honest' players.

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    The strange thing is that I am playing with people on the PS3 and PS4 that have the Holiday Camos now.. and yet it still doesn't allow me too get them =/





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  • 12/16/13--20:38: Re: So... uhhh...
  • Dedication is a better choice of words

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    I am avid Xbox gamer but recently bought MW3 and about to get Black ops 2 for ps3. Im running my clan on ps3 so we have both an xbox and ps3. Our clan is cof1 if you want to look us up, but if you are interested message me on here or message me on ps3 @ rockzilla13.

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    that's a cool strategy, would like to try it.  if you leave that same door closed (gen 3 to semtex) and stand on the bridge the zombies never come behind you and the rounds go by fast too.  the ak47 is there but it's useless after round 30.  it's easy with the staffs.  the crazy place is fun if you do the easter egg (exceptt he cut scene) because everyone has staffs and the walls remain still.


    If you want a fast strat without staffs get the ray gun before you go to the crazy place. if your not there it doesn't mke sense to not get the staffs, they help with everything.  too bad no one plays this map anymore. had fun getting elemental gloves.

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  • 12/16/13--20:40: Re: So... uhhh...
  • nicedrewishfela wrote:


    Skill may not be the best way to express it. But the player still has to do it and earn them him/herself.


    Skill is something that will be argued to death with no good answers on these forums.... I think Megadog is just saying the way it stands it depends on the player earning them. You can decide for yourself if it takes skill or not.

    Skill wise no, There are players who aim for Cammos and have them all, and I know im a more skilled player then them and I have hardly any. Judging skill by cammos is worse then judging someone by their K/D. Its like reaching max prestige, even the worst player in the game will eventually make his way up there

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  • 12/16/13--20:41: Re: Im Back guys.
  • Did you not see the warning beacon? You have doomed yourself! these here forums are a black hole of negativity ... wait... thats every forum...

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  • 12/16/13--20:42: Really!!!!!
  • It's really fracking amazing how easy I die in this game but it's nearly impossible for me to kill other players with the same amount of bullets or hit markers that they use on me. I'm always constantly having to double or triple my efforts to kill someone. Even when I'm using a Maniac, I die too easy but when someone on the opposite team is using one, its an international crime that they should die as easily as I do. Where the frack is the fracking balance in this game? If this is nothing but lag then why am I always on the crappy end of it?

    There's no balance in this game what so ever. I spend most of my damn time looking for an evenly balanced game than I do actually playing. It takes me an hour usually to find a decent game because the teams are always uneven and I'm always put on the losing team.

    The more I keep trying to play this game, the more disappointed I get.

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    nuttin2say wrote:


    Is it just me, or does this sound like another "I miss BO2" thread?

    The CoD Cycle continues!

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    Hi Lumumba76,


    Thanks for posting!  Can you please try the following steps and let us know the results:


    Please follow the steps in the order listed below:


    1. Un-install and re-install the app.

    2. When you are prompted to log into your Activate account select No.

    3. Start a new local file by selecting Play alone.  This will take you through the tutorial.

    4. Once you complete the tutorial, log into your Activate account.


    Also, please specify which device you are on as well as the operating system version number.


    Regards ^AH

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  • 12/16/13--20:44: Re: Why Nerf The L115
  • They fixed it because it was broken. Whats so hard to understand? Your montages are not important, get over yourself.

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  • 12/16/13--20:44: Re: Rank all the maps!
  • Der Riese; This map is perfection.

    Kino: This map is almost perfection

    Ascension: easy to play with randoms, and just an overall fun map. Never gets boring.

    Verruckt: This was the first map I played in zombies good memories. 4 man camping> training any day.

    COTD: Even though George was annoying, this map never gets boring.

    Buried: Like the OP I love everything about this map. It had lots of good things going for it, except the easiness.

    Five: I love this map because it feels really original. The difficulty of it makes it really fun.

    Die Rise: Great map, fun WW. pain in the ass with randoms though. Only play this on solo.

    Shi no Numa- I only played this map a couple of times ,but it was fun.

    Motd: Great concept, poor execution. ***** with randoms.

    Shangri-la- Of all the times we played it we never made it past 20, so my opinion is probably based on misconceptions.

    Nacht: I feel like the appeal from this map is based on nostalgia.It's incredibly;y fun with a party of friends though.

    moon - Hated this map. Even though I've never played it on my own, I don't think i'll like it either way.

    Origins - again good concept, but terrible execution. Pain in the ass map.

    Nuketown- This map is ****.

    transhit- This map can suck my d-ck.

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  • 12/16/13--20:44: Re: So... uhhh...
  • It does take work, and as you stated... dedication from the player to make it happen.


    I, for one, wouldn't want shortcuts to that. Just like boosting, I would hate to have people earn them through cheap tricks rather than working towards them. I, for one, felt accomplished when I completed the Camo Challenges on BO and earned Diamond.

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