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    I like it, though for some reason I've still been killed from a single melee while facing the enemy, without having taken any damage.  Anyone else have this happen?

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    IM looking for others to play with I'm 37 with kids so I can't be on all the time I have a mic and have been playing COD since WAW I'm far from the best just looking for casual playing my gamer tag if interested on PS4 carbine--kid

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    ho speso inutilmente soldi per il gioco cod aw che spero di venderlo, e per i doc ed altro! Non rispondete alle domande dei clienti, non avete una mail o un call center! ma che razza di società siete?!

    il problema che ho? in multiplayer il gioco si blocca spesso con la notifica disc image41 error. ho altri giochi online e con cd ma Non si bloccano!


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    In no particular order

    1) The ability to choose the gender of my character

    2) Limit the amount if times a map can be played in a row

    3) Improve the join game and stop splitting parties ( putting them on opposite teams )

    4) Activision to have the Devs interact in the CODHQ so every person can have a voice and not just you tubers with X amount of followers.

    5) Get ride of one platform getting the maps before the other , both should get them at the same time.


    These are just real quick off of the top of my head.


    edit dit I need to add this

    0) Give the forum a makeover to a system that can block spam without putting everyone into moderation with every single post and become user friendly for both the mods and the users , everyone here deserves better.

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  • 01/19/16--03:54: Re: Just curious
  • I have been checking my game footage and as of yet havent found it but if i do, or if i see it again i will make sure to book mark the clip for upload.

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    Those are actually decent stats though lol. You don't hide for streaks or spawn trap in an obj mode to pad your KD.

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    Yesterday was so bad my win/loss ended up at 0.8 something. Maybe 4 games of TDM were just about bearable, but I backed out of about 50 others from lots of different modes. I think maybe 90% of my games had at least 3 players on 100ms ping or more. A lot of them involved entire enemy teams of middle easterns and they were destroying my team with their 3 bars while I couldn't kill them. I would be on my usual <34ms ping, and yet I could shoot someone, turn away and then get a hitmarker. Disgusting.

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    Well thought out and presented  , I may not agree with some of your rankings and reasonings for the rankings in some catagories but as you stated these are your personal views and how each is valued by you.

    As far as the you tube video I usually only watch videos that will help me out with an ee or if I get stuck in a campaign . I do not watch gameplay you tube videos or review videos since I tend to form my own opinion. But many do so good luck with that .


    Have yourself a good one.

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    Hey guys! I have a urgent question and I need it answered quickly! If I have an XBox One from Asia and I buy Skylanders from the US can I still play it? I know that the XBox One doesn't have region lock, but what about the game itself??? thnx!

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    Thanks for the feedback, also forgot to mention maps, when I'm not playing combine most of the time, I'm enjoying the majority of the maps. If I was to give the map rotation a score, it would be fairly low due to combine being so common.

    That's okay also, I don't expect people to go and watch my video, as the review is laid out in this thread anyway, though I would be lying if I said I wasn't using this as an excuse to promote my channel lol.

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    We care because, it's called being competitive.  that's why I play the game. To dominate others. If I wasn't competitive I'd play offline games.

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    Don't know if I am suppose to open a new thread or not.  Received my Guitar Hero Live for Xbox One for Christmas.  Really haven't used it that much but last several times for both me and my daughter we started dropping significant notes.  I calibrated/synced, cleared the cache, uninstalled/reinstalled the game etc... then found some threads (significant threads) talking about the strumming (specifically down strum) on their guitars so I fired up the game once more and completed one of the songs I was failing using the upstrum only. Finished at 100%!  Obviously a hardware problem.  I packed up my hardware and headed to Best Buy who informed me I was 2 day past my return period.  I even opened a ticket with Microsoft who directed me to "Activision".  When I visit Activision's warranty page you have to choose a pre-configured list of hardware selections which DOES NOT include the Guitar?  Must choose dongle or mic only?  I would like to return this thing but at a minimum get a new guitar RMA.

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       Hi Guys, just before i start, i don't want this to turn in to a scuf/ elite slagging match. I literally just want to know if many people here have made the switch over from the standard xbox One controller- the elite/ scuff or PS4- Scuf and how much did it hinder/ help you?


    Thinking about getting myself one this week and just wanted to know what peoples experiences have been like with them basically.


    Thanks for any replies!

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    Hi, I wanted to know how many Gb does the GHTV consume (let's say a single song). I just have 10 Gb a month and I don't want to risk to use them all in 1 hour!

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    Also, i'd rather we not focus on the price, because again, that's up to me if i have the money or think i play enough to justify the spend!


    Just purely focusing on the merits of the controllers over the standard.


    It might be worth noting, i don't expect it to make me a better player.(thats on me) I know my level is pretty good, i just feel there are quite a few situations when being able to jump and aim at the same instance would be better!

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    Maybe, but our clan has members scattered all over the US, from California to Maine, Florida to Michigan, we have 2 guys from Canada, 2 in Mexico, and 4 in Germany. We all run flawless 95% of the time. The 5% we lag is when someone ( random ) enters the game that has subpar Internet, aka red bars. One of the secrets we do is each year, when a new COD comes out, is contact our IP to see if new modems are available, and we also upgrade our routers. See the game's servers are going to run on new tech, so it's only logical to upgrade your tech to match.


    My IP had a new modem available in early October. ( usually a free upgrade, but you have to call and inquire ) I also upgraded my router to this bad boy. This thing is a little pricey ( $300 ) but man it is super freaking fast. Heck I'm connecting with less trouble on wifi than most that are using hardwire. People need to understand that they need to "keep up" with technology, even a year's time and your modems and routers are outdated. 


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  • 01/20/16--03:05: Re: Bo3 headsets
  • Sony Golds are pretty decent, especially for the price of $80. I've used them a few times over at a friend's house. I have had 5 headsets over the years, from Sony to Astro, and several Turtle Beaches. I recently got the Elite 800's and can say they are the best sounding headsets on the market now. It has so many settings that you can use or customize, to hear the slightest sounds. With the Superhuman hearing setting, it's almost like cheating. If youve got $300, I'd say go grab a pair, you'll love them.



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    When a match ends I find it a little tedious we have to sit through multiple endings just for it to be over. Match ends it shows the final team score, then it shows the final kill cam, then it shows the top 3 players, wait for us to taunt, then show the scoreboard THEN it goes into loading out.

    It's annoying to have to sit through that every time... and you have to sit through it. If you leave despite the match being over it counts as a loss. After watching this ending sequence for months on end it's getting tiresome. Why can't we leave after it's over without having a penalty?

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    Hi, i have read the page but it didn't have the answer to my question, I would like to know how much internet the GHTV consumes in 1 hour and not how much powerful my internet connection has to be. I hope you can help me.



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    What type of clan are u running? Competitive or Sniping?

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