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    I'm trying to install Quake 4 onto my newer laptop and it's not letting me even open it to load it. Every time I try I get this message: List index out of bounds (-1)


    I've looked up how to fix it and I know a few people have but no one said how they did it. Anyone have an idea? I think it has something to do with windows 8.1 is what it kept saying.

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  • 01/14/16--20:46: Re: report a hacker
  • Hey there, sorry this is going on. If you can record a video and put it on YouTube you can inbox myself or TopFighter or tracy or FalconR6 and we can send it in. Make sure the video is clear and where able to see The name of the account.

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    Apparently the spam has a human element to it. Unfortunately even the moderators get moderated. If there is anyone to blame it would be Jive... or at least the company that uses it.


    ps... I don't know anything about forums. This is what I've heard. And I agree... it's pretty ridiculous.

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    Hello everybody, I am using GH on the new Apple Tv and I am connected from Hong Kong.

    When I try to connect to GH TV, I always receive an error message saying: SERVICE UNAVAILABLE, try again later.

    Somebody can help me on this?

    I can only use GH Live but no GH TV

    I tried changing some DNS servers on my router but nothing.

    Thank you

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    Just the map packs aren't gonna be enough to bring the total number of maps up to where it should be. There needs to be more medium sized maps too. There's plenty of small maps already

    They should bring back the vote where you can only ever play a map twice in a row in the same lobby. While combines great for getting loads of xp ive had nights where ive played it like 15 times in a row and it gets boring

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    Don't know why they don't do this, they should add meteorological variants to the maps like rain, night, sunny, storm, fog, etc this could add some variety with the minimum effort hopefully Infinity ward thought about that.

    Like how mw2 had the one map at night with rain. That **** was hella fun

    Every map in this game is all sunny and ****. Why are there no maps like Hanoi, Storm(MW2 DLC) or Underpass? That'd bring so much more variety!

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    I would like BO3 more if Specialists, wall running, and double jumping were not in the game. Call me a traditionalist, but I liked COD more when it was predictable and had less randomness.

    Overall I am still playing BO3 because Halo 5 was mediocre.

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    In TDM, I have been using the HATR recently. To my surprise, it showed me that not only do the spawns change rapidly, but the enemy team actually spawns at different locations at the same time. I was in the middle of the map, and saw that enemies were spawning on both ends of the map at the exact same time. This leads to another random variable, awareness confusion, never knowing where to look, and ultimately being able to die from any direction at any given time thus bringing down the skill gap and ensuring that everyone is at a 1 KD.

    This happens when your players are just rushing all over the place instead of having gunfights.

    You can thank jet packs, wall runs, and specialist challenges for this.

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    Hi my name is Dennis and I'm 32 years old.  I live in Iowa in the CST.  I am looking for a clan that mainly plays hardcore domination and kill confirmed.  Why?  Because I'm sort of fed up playing with randoms that have absolutely no clue how to play dom.  The way I have always played it is all people on the team but 2 rush B and 2 other stay behind to get the home flag.  I'm constantly stuck with randoms that are too scared to get B or they constantly want to spawn flip, causing us to lose B when we do actually get it.  I'm a team player and I will go for B no matter how many times I die.  My k/d is .70 and my spm is 284 as of right now.  I know if I find a great clan, my SPM would definitely go up.  My username on PS4 is n9neliives

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    Because of that reason I sometimes hold off from commenting cause every post of mine goes into moderation and at times you don't see it for hours later. Just had a comment approved that I said almost 1-2 weeks ago.  Go to another cod related site and people can comment however much without being moderated.

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  • 01/14/16--20:04: Re: Forum Moderators
  • Screenshot_2016-01-14-23-30-11.pngScreenshot_2016-01-14-23-30-11.pnghttps://blog.activision.com/thread/100314422

    That's when I first signed up. The good old days. Charlie Oscar Delta I believe. This is the oldest I could find.

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  • 01/14/16--21:25: camo bug need help plz
  • hello i have a bug with my camos dont show up in multiplayer or some of them does show up but looks really bad

    i got some screenshots of it


    custom game                                                         multiplayer game                     both monochrome camo        


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  • 01/14/16--21:45: Re: Spawns in Hardcore
  • i cant sight my sources, but im 99.9% sure the spawns are the same. now in game modes it seems to vary where it decides to put you or your team

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    I have done the requirements for several achievements and they aren't popping. What gives?

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  • 01/15/16--19:58: Re: Inconsistent Gameplay
  • So whats happening when  you are doing well? That, to me, is where this logic falls apart.


    I am not sure how this is "helping noobs". This title has been the most balanced weapon, perk, and streak-wise... so it isn't surprising players would have up and down matches.

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  • 01/15/16--19:59: Re: Inconsistent Gameplay
  • Can I ask you what your KD is in this game?  Not for anything else but to test a theory that I have.

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  • 01/15/16--20:03: Re: Inconsistent Gameplay
  • Exactly.

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