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    Hey my gamer tag  is JohnnyGags99 and I play call of duty and I don't have a favorite game mode

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  • 01/15/16--20:12: Re: Inconsistent Gameplay
  • I'm not really sure what you are getting at here? Never once did anyone say the game wasn't balanced in this post. Balance isn't the issue. And in fact I agree that this game is one of the most balanced CoDs in years, but again balance isn't the issue. We are talking about INCONSISTENT GAME PLAY. Again.... INCONSISTENT GAME PLAY. You are probably thinking it's people trying the blame connection for all their deaths. Some of the people are, but I'm not. I've had plenty of games where the connection is phenomenal and I just get beat. Plain and simple. I'm not disputing that. People have good and bad games, and there is always someone better out there. But again I'm talking about the random games where people become bullet sponges and eat shots and kill you with 2 or 3 rounds.

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    "No one who is actively playing within the rules should be kicked."


    I agree with this 100%.


    ACTIVELY playing.


    Laying down/crouching/standing in ONE SPOT, NOT MOVING OR FIRING YOUR WEAPON is NOT active.

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  • 01/15/16--20:15: Re: Missing NUK3TOWN DLC
  • Hello,


    I'm sorry to hear that you did not receive your Nuketown code with your pre-order copy of Black Ops III. Visit the following page to fill out a quick form for missing and non-working Nuketown codes:






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  • 01/15/16--20:00: Stuck in LAN mode xbox one
  • I took careful action to read all articles and try all possible steps before reporting this. I've deleted and reinstated my xbox live account, I've hard reset my xbox one and router, and I've waited over 24 hours. None of which have resolved my issue. I have a high speed wired connection but in BO3 settings it always says "Not Connected To Call Of Duty Servers". And of course I also get the "The current profile is not allowed to play on Xbox live" message when i try to click "Play Online". I began playing a week ago with no issues until a little over a day ago. Please help because I really enjoyed the story and game play and worked hard to earn my level and customs. Thank you.

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  • 01/15/16--20:18: Looking for a PS4 clan
  • Looking for a clan that requires at least a 1.0+ KDR.

    I currently have a 1.40 KDR and working my way up.

    I'm very friendly and get along with people very easily.

    And yes, I do have a working mic.

    Please contact me on PSN, my username is Exildin. I'm tired of being paired with noobies.

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  • 01/15/16--20:22: Re: No Games Found Need Help
  • Don't install the DLC. Activision or whatever links people with the problem to a page stating that they only allow people with the dlc to play others with the dlc. The irony is that since the ps3 people didn't get the latest update they can still play dlc zombies at least and a few others but not the new maps. So if I want to play zombies I go to ps3 and when I want multiplayer I go ps4(without new maps). Since this is the first COD game I have played I would never purchase another. Now don't get me wrong I had fun but do not like how they handle dlc. The whole dlc concept does nothing for the gamer.

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    TL_Bare_B_V2 wrote:


    That doesn't mean you should be able to carry on your streak. 9 times out 10 it not my fault I died, can I carry on my streaks as well? No.


    I also fairly confident that once you've been kicked from a lobby you can't then rejoin that lobby, this was certainly the case in previous CoDs


    We should not be penalized because of the actions of a few trolls in the community. Why should I be Penalized, while the team killing troll carries on with their streak as if nothing happened?

    I would be fine with losing my own streak if I accidentally kill a teammate because I wasn't aware of my surroundings, or was just throwing explosives around without a care in the world.


    And you definitely can choose to rejoin the game that you were just kicked from. All you do is bring up previous players and join the game again. Or, if you were in a party and your friend is still in there, you can just join them again. I've had games where people just throw stun grenades at their teammates and team kill, get kicked, rejoin and continue with their shenanigans. I went and recorded a game from theater mode (from the Trolls point of view, of course) a few days ago where a guy was doing it for the lols and just kept joining the game over and over again. I could upload it to YouTube if you don't believe me.


    EDIT: After originally typing this comment, I started up Black Ops 3, because of the double cryptokeys weekend, and this is what happened: CoD Troll number 01 - YouTube

    And, before anybody asks, no I did not say anything to bring this on. I don't ever bother to use a mic unless I'm in a party with friends, so nobody that's not in a party with me ever hears anything I say while playing. I literally just joined my first game, and he/she started team-killing. He/she did it twice to me and one time to another teammate (tea-bagging every time) until he/she got kicked. I tried to record the second time, but my Kinect decided not to listen when I said "Xbox Record That", so there's only the one clip.

    And honestly, this crap is happening in pretty much every single match these days.


    I'm going to upload the full game I was talking about earlier too, but it might take a while on Aussie internet, #blameabbott, so I thought that this quick one would do until then. I'll edit and add the other video after it's done uploading.

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    Hello all,


    I would really like to take part in the double key weekend, but for some reason the game has become nearly unplayable.  Ever since the update, I can hardly play the game online.


    Used to be that I could go to find a match, and be in a TDM lobby in a matter of seconds.  Now, I go to TDM and it sits there examining the quality of matches for 2-3 minutes before putting me into a game.  Once I actually do manage to get into a game, the lag is unbearable.  Stuttering and players blinking around everywhere, half of my bullets seem to disappear between my gun and other players, and I get killed by people not even on my screen.  Not all bullets are registering.  One time it took 12 rounds at medium range to drop an opponent with the Razorback, and they didn't die until after the eighth "thup" sound you get for a shot making contact, and multiple shots were just seemingly "skipped" for lack of a better term.  All of this is happening even though it says everyone has full bars.  Host migrations are common, and I'd never actually experienced one of those before.  After the migration, the match ends after a few seconds due to some sort of error about stats not being the same as before.


    What's odd is that I would have thought with the 2x Crypto weekend the selection of viable connections would be greater than usual due to more players being concurrently online, but it seems like it's having a harder time than it normally does.


    What gives?!?  I've gone through the list of "solutions" to ensure this is not on my end.  Restarted PS4 and router several times, connecting using cable not wireless(just as always), all necessary ports are open(as always), and the PS4 has a static IP assigned to it and is DMZ host for good measure(as always).  I've NEVER had these problems before today.  Roughly about %80-%90 smooth games, of course the occasional lag reared its head, but nothing major.  Today though...like I said, the game is unplayable for me online.  What is going on? I'd really enjoy participating in the bonus weekend, and ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks!  =)

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    these people are idiots and I should be getting kicked because of their stupidity

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    I did go to treyarch. It sent me here

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  • 01/15/16--21:26: Re: Inconsistent Gameplay
  • Agree again.  You guys are totally missing the point.  YES we all agree that BO3 is one hell-of-a game.  Absolutely amazing in my book.  It satisfies the ones that just love the exo movements and it allows the older CoD alumni to keep their boots on the ground and still do well.  What the OP is saying is that the connection changes just like that.(snap go my fingers).  I've been playing this cursed game for almost a decade.  I know what gun I choose is supposed to do...I know the range it can be best at whatever that gun may be.  I know when to run from a gun fight and know when to dive in and go for the kill.  Here is where the problem kicks in.  I engage an enemy...I see him...I fire my weapon....the same weapon that I used last game.  End result, I get melted.  Sorry folks...a .54 kd player doesn't learn that quick how to counter you...saying that the enemy team simply adjusts to your movements is total BS.  The game is inconsistent for myself, the OP and many others out there. 

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    Bump. Activision useless support system.

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  • 01/15/16--21:55: Re: Inconsistent Gameplay
  • So, them the question becomes. If its inconsistent for some, and not others, then there are more factors that we aren't looking at. Everyone plays the same game. The game code doesn't change. So, perhaps you can blame matchmaking?  Or the interwebz in general?  For (me) this game isn't more or less consistent than other online fps games. I get a laggy lobby every few days, but I don't "blame" anything other than the fact that it's a massive online game and it's going to lag sometimes.  Plus I maybe don't take pubs as seriously as some.


    What would be really helpful is gameplay, lots of it. Record 3 games straight, it's easy with ps4 cause ps4 records 15 minutes at a time.

    *shrug * sorry you guys are having a tough time.

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    Suuuuuuuure.  That's all you did.  Are you sure you weren't one of those kids who thought it would be funny to draw a penis as your emblem?  I see a lot of those.  Well, good luck getting your ban removed.  It should be easy since you only used what they provided.  ::snort::

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  • 01/17/16--00:11: I need help Graphic bug bo3
  • Yesterday I was about to play bo3 and when I was in the principal menu I saw lots of green numbers or letters around the dude sitting with the two guns,later I went to the multiplayer menu and the same thing was happening.When I joined a game most of the walls of the maps had green dots or flash and when I tried to jump or slide I could but lots of green dots appeared on the screen(while I was playing I saw people with green stuff)I went to the shop where I bought the game and they tried it and everything was perfect,not any green stuff on the screen.I ve tried with other games and they work perfectly without any green stuff so it has to be a problem with bo3.I wonder if you guys could help me

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    I have searched on the internet and it seems like I am the only one in the world with this problem

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  • 01/17/16--00:31: Bring back the classics
  • Since you're on these forums, you're probably more into COD than the average consumer.  I have played every single COD day in and out until the next one released besides AW (worst COD ever) and I have absolutely dominated the pub lobbies I'm put in year after year.  Solid 3 K/D on every COD and I would rarely lose, this is all by playing by myself, never in parties.  I took a break from COD (AW) because I found the jumping **** ridiculous.  Picked up BO3 a month ago and have been trying to figure out why am I so damn bad.  Has every single person all of a sudden become great at the game?  Where'd all the noobs go?  In BO3 I am unable to maintain over a 1.5 K/D regularly because of all the jumping and flying and diving ****.  Why implement this into the game?  I love all the maps and guns and the game plays flawlessly.  However, I seem incapable of killing anyone who is flying around and when I am about to kill someone, they just thrust out of the way.  Why turn COD into Halo?  This futuristic direction that COD has been turning into is not the way to go.  It needs to return to the classics.  I absolutely hate what COD has evolved into and it needs to return back to the MW2, BO1, MW3 versions (Best 3 IMO). 


    What are your opinions?

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    This is a personal friend of mine, on and off the game. We've logged in 100's of hours together destroying lobbies in BO2. He's an extreme camper, where I'm an extreme rusher, and with that combo we controlled spawns with precision. Unfortunately I recently moved to the X1, and he to the P4, but we still share screenshots and game clips. I asked him how the camper timer is effecting his game................he sent me this back with a quote........."what's it look like". lol

    It seems he has zero problems pulling off massive KD's, even claiming the "kick" has helped his game by keeping him a little mobile. image.jpg

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    We all have to deal with it unfortunately, just do what I do, get your rocket launcher class and down some scorestreaks. Always entertaining ruining someone elses hard earned streaks

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