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    Look down at what exactly? If you read my last post, I wrote:


    "[most Wii remote users] are going to leave the Gamepad closer to the TV or coffee table so we don't have to look as far away from the screen to see it"


    I leave mine right below my TV so it's basically like extra screen real estate.


    And again, I also wrote "[Wii remote users] have less buttons to begin with and would ordinarily have to press the awkwardly placed 2 button to open the scoreboard"


    So if you're using regular controls it might be a simple button press, but the 2 button is not exactly the most ergonomic.


    For regular controller users what's the advantage? I guess there's less of one, but surely you'll agree it beats the map? The map is already on the screen so it's just so redundant...    

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    that may be it. i honestly turn my phones wifi because something as dumb as my weather channel app updating, google play related updates etc, can cause a good bit of lag at an important gun battle, and nobody wants that. if you can id love for you to go wired just to see how it runs. i know thats not a possibility for everyone, maybe the router is in your parents room or whatever the case may be, but going wired was the best thing i ever did as far as increasing quality of connection.

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  • 12/09/13--02:00: Re: Game mode ideas
  • War




    Gun Game

    Drop Zone

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    lol maybe i die more than you so ive noticed it more, but it happens everytime i respawn...

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    Ok I found a new bug to do with displaying the Scoreboard on the Gamepad.


    When you set it on Gamepad, for some reason it sometimes changes back to the default view (the map). I'm not sure what triggers this, but it means I'm constantly having to switch it back to the Scoreboard.


    This is *not* the same as it resetting at the end of every game (which I discuss here: Re: a_trey_u...scoreboard on GamePad, did that idea come from me?). This is during a game. The former is a change request. The latter is a bug.

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  • 12/09/13--02:05: Re: Stuttering framerate
  • You're getting freezes too?




    I find the stuttering only happens with online multiplayer. If I play Squads there's no problem, but then I THINK you play squads locally on your own machine after getting your opponent's data from the server - not 100% certain though.

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    i hoped last night , but the did not.... the app  tutorial tells:  a red flag wil tell you when the clan wars begin. i see no red flag ?????

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    OK . I got one for the tech savvy people in this game.


    You have got multiple versions of Squad Mode in this game. Now this question could be for the 360 AND the ONE so please specify which one you are talking about.


    One of the ones I am familiar with are all out bots against one with YOU as the players with 5 bots on your team and 6 bots on the other...


    1 regular player on each team with 5 bots on each or even freinds on your freinds list joined in mixed in with the bots. As well as various other modes running with bot setups of the bots you choose. Now my experience is only based on the 360 since I dont have a ONE yet.


    So my question is since there is some pretty major computing going on in THIS game mode I think it is too much for just one Xbox to handle as host plus all the bots.


    So the question is do you people think its run off the Azure servers, the "thunderbird" servers or what ?


    Here you go Mac, I bet this ones a tough one for you

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  • 12/11/13--20:09: Re: Who's the "Community"?
  • Megadog14 wrote:


    Yeah some YTers seem popular among the kiddies, which makes sense considering they seem to make up like half the community...


    And @fox they sure as hell didn't listen to a single goddamn idea for BO2 zombies. Not a single freaking one.

    Just going to throw it out there that your persistent use of hyperbole makes it harder for me to both interact with and take you seriously.


    Mac and Deamonomic have done a good job of presenting you with some logic. As for your statement about YouTuber interaction that features only those who "praise," I'd have to say that Driftor has done a great job of being respectful and very to the point in his constructive criticisms. Criticisms that are both positive and negative regarding the mechanics, aesthetics and interpreted philosophies of the Call of Duty Franchise and its developers.

    Edit: Fixed some grammar and diction derp. There's probably more though.

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    *is following proceedings with keen interest and barely contained mirth*

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    Must be 18yrs. or older to apply

    Communication skills are a must (mic required)

    Be a good Team Player, There will be an evaluation to see if you fit our clan.

    Please message DRAG_420

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  • 12/12/13--02:55: Re: upgrade to ps4 DLC
  • Actually it doesn't help at all, but thanks for trying. This issue has been known to Activision for over 2 weeks now. I have a hotline with AJ (moderator), who has asked me to perform a dozen actions. Those actions have been performed by numerous other users across these forums. Nothing helps. I keep playing on PS4, because I like the way it plays there better. But at this moment I'm missing the Season Pass (including Team Leader pack), the Simon "Ghost" mask and the Free Fall map.


    I will delete the entire game ONE more time tonight and if that doesn't work, I DEMAND new redeem codes for all the stuff I'm missing. This has taken long enough now!

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  • 12/12/13--02:56: Re: IW has done it again
  • Reading this thread, IMO it seems that Dead Silence being the "OP'd" perk would make life more interesting. Still, campers gonna camp. Theres gonna be people sat in corners and hunched on top of skyscrapers on Titanfall. Mark my words.

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    Currently level 12, and recruiting!


    We have a friendly and successful environment as shown throughout our past cod's, as we had a unbeaten clan battle record in mw3, and even got ranked 3rd in the world for kills at one stage as well. At the moment we looking to get to platinum division in ghosts. Interested in joining? Apply to xSkiiLLeDGamerz or msg Leader- DEFECTX9.






    Hope to seeing you in our clan.

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  • 12/12/13--02:59: Ghost achievement e-mails?
  • Just received an e-mail from ghost saying I just reached 9000 kills and am in the top 2 percent of players.  Is anyone else getting any of these e-mails, or something similar to it?

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  • 12/12/13--03:05: Is being useless a perk?
  • Some guys like to talk about how good they are at this game but I'll quite happily admit I'm not, in fact a lot of my good games only come from complete incompetence somehow working in my favour.


    Last night I'm up high in a building and I go to throw a grenade out of an open window but I hit the wall instead and the grenade lands right at my feet, in a blind panic I turn and run out of the room then down some stairs.

    I'm legging it as fast as I can down the small staircase and suddenly realise there's an enemy legging it up the staircase and we literally run right past each other, his reactions must be as slow as mine because he runs straight into the room and boom, he's dead.


    Maybe they should have a 'totally useless' perk for people like me.

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    may i ask you what console? xbox ps3 or pc?

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    Or use the secondary entrance to the room, toss in a C-4, and watch him go *BOOM*......

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    I think it's funny how everyone is like, Yaaah the pistol should be your secondary weapon and it should only work in close quarters.


    But then when it comes to the sniper rifles everyone is like.. Yaaah it should clearly work at any range, because I need clips for my sniper montage so I can get that youtube money.


    Fact is it's harder to use the sniper on long range then it is to use on close to mid-range. Heres how it works: Close range, baang works as a shotgun, mid , zoooombamb your dead because it zooms in so fast, and at long-range, OMG I have to zoom in at try to hit my target.

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  • 12/12/13--03:06: Re: looking for a pc clan
  • u can join us if u want, benjymw3 on steam gametag Cookie:D

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