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  • 12/12/13--03:06: Re: Colored clan tag glitch
  • yeah i think it would be awesome to get colors as you rank your clan up

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  • 12/12/13--03:06: Re: IW has done it again
  • Yep.  It's no different from people playing Domination on BF4 on maps like Siege of Shanghai and camp on the rooftops.

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    Ive sent you an friends request and msg on xbox but if you read this first we would be happy to have you guy's join and faster the better with the pending clan war so if your members have the app get them to apply to B35TUK via that and ill accept soon as I see them or if you join you can invite them yourself either way will work we are looking forward to fighting by your side and just so you no


    The clan is only 4/5 days old and lvl 8 but we have won all our last clan v clan battles and lvlin up fast now we have the members and will be even faster and a better clan for having you with us thanks again for taking the chance to join us and I hope that this opportunity is beneficial for all parties involved

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  • 12/12/13--03:08: Re: Dealing With Campers
  • How to deal with campers? If you can get behind them, do so and have some fun whilst you are at it! If they are sat watching the sole entrance to where they are, leave them be.


    Whilst everyone is allowed to play how they want (within reason and the ToS), I really do struggle to understand how some people seemingly derive so much pleasure from sitting in one spot, ADSing a single point. I can understand those who do it for the trololol factor, but there are some who genuinely play like that. HOW do they not get bored/restless?

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  • 12/12/13--03:09: Re: IW has done it again
  • Lol@dude bragging about his 32&1 game back in the 90s. Amplify is fine. Its not that one perk "that makes people camp". People camp no matter what. Bo2 tried to punish "campers" harder than any game ever. Complaining about campers when you have danger close and noob toobs, not to mention grenade launcher secondaries is just silly.

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    The spawns are the worst, but only when you are the one getting shot haha.  Cause you know when they spawn in front of you, you take that kill everytime.


    This game rocks! At first it had to grow on me. It plays fast like black ops 2, they fixed the knifing problem I had from Black ops 2, and need I say they actually have a server that supports this game? I swear every third game I played my ps3 would lock up. Still mad about that.  Cod redeemed itself in my eyes with Ghosts!

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    Actually security for a game is a must so what they probably did was create the game and create a small security program that wouldnt work didle sqwat but told everyone it would work wonders. These people make millions of dollars a year and cant seem to find a way to kill off the hackers i call bs. Hackers are using the security system/game rules to be able to go through and access the main program. Which means a programmer would be able to not only find the game rules and secuirty that has been rerouted and/or modified and fix and increase the security prototcals. The programmers for the back and front end of the game and the security specialist that i know for a fact they have, Should be able to create and/or edit and/or modify the program and the security to fix everything that needs to be fixed and if they can't well then thos programmers and/or specialist are not doing there job to the standard of the True Activision, IW, and Other companys. Which means that the reason we are getting screwed are the actually employees of those companies not doing a single job correctly.

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  • 12/13/13--15:22: Re: Name & shame...
  • or when they are master prestige with 8-10 hours played...There's so many ways if you open your eyes and look around man

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    Its the same ranges as previous CODs. 1 is still 1 ....but now 1.5 sens is 2 ...and 2 is 3 sens... 2.5 is 4 sens and so on they made it so you could find the the inbetweens of older sensitivities if a 5 was a little too slow and 6 was a little too fast  and you could select a 5.5 ... now you can. Get it?


    anything above a 12 is going to be for people using Kontrol Freaks ... as they offer long sticks to fine aim

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  • 12/13/13--15:18: Re: So if it's not me ?
  • You have been told this before many times YOUR connection means nothing when you got 11 other peoples connection factored in. Your connection is based on the HOST.


    now the problem at least right now is either the 12/12 patch or the update on Xbox 2 days ago. So all that trouble having a tech come out was still a waste of time.


    You hat this game so much why dont you just man up and turn it in.

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    having same issue...

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  • 12/13/13--15:24: Re: MSBS nerf unwarranted
  • i agree with the person that posted, please dont ruin the game with all these nerfs and buffs!

    and did they make cod ghosts just for MLG??? it seems that way?, why do they cater to them?,  i thought this game was sold at stores for anyone to buy? why do they change the game for MLG?  what about all the other people that buy the game??

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  • 12/13/13--15:26: Re: Name & shame...
  • Yeah! We should be allowed to name and shame those scums on these boards.


    I was playing with some low life cheater earlier. His PSN is

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    Add me Ghostly_ManFTW. On ps3 if you want to join




    We need

    3 more co leaders

    And as many members as possible






    Must be active

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    yoooo if anyone needs an extra person to get to high rounds or to do any EEs with then send me a message on xbox: BananaPeelBoost


    ive done buried and origins EE's a lot and my highest round is 57 (nuketown)

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  • 12/13/13--15:27: The wolf download
  • Hello my name is Shawn and i'm really discussed with how I pre corded ghost and got the season pass for £80 with it and I still have to pay money to get the wolf when it clearly stated on the season pass all download able content for ghost will be FREE for one hole year!


    Please can some one from call of duty or anyone who knows why I have to pay when I should be getting all download able content for free I've already got the Christmas camo and patch and background for free but not the wolf I'm not paying for something that should be FREE to me because you can not put on the season pass All DOWNLOAD ABLE CONTENT IS FREE FOR A YEAR !?




    @call of duty

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    You need to think the reason we get thrown into games is because ppl leave the game cause heir losing/laggin ect...now if you never got thrown into games like this they would never fill and it would be a 6 vs (3-4)  till it would be over. Now some ppl wouldent mind this but for the most part if it didnt throw ppl in it would be a very slow /uneven, unfair teams till the game is over. As of now no real fix , but ive found a loop hole , so you said you lose your win streak when this happens right? Ok first when you get taken into a game that has already started DON'T PICK YOUR CLASS press the circle button this will take you to spectating now look at the score , if their losing whit no hope of return just leave the game. What most ppl dont know is as long as you don't pick you class it doesn't count as a loss.

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    I Applied over a month ago or more , and nothing happend? I checked my email and everything

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    ive been preaching this for years. tags per game caps per game defuses per game something like that.

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